Saturday, October 31, 2015


'Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again'


so I watched the CNBC debates with the whiny conservatives and it was the best one yet...great questions from the moderators! some of the candidates struggled to answer and instead blamed the CNBC crew for asking tough business questions

they blamed Becky Quick!

geez, if you can't answer simple questions about your personal issues (can you balance a checking account) then I don't want you to be president of the issues that Marco Rubio had like foreclosures, early cashout of savings funds, etc

Ben Carson kept rubbing his hands nervously (obsessive-compulsive) when Becky said his tax numbers don't make sense....CNBC is a financial network and FOX NEWS biggest competitor..and they beat the FOX Business channel all the time...and CNBC is where I watch the stock ticker plus the chicks are cute

but after the debate the whiny crybabies ran to FOX NEWS for comforting!! Ted Cruz (who went on a filibuster against CNBC) and the others always blame the "mainstream media" because FOX NEWS only asks softball questions for the conservatives and FOX NEWS is a conservative station owned by crook and traitor Rupert Murdoch

these candidates are all tools for Fox news!! what happened to the independent guys??? a bunch of GOP presidential candidates who want to CENSOR the press??? but we have freedom of the press and that means asking the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES questions that might embarass them...if they can't deal with it, they don't belong in the White House...some of these candidates are religious whackos, teabaggers, can't do simple math, etc

so congrats CNBC....if the Republicans are scared of your questions, then you're doing your job!!

and may the GOP RIP ....these folks are spooky!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Smoke From A Distant Fire

You left me here on your way to paradise You pulled the rug right out from under my life...

ok so we got a fire in the hills around East Camino Cielo ...if the fire was started by a firebug, then squash him!!

we got Venus Mars and Jupiter hanging out together, I see shooting stars, falling stars and meteors flashing across the night sky....we got some high tides, and we got Santana winds blowing warm...what a Halloween!

some people may think this is the end of the world but it's not, it's just the end of your do I know? well, it's just the nature of things as Lucretius said

now we're all worried about the drought but at the end of the day should we be? I consulted the Old Farmer's Almanac recently purchased at Chaucer's, the great book store, and it says around mid-November, the rains will come and the seasonal weather will return...El Nino may bring us glow-in-the-dark jellyfish, but the rains will be relax, don't worry...

but I had to check out the fire so headed for Santa Claus Lane beach...perfect spot to see the smoke and flames above Montecito..close to Toro Canyon..

I can see the big planes dropping the fire retardant and the choppers dropping water...big plumes of pink-red rising up...those pilots deserve Medals of Honor!!

the wind's blowing warm and hard..the sun's shining' bright...the ocean is deep blue...

but Girl... your eyes have a mist from the smoke of a distant fire....

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our House

is a very very very fine house

 oh I was oh so happy to hear that Andrew Firestone is hosting a gala for Peoples Self Help Housing.....just thrilled! Andrew is the idiot son of Brooks Firestone, the idiot son of some other Firestone who left Brooks a fortune, I guess...

I remember the day when Brooks was standing on the steps at the County Ad building with Joe Armendariz, trying to rally people against county workers... that was the day Joe challenged me to a fight and then went on a binge and lost everything...

so now I gotta contend with Peoples Self Help Housing, a big scam if there ever was one..stealing my tax money to build housing for other people who aren't so poor after all, as I am seeing...

now Andrew Firestone's claim to fame was being on the Bachelor TV show and now makes beer under his daddy's watchful eye...PSHH calls him a reality TV star and businessman but he's really just a spoiled brat who can't make his own way in the world and now he's a host for yet another alcohol-tainted event!! what happened to the real men??

I don't know...seems the guys nowadays are content to live with thoer parents for the rest of their lives.. a very unhealthy sitch as we've seem with all the family murders lately

and now this:
PSHH residents will share their personal success stories. Attendees will be able to further support PSHH through a silent auction featuring items, such as restaurant and hotel gift certificates, magnums and cases of fine wine, pilates and yoga lessons, artwork and collectibles and much more.

The cocktail hour will feature wine tasting by Grassini Family Vineyards and the Sanger Family of Wines: Consilience, Marianello and Tre Anelli. Beer samplings by Island Brewing Company will also be available.

now I've seen first hand the latest PSHH monstrosity in Carp..they wanted to build it even bigger but at least we saved some ag land next door...

so instead of the old Camper Park, I get to look at a giant apartment complex..the units have green and orange's a gated community...PSHH takes in poor Mexicans and drug addicts, but I've seen some pretty well-heeled folks going in and out...

and now a booze event to celebrate how dumb the tax payers are to keep enriching PSHH...and galas hosted by this putz Firestone..what next, a Kardashian??

well this is the last more PSHH projects in Carp...not under these beautiful skies..not under my watch

Sunday, October 25, 2015

One Man's Ceiling

is another man's floor, goddam..

Open Letter To Craig McCaw

Dear Craig,

wut up, bro! hey I got a question about Peabody' bought the restaurant about five years ago, tore it down and there it sits...torn down with some tarps over know where it is, right? in Montecito on Coast Village I ate at Peabody's a few times nothing to sing about so I can see why you tore it down..but you're supposed to rebuild it and start serving burgers again..and maybe even some craft beer...wasn't that the idea and rename it Oliver's...I'm down with that

the real McCaws
and I know you got the reserves to do it...and I know Wendy suckered you into giving her a big chunk of your got rich selling cell phones and that's cool but do you know how many people have died talking on cell phones and driving? lots! and a few blondes in big shiny new Land Rovers have come close to disappearing me in Montecito whilst gabbing on her Nokia...

and I know from interviews you like whales and UFOs and think space aliens will inhabit the earth one of these days...Wendy's got some issues with aliens too..she calls them "illegals"!!

but back to the restaurant, back to reality...what's the it the wood? are you replacing the floors with endangered Brazilian rosewood? it's a tonewood best suited for guitars not the contractor incompetent...I understand those private sector dudes measure once and cut twice...takes them forever to finish a project and it looks like that's what's going on at Oliver's
you should stop by sometime and take a look..check out the progress.. I don't know what your schedule is but I could meet you there and give you some pointers..about the building issues....maybe get you out of your rut... ok?

you know, I was down at the Harbor and it smells so good down there..the fish the sea and the restaurants. the people, the walk around and it just feels nice, especially in October...

but when I walk around your restaurant, I don't feel much of's got no energy or personality..there's no flow or real life that I can see...

it's like you don't care.. I know Wendy doesn't care but I thought you were different..

was I wrong??

Friday, October 23, 2015


how does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala

I went into the halls Montecito to check out some trees and I passed thru Summerland where that Carpinteria chick died in a crash on 101....she drifted over around midnight and smashed into some big rigs parked way over in the safe zone..truckers have been parking here forever when they need to rest...never a problem but I see this gal, a 27 year old was arrested for burglary a week or so I'm wondering if that's part of the issue...was she drugged out or drunk? why was she arrested for burglary? it's a mystery I'll investigate later once I get more clues

but I need to wash away my trouble, wash away my pain

so I go into Montecito to really take a look..usually I go through Montecito on my way back to Carp, and thus see things in the rear-view's not a great way to go through life because the only reason people look in their rear-view mirrors is to check for cops....

but coming in from the front, I see that Coast Village Road is getting rather sterile nowadays...the venture into the future has given us some veryn weird strip mall uspscale baloney...high maint ladies, fey gentlemen..the Ty Warner affect...

it's still a lovely place, but the first thing I notice is this new very white and big cramped building with ultra-manicured landscaping...stiff people, BMWs and Mercedes....there's the Honor Bar...WTF is that, a bar to honor drunks??? I'm afraid this new building is just too big, white and gaudy..maybe big tree could fall on it

it wasn't always this way on Coast Village was a funky beach could eat at little greasy spoons then walk over to Butterfly Beach to surf..anybody could sneak into the Coral Casino to swim or grab some burgers..just charge it to mom!!

there were bike shops, the Olive Mill Bistro, the Somerset..Pelican's Wharf...Baskin Robbins ice cream shop boasted 31 place had the best sourdough burger on the planet! Xanadu was an excellent bakery..Xanadu!!!

now some new business owners want to develop 1187 CVR...remove some pine trees to improve their shopping center..well, it's not really a shopping center...a pizza place tennis shop and some weird maze of shops downstairs...

I inspected the pines for myself... I went twice because the first time I missed something ...the first time I was pissed because I mistakenly thought they were gonna chop down the big pine that I love..but they are gonna chop down two trees that share a trunk, like Siamese twins share their I got no issue with getting rid of these genetic misfits...I'm ok with chopping down the 2 retard pine trees..just leave the big one that stands majestically alone at the opposite end of the property

of course there's Craig McCaw's unfinished business with his restaurant...the old Peabody's has been abandoned for about five years with a green tarp draped over it....and not a peep from the city council...FIVE YEARS AND McCAW CAN'T EVEN REMODEL A LITTLE RESTAURANT!!! it seems however some guys are actually doing some work on Craig's Place today!

so I head back to Carp and pass Shark's and I think about her.. just over the hill on 101 is where that gal crashed and died...

and it's so beautiful around here...on the road to Shambala

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Love Bites

If you've got love in your sights. Watch out, love bites...

well how about that illegal wedding crasher who bit an officer and his k9 patrol dog, then the dog turned around and bit the officer...the illegal was obviously on drugs, but what was the k9 on, cat nip?? meanwhile, the coyote surfs...

if I was a coyote I'd go up to girls and bite their nipples!

and I see Chief Sanchez of the SBPD is retiring..good! he deserves it...being head COP -Chief of Police- is no easy task with everyone taking cheap shots at you, esp the drunk ones the cops busted over the years....I hope the new chief will kick ass..and not that McGrew guy..the dude is a downer..didn't he sue the city once..don't bite the hand that feeds you!!

so I saw a bunch of movie people in town and thought they may be doing a film on the coyote...but probably not..maybe a biting film noir..or a spooky Halloween flick...I saw some trailers at Dwight Murphy parking lot, some people milling about...who's Dwight Murphy??

I saw a pretty actress in a blue dress reading a script trying to memorize her lines...some cool old cars, some wardrobe racks and costumes...

that actress reminded me of my 8th grade teacher...I had a boner for her back then as most guys did or's normal to wanna screw your teacher..or bite her ass

even though she was married, so what!

bite me

Monday, October 19, 2015

Desolation Row

they're selling postcards to the hanging, they're painting the passports brown, the beauty parlor is filled with sailors, the circus is in town


ok so the News-Press has endorsed three SB City Council candidates...actually Guest Andy Caldwell has endorsed them...and Wendy agrees, although passive-agressively..

now the News-Press also endorsed Orly Taitz for a Calif Senate seat years ago Team Wendy has no credibility...

but Andy wants Lucy, Randy "the Louse" Rouse and Jason Dominguez to win the elections..according to Andy, right now downtown Santa Barbara looks like a mental ward...well how else are you gonna look at the world when you work inside the Cuckoo's Nest, ie the News-Press building

Andy complains that water lines rupture all the time...electrical lines explode (that's Edison, not the city's issue)..and the homeless are climbing onto the roofs of State Street businesses for better views...ARMAGEDDON!!!

well if downtown SB looks like a mental ward, isn't Randy Rouse along with Dale Francisco and Frank Hotchkiss responsible? Rouse is the conservative incumbant..and what about the red-pink water in the Bird Refuge? and the row houses on the highway? the coyotes? the shark attacks?

and Randy has operated the Paradise Cafe for 30 years, been on the council for a few years and Andy Caldwell can't even spell his name! spells him Randy Rouse instead of Rowse!

well Andy does live in the Santa Maria area so what does he know about local politics and rouse rhymes with mouse and Andy is a church-mouse hand is tied to the tight-rope walker, the other is in his pants

with district elections being forced on SB by Wendy's ex-lawyer, there is supposedly less influence on money and more on people...but remember this: everyone can be bought; everyone has a price.... I think Randy will win but that K. Missy lady seems pretty smart so she'd be a good fit...and she can't be bought

Lucy vs Cathy is interesting...the conservatives want Lucy and the liberals want Cathy...but Lucy as I've pointed out seems to think she single-handedly saved Milpas from crime/grafitti/ and lack of family values! that's becasue she's a narcissist like Wendy....there's just something weird about Lucy...her profession is her religion, her sin is her lifelessness

really need to watch these people who want to fill gov't with Christian values, whatever those are

so ok vote for Randy Rouse.. whoever he is

Sunday, October 18, 2015

tell me something good

tell me tell me tell me


can sumbody tell me what a "conservative intellectual" is...seems to be an oxymoron..but one dropped by Wendy's Ranch Center to espouse traditional conservative values: respect for the individual; the institution of family and marriage...

so Wendy sends her Miss America/girlie newspaper interns to cover her luncheons and then report on them??? crazy! and can sumbody tell me when Wendy became a born-again Christian??

ok I googled this dude, Dr. Robert George and and he's knee-deep in crazy Christian intellectualism and tomfoolery..he's got a master's degree from Harvard  Divinity School in "theology" which is as useless as tits on a nun but let's take a look at the pillars he says will save our society from itself and those pillars that the liberals are undermining..I slept on a piller last night and was very comfy

Pillar #1-Respect for the individual: I think this was manifest in Ayn Rand's books  wherein she says the individual makes the greatest leaps and bounds that benefit society..but no man is an island...WWII could not have been won without the women riveting the planes and ships together...Rosy the Riverter and the unions helped win the war...this idea of rugged individualism is a hoax...just look at any movie that highlights the the ends are the credits rolling with hundreds of names that helped the loner look like a rugged individual on screen!

Pillar#2- the institution of family and marriage: how many mass murderers came for this institution? and the guy in Los Olivos who killed his wife and then commited suicide..luckily the kids were out of the house..and a winery and brewery recently held a fundraiser for the's a warning..stay far away from the institution of the American family and marriage as possible!

Pillar #3- limited government: I think the conservatives mean they want to remove the Constitution, replace it with the bible, and let churches and wacky religious non-profits make all the laws!

Family Research Council and Dr. George

now this feller Dr. Robert George is a total fraud...a phony...with ties to the  non-profit Family Research Council..the FRC was founded by some kooky Christians, one guy George Rekers was busted for his Rent-a-Male controversy..hired a male prositute for his out of town excursions..and more recently, the Josh Duggar scandal...On June 18, 2013, it was announced that Josh Duggar of the television show 19 Kids and Counting would serve as the executive director of FRC Action, the non-profit and tax-exempt legislative action arm of Family Research Council

but it turned out that Josh was a porn hound and sex deviant!!

from one of the conservative propaganda sites: This youthful exposure to the Sixties counterculture opened George’s eyes to the self-indulgence of the "Me Generation." He watched as young men persuaded young women into sexual liaisons, allegedly as a means of making a political statement about the need for social change— "covering over lust with a patina of significance," George says. "It was my first but by no means my last experience with liberal hypocrisy." Thus were planted the seeds of social conservatism in the son of a staunchly Democratic family. haha!!

 Robert George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, is a notorious advocate against LGBT rights who has pledged to defy "man-made law" to follow "God's law" in the face of marriage equality.

George signed onto the Indiana RFRA letter as well as a similar letter sent to legislatures in North Dakota.

George co-founded and is Chairman Emeritus for NOM, which coordinates the national movement against same-sex marriage, and also serves on the board of the Family Research Council.

GLAAD has profiled George as a "well-connected scholar and professor with anti-gay ideology" and documented his history of anti-LGBT activism, including (emphasis added) how he: Decried the NY marriage vote by looking back to a time when being gay was "beneath the dignity of human beings as free and rational creatures." Argued that gay relationships have "no intelligible basis in them for the norms of monogamy, exclusivity, and the pledge of permanence." Says he and his allies will defy "man-made law" that conflicts with their view on "God's law"

it's all about sex sex sex sex with these's an abnormal fixation...somehow, bible conservatives peeping into and monitoring your sexual lives will keep America America, to paraphrase the defunct SB View

the Constitution says nothing about marriage but it does say a whole lot about equal rights...equal, protection under the law

women are allowed to vote, blacks are allowed to drink from the same water fountain as whites, Indians have gaming as one of the last minority hold-outs, the gays are being targeted by the conservatives who want to force their beliefs onto everybody under the guise of religious freedom....

the conservatives love to rewrite the Constitution to fit their religious homophobic anti-civil rights agenda, but it can't be done ...No Established Religion means just can supplant the Constitution with bible, no matter how many religious non-profits you belong to....

even the guys on the Milpas Community Association (Lucy's non-profit) who belong to the religious sect "Believer's Edge" subscribe to this God's Law dogma

but if you're paying attention to Divine Intervention, all this stuff can be explained in nature....

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Coming Into Los Angeles

bringing in a couple of keys

Far out, man! I don't know if you can dig how many people there are, man...Like I was rapping to the fuzz...Can you dig it? New York State Thruway is closed, man! Lotta freaks....

so there was a traffic jam all day Friday on Highway 101 and Via Real in was that rain-propelled mudslide in the LA area, man...there was people and cars everywhere man.... I saw hippies, single gals, rich girls and all kindsa stop and get a burger in Carp!!

the Gormon area, I-5 highway..the Grapevine....the 46 and the 41...Lake Elizabeth

wow what sea of madness...I've never seen the traffic this backed-up...went out for a bike ride and even highway 192 up in the foothills was clogged

now the rain and sunsets have been spectacular...but the mudslide really was Lake Elizabeth, they had been ripping out nonative plants all along the burn areas and planting native plants but the fire burned right through, the natives didn't grow back, and the rains caused some flashed floods and mudslides

so if they had left the invasives, the natives and nonnative plants alone, the soil would be stable even after the fires...the roots would still remain!! the native cult loosened the soil and compounded the problems when the heavy rains fell!!!

now to the coyote.. I was watching KEYT and Beth was warning if you see the coyote, call the cops..but why? what are cops supposed to do, arrest it?? look folks, the coyote is eating rodents which will help keep the bluffs stable...afraid of a little coyote.. what a bunch of wusses!! leave the coyote ALONE!!!

and the weatherchick, Lake Mabrisa...her eyes are like big clear pools of water...geez what a doll! this lady really has it going on!

she's really far out, man!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


no regrets coyote...

well I've been hearing alot about the La Mesa coyote in Santa Barbara, and since Carp has only one viable grocery store, I headed into SB for some items...and then swung by La Mesa Park.. at first , I didn't know where it was but it's the park up by the beach, the Lighthouse and all the surrounding development..the school, the condos, the houses, the grocery stores, the condos, the condos...

so I got out and walked around and it's really a beautiful park...pines and big eucalyptus..some markers on the ground for some tree club recognition serve only as tripping hazards..remove those please...

so I see the playground and kids playing with adults close by.. new mother suckles her son..senior citizens wish they were young...

BTW I totally support breast-feeding in, like coyotes, gotta eat too!

so there's the playgrounds and further on through the trees is the wild part... I ventured into the woods but didn't see the coyote..I walked around then back to the play area..talked to some nice old lady who has her little dog with her... and she wasn't too worried about the coyote, except for any disease it may have..but I said we all could be diseased..and the birds over head could be carriers....we need the coyote to remind us of the wild part in all of least I do and she agreed...

 so I waited but no signs, except the City of SB sign warning about the I left then stopped at the side of the road by the Lighthouse...gorgeous ocean view and today with the clouds and recent rain, the silver sea was stunning...then I saw the coyote!! he was slinking along beyond that chain link fence..looks like he just got back from the beach..he stopped, I called out to him, he looked at me, unimpressed..sat down and scratched himself with his leg like dogs do..then he wandered slowly off...

that made my day... I watched  till he disappeared into the looked healthy, wealthy and wise

Coyote attacks on people

any fear that the coyote is going to attack your kids is irrational..he's trying to survive and he's not hunting for children

Coyote attacks on people are very rare. More people are killed by errant golf balls and flying champagne corks each year than are bitten by coyotes.

Often, coyote attacks are preventable by modifying human behavior and educating people about ways to prevent habituation. In many human attack incidents, it turns out that the offending coyote was being fed by people. In many other instances, people were bitten while trying to rescue their free-roaming pet from a coyote attack. Less often, people are bitten by cornered coyotes, or even more rarely, rabid coyotes.

wild nature is full of wonder and using kids to camouflage your own fear of the wild dog coyote is unconscionable...

like I said, the coyote is trying to survive and he's not hunting for your children...

but you never know...

Angel is a Centerfold

my blood runs cold

so I hear that Playboy magazine will no longer show nude pics of more centerfolds...tri-folds...I don't read Playboy anymore or look at the pictures because if I wanna see a naked girl I just get out my bincoulars and look into the windows of the People Self Help Housing vegetable-pickin' Latinas dressed like Daisy Mae going in and out of the apartments..prancing around in the kitchen..I can see their's awesome!!

and I've known a few Playmates in my time...they don't remember me but I remember them

so maybe that's why that big black cat Lamar Odom holed up in a Nevada brothel, doing drugs for four days..then he had a medical emergency and the Kardashians came running..Lamar and Khloe were married once but recently divorced...


again, I'd like to thank Ryan Seacrest for all this useless drama...Seacrest is a twit...he gave us the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians..a family that has absolutely no talent whatsoever...they are either drunk or having babies..that's all they do...drink and fuck..and they supported OJ Simpson after he butchered Nicole and Ron!

Wait, what? O.J. Simpson stayed with Kim K before his trial ...

so they had a news conference in Nevada with the Sheriff's Office and in the back of the podium in great big letters is "IN GOD WE TRUST".. hahaha!! and the Sheriff, an older military-type lady proceeds to tell us about the decadence in her fair city...the Love Ranch Cathouse??? my God what a cesspool..the place just looks so seamy and desperate...with these skanky gals who can't hold a candle to the real classy Playboy bunnies!

and the Caitlyn Jenner freak show just adds to my disgust...first the Kim "marriage" scam in Montecito and now this...

ugh!! these Kardashian people are such scumbags!! they're pathetic...who cares if they live or die?

that's my judgement...In God We Trust

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

House of the Rising Sun

there is a house in New Orleans they call the rising sun

now the News-Press had two stories, one about Neil Young and one about the row houses on the highway in SB, calling them a "slum in the making"..

ok the News-Press says Neil overstayed his welcome at the he didn't..he played past the lame curfew...really, a curfew? wooo..30 minutes past curfew..wooooo

but I'm sure the concert was a blast...and the curfew thing..Neil's been doing it all summer getting fined $10000 in some places from Detroit to Saginaw..and who else but Neil would turn the curfew issue into part of his act..the dude is a true original

but what's up with the seeds thing...I heard it was related to invasive species hysteria from the native only cultists...but the drought has wiped out lots of native species so that proves they aren't necessarily suited for dry conditions..the euc, salt cedar, ice plant and fenel are dong fine by the way...and the Arizona Republicans that run the Botanic Garden are always trying to push native plants, dogs and beer...I'll check all this out later..the GMOs...may explain all these trans dudes
Neil's new album skewers Monsanto, Walmart and Starbucks which is fine by me...I hate all three and if Neil is on a tear then I wanna check it out or maybe he's just trying to impress Daryl Hannah...equally fine conscience or love...

and hey what do Neil Young and Aretha Franklin have in common? Well, Neil wrote Mr. Soul for Otis Redding and Otis wrote RESPECT for Aretha...and Neil was one of the first artists to record for Motown!

now the other issue is the row houses by Highway 101..I don't know why people are putting up such a fuss over these...Scott Steeplton says this area is the entrance to Santa it's not, it's the highway and you may smell SB from the stench at the Bird Refuge!

I've said before these little houses are cool and not much different than the new row houses on Santa Claus why isn't the News-Press complaining about those? what a bunch of snoberinos and a dig at people who don't have as much free money as Wendy!!

the row houses are obviously designed by prostitutes for travelers...a quick one on the way to San Jose...

I think they're  very cosmopolitan

Monday, October 12, 2015

Good-Bye, Columbus

I got a feeling that you're gonna hear from us

ok so we got a dunce speaking at the Reagan Ranch Center and he's got a book..and he thinks that public schools are indoctrinating kids into progressivism...funny, I was just trying to learn algebra at SBJHS!

but this Columbus Day stuff must be liberal propaganda from teachers with an agenda.. a progressive agenda..the Pinta, the Nina, the Santa Maria...illegals!!!
of course the Reagan Ranch Center is owned by Wendy as are/is the Young Miss American Foundation and Wendy loves to invite all these Republican losers to speak at the luncheons!

lots of John Birch type Republicans think this way about public education but it is total crap...I went to private schools and public schools...both had good and bad points but it all boils down to teachers and girls in class you are trying to impress...if the teacher is good, then you'll learn something...if the teacher is bad, you get bored, not indoctrinated...

most of this conservative nonsense is about public schools vs Christian schools...believe me, in Christian schools you'll get indoctinated into a twisted version of Jesus public schools, you may be encouraged to expand your mind by reading about Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism and so forth...this is a threat to the churchmouse Christians...the same ones who are running amok in the about dysfunction!! geez...I don't want any of these nutjobs close to the presidency

and this guy, Larry Reed, is really concerned with income equality and redistribution of wealth..of course there are no such issues..this is something made up by Fox News...and parroted by their puppets, or parrots....

Reed is a nobody with nefarious connections to something called the Foundation for Economic Education..they mix up capitalism with religion but Jesus was a socialist...

from an interview, Reed says: Where my faith does play a part in economics is in the area of what’s right and what’s wrong. My understanding of Christian principles about human nature and proper behavior leads me to appreciate the uniqueness and preciousness of each individual. It leads me to oppose excessive concentrations of earthly power in any mortal hands. Christian principles call for honesty, humility, patience, respect for life and property, self-discipline and voluntary interaction over brute force. They argue definitively against cheating people through currency debasement, redistributing their wealth through taxation, or pretending that a handful of "experts" with power can or should plan the lives of everybody else. My Christian principles tell me that reforming the world begins and ends with individual self-reform and cannot be achieved by "enlightened" planners pushing the rest of us around.

The Eighth and Tenth Commandments against coveting and stealing by themselves should invalidate most of what the federal government does these days. "Thou Shalt Not Steal" is followed by a period, not a qualifier. It does not say, "Thou Shalt Not Steal except under the following conditions: the other guy has more than you do, you really want it, you’re absolutely sure you can spend it better than the guy who earned it, or if a politician is available to steal it on your behalf."


WTF is this crazy-talk! the Constitution, Article 1 Section 8 says the Congress shall have the power to lay and collect America, the Constitution rules, not the bible

and the irony here as I've said many, many, many, many, many times before is Wendy would never have become wealthy unless Craig McCaw redistributed his money to her via a divorce settlement!!

the Reagan Ranch Center and the this not right-wing phony Christian propaganda indoctrination??

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sixteen Reasons

Why I (why I) love you. (One) the way you hold my hand (Two) your laughing eyes (Three) the way you understand (Four) your secret sighs....

it's October and things can get a little spooky which is why I like it..Indian Summer (relax Chumash) still with I went outside Sunday and whooo, it's some groceries amd headed off to that area on Highway 150 on the road to Ojai that I love so much...saw some buzzards circling over head...

so I'm looking around for the crash site where the Carp guy went over the side...then I see it...looks like a pretty clean slide down the hill but definitely can see where the brush was cleared by the van..or mini-van....James Dean crashed in a Porsche...

so I'm trying to put the scenerio together and it looks like the Carp guy planned the spot to go over the side of the hill and maybe on the way down, shot himself...I don't think he shot himself while on the actual road..perhaps he was thinking of others...sounds like the kinda guy he was...made sure he was off the roadway before pulling the trigger...hope he's got some peace now

ok so the SB city council candidates usually respond to media questions and those questions are usually lame...unions, pensions, homeless and stuff like that...some get ten questions some get sixteen

but I got 5 questions for the candidates too! and I want honest answers not a bunch of bullshit

Lucy, Cathy and Cristina (oohh, me likes Cristina!!)

Q#1: how do you feel about the News-Press having thousands of child porn images on the company computer and then blaming an ex-editor who Wendy was suing? did they plant the images?

Q#2: do you think Craig McCaw redistributed his wealth to Wendy via divorce settlement?

Q#3: do you think Nipper would have a radio show, a cooking show and be co-publisher of the News-Press without Wendy's money?

Q#4: how many alcoholics work at the News-Press?

Q#5: Cristina, would you like to date me??

(Five) the way you comb your hair
(Six) your freckled nose
(Seven) the way you say you care
(Eight) your crazy clothes

That's just half of sixteen reasons why I (why I) love you


Friday, October 9, 2015

Unknown Legend

she rides a Harley Davidson

well, I waited too long to get Neil Young tickets for the concert at the SB Bowl, and Neil is definitely a legend...but alot of Neil's fans are potheads, so maybe it's best I dint get tickets.. I want to see Neil do the songs, not get high from second-hand pot smoke!! plus it'll probably be 100 dgrees in SB Saturday night..but still, I don't want to hear about Monsanto, I wanna hear about Cinnamon Girl!!

I've seen some legends...Aretha, Brian Wilson, Ringo, Hillman, Frampton...but to try and pass off some of these local guys,these jingle writers as legends is the Granada, they  honored a guy named Barry DeVorson as a legend...he did write the vapid little ditty "It's Christmas Time Again in Santa Barbara" a puke inducing tune if I ever heard one plus it's knock-off of Merle Haggard's "Okie from Muskogee" which is a great song

but Devorson wrote some theme songs to SWAT and some soaps that only brain-dead people could watch...Soupy Sales is a legend, not Barry Devorzon..

now some folks (NEWS-PRESS) were complaining about tax money being used to aid SB Police Chief Cam Sanchez but that's nonsense...a bad use of taxpayer funds is illegal wars, bailing out private industry like banks and insurance companies, and corporate welfare...

sending a cop to get the chief's daughter Victoria at LAX after her mom, dad and husband were in a serious car accident is ok..not a problem..the right thing to do..using the cops to constantly babysit drunks in the SB bar that's a waste of taxpayer money

speaking of the News-Press, the Montecito Journal provided details of the Nipper's pop-up niteclub was horrendous..old saggy broads prancing around like they were 30 years old, old guys, Minutemen, like DeVorzon trying to cash in on a last bit of fame....and Nipper's pop-up had a place where they could go outside and smoke cigars...cigars???

the only time I would smoke a cigar is if I was in Cuba, at a real nightclub, with a sultry Cuban lady, drinking Cuban liquor....and pondering Hemingway

I mean if you're gonna do it, do it right

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sunset Grill

see the basket people walk around and mumble

so I'm checking the social media sites for news, clues, crimes, sexual opportunites and the like and I see that Santa Barbara View is taking a hiatus...or is the conservative experiment that tried to keep Santa Barbara Santa Barbara calling it quits? did the attempted hookup with the booze-riddled Sentinel freebie doom the View?? did they run out of homeless people??

Santa Barbara View Is Taking A Hiatus

After ten years and over 7,000 posts, Santa Barbara View is taking a hiatus! We will continue to post and engage our 20,000 Friends and Followers on Facebook and Twitter so join us on social media


a hiatus..hmmmm...Meriam-Webster: a period of time when something (such as an activity or program) is stopped...

stopped...hmmmm..why'd they stop? money issues? politics....maybe rehashing Lanny's editorials from the News-Press weren't cutting it..and most of the posts lately were about sunrises and sunsets...

and longer writing crybaby rants on the SB View while she campaigns to beat Cathy Murrillo..but you and I know Lucy won't win...she's a proven liar and that silly claim about an attack on her staff by the Team Murrillo was cuckoo!!

now I'm no Nostradamus, but I think we're seeing the sunset of Santa Barbara View that leaves the News-Press (totally gross), EdHat (take this broken server), the Indie (gag me with a spoon, Marianne and Joe) and Noozhawk (squeaky churchmouse conservatives) to get news and stories..oh, and me of course but I'm just a guy with a computer...

all these media outlets to satisfy our need to know and now the Santa Barbara View is gone...

one less fly on the wall

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

was a sunny day

not a cloud was in the sky, not a negative word was heard

I went to the Goodland for some stuff....haven't been in awhile...what a nice sunny day in Goleta!

I head to Walgreens..frankly, I'm sick of CVS and Rite Aid in Carp..the checkout gals are weird and talkative...but Walgreens is great..everything I need, good prices and efficient checkout girl...I'll be back...the parking lot was lovely with trees and a species of eucalyptus I don't think I've seen before..healthy and gorgeous! and right next to Walgreens looks like a mosque is being built....praise Allah!!

so I head on over to the Magnolia Center for a haircut from my homeboys...Goleta is nice..simple, uncrowded, lots of open space and plenty of homes and place to live..gas is $2.93/gal....

and there's even a real pumpkin the mountain view can't be beat...I like it here in the Goodland

then I head into Santa Barbara and the trouble begins...the Castillo underpass is still wet after the new pavers were installed...maybe they should have pavered the whole freakin street!!

SB is crowded and touristy
Pretentious by the Sea..and there's another big ocean cruise liner...I thought the pupose of the USS Gridley's visit was to blow these Princess ships outta the water!

then I get some coffee and a paper and the News-Press is going after Chief Sanchez again, probably for Lucy's benefit..but first was a story about the union's complaints against the chief, then a story about the chief getting into an accident near Carpinteria on his way to LA to pick up his lovely daughter Victoria..Victoria was a KEYT reporter and she moved to Colorado...

but Scott seems to think that the chief got special treatment because three cops showed up at the accident scene..and one went to pick up Victoria..well yeah...her dad was in a serious don't tell her to take a cab home from LAX, you provide comfort to her!!

of course Scott is fucking crazy- a one-watt brain- and only writes these opinions for Wendy's sake..Wendy is Scott's mommy...but we know that ever since Travis Armstrong got busted for DUI, driving the wrong way up a one-way street..ever since the SB cops busted him, Wendy has held a grudge against the SB police dept, esp Cam Sanchez...Travis was Wendy's pet gay Indian but I don't know what that's got to do with drunk, you get busted if the cops catch you...

and living by the highway, I've seen many accidents from fender benders to injuries..they always send three or four cops, a fire engine and an ambulance if needed...that's normal..that's why we pay taxes for first responders to respond..naturally the bill should be sent to the accident causer

then of course the Peter Lance DUI fiasco and the Judge Brian Hill mistakes.. and the drugs going thru the News-Press is on the record..and the child porn on Wendy's computer (still waiting for justice)

the News-Press has been covering for drunks since day one..

I think it's about time they stop..Wendy Scott and should be ashamed of yourselves because I'm certainly ashamed of you...again

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

For What It's Worth

there's somethin' happenin' here....

when I was a kid I had a transistior radio..a red transistor radio...I'd listen to it from Boston to Illinois to's the 60s and I'd go to bed and put the radio under my pillow and listen to KIST..two songs I remember distinctly played and lulled me to sleep.. "The Beat Goes On" and "For What It's Worth" ... loved that spooky guitar

these songs had a few things in common..they were excellent and they were not love songs..they were social commentary songs...the 60s music was a mix of rock, pop, folk, blues, soul and then FM radio came was a good time..and to this day I love the little transistor radios...I got a few...and I'm a fan of Sonny and Cher and Buffalo Springfield!

so I heard that Jane Fonda was honored for her acting career or whatever, and some guys are still calling her Hanoi Jane for going to North Vietnam during the war...Jane is not a traitor and protesting America's stupid involvement in that civil war was a duty...took some balls to do what she did!

most Vietnam vets know they were duped... a war was not declared against Vietnam so what the fuck were we doing there? oh yeah, commies!!

geez..and then we attacked Iraq many years later..why...oh yeah, terrorists!

and we just bombed a hospital in Afghanistan! Obama hasn't explained or apologized yet..just sent out some flunkie commander for some more propaganda!!

I swear to God we've had some idiots making decisions after WWII, which was a justified war..FDR declared war on Japan after Pearl Harbor....If Jane had lunch with Hitler or Japan's Supreme Commander, then I'd call her a traitor..

but Vietnam was a waste....57000 dead soldiers..crazy American part of the psychological warfare, the American military dropped little transistor radios from planes into North Vietnam to entice them into defecting to South Vietnam!! the radios were pretuned to certain frequencies that told of the evils of the gooks!!

"Specialist Five Clyde Gaidosh, the air operations NCO of Co A, 8th PSYOP Battalion in Nha Trang, Vietnam from 1969-70 recalls dropping small portable radios that could only receive the Chieu Hoi (Open Arms) station. He recalled that the radios were about 5 inches high by 4 inches wide and about 1 or 2 inches thick. The ones he dropped were a bright yellow. Although he is not sure after 35 years, he believes that they ran on a 9 volt battery and were packed in a plastic waterproof padded bag. He recalls that the small parachutes were about 18 inches to 2 feet across. The radios were dropped from helicopters for pin-point targets and fixed wing aircraft for larger targets"

I'm sure American soldiers got a hold of those little radios and tuned them back to lots of Hendrix...

but we were fighting little gooks in the jungle and in war, all humanity ceases... all is fair in love war and politics...and we all watched the war on TV..the My Lai massacre..oh that was a proud moment for the American military I'm sure...

but you have to kill in wars which is why we should go to war only when necessary...Vietnam was undeclared war and Americans got fed up with it...President Johnson used the Tonkin Resolution (North Vietnam patrol boats allegedly fired on US war ships but a Senate investigation later found that untrue) as a justification to use massive US troops...but it was a losing proposition from day one...

chickenhawks and rightwingers will keep pissing on Hanoi Jane...maybe it makes them feel better to dump their fears on her...

and the real traitors keep getting us into these illegal foreign wars..and they even wear little American flags on their smart blue blazers!

the beat goes on

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ride Captain Ride

upon your mystery ship



baby won't you keep me happy...

the Constitution gives me the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (pussy) also says religious establishment prohibited..and I have the right to keep and bear arms....

the right to keep and bear arms for protection (house and home, hunting, self-preservation) is not a license to murder people who may have slighted you..or whatever

once we adhere to these simple self-evident truths, we'll be happy

but.... when some momma's boy, whacked out on violent fantasies of a failed military career and because at 26 years old he's still a virgin and living with his mom..when this shit goes to a community college in Oregon and starts killing people, classmates and teachers...this dude should have been the others..the Sandy Hook killer, the Isla Vista killer..the South Carolina killer.... whacked out white boys

of course mass murder in America is pretty common....the Mafia crime wave, the southern racism, the Civil War, tin soldiers and Nixon's coming...America is a violent nation sometimes

but, there is no excuse for anyone to be a virgin at 26 years old because that will drive you crazy...geez, sex is a primal instinct...control the urge the best you a book, take a hike, but sooner or later you need to become a man my son

so everyone should have sex by should be education has been thwarted by these religious fanatics who demand abstinence...but abstinence as we've seen leads to murder

and music..every kid should learn to play an instrument...and learn another language...and learn to respect fire arms...

and for God's sake, learn the's the primary function for every America to learn the rules because freedom comes with a grave responsibility...

pick up your feet, you don't have to pick up a gun..

Saturday, October 3, 2015


don't you mess around with me

undoubtedly the best Avocado Festival ever...the weather was sunny and perfect..Oct 3.. a Saturday preceded by The Haunting on Friday eve...Julie Harris and Claire Bloom..oh so good!

so I usually go a little early and take in the vibe which was really good this dancing at the Main Stage..I mean little kids...while Hendrix, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross hits was so sweet...

then at 10:00 am, the music starts with a young band called Stolen Thunder...bass, guitar drums and blonde pretty chick singer..they blew me away....rocked out Pat Benetar's Heartbreaker real good!

they can't be more than 16 years old and the guitar player is down...the chick singer had some serious pipes..MY GOD!! I love it!!! the attitude!! these kids are awesome!!


so after a few songs I wandered around and new this year was a Ferris the middle of the street..and it's fully functional! cool...

and the food joints...I love the Thai place and loaded up on sweet and sour chicken and chicken on a stick...fried to perfection...I walked down the street with the plate and people were oooing and ahhing..I gave them free smells..haha...

now I don't know what's wrong with the Dalai Lama, but maybe if he ate more Thai food he wouldn't act so silly


then I got some limes and avocados.. some as big as boobs!! ooh mama!!

and more people rushed in from the side streets and pretty soon Linden was was great...people were riding on the Ferris Wheel...families were walking and dancing...the dads were cool, no signs of heartbreakers here....

one old lady was on the ground, writhing in pain..but stuff happens! the mayor took care of her

good job dads!! you looked very proud of your families!!

still plenty of time to join the fun and I guarantee you'll love it... or I'll be a bluenose gopher!