Sunday, October 25, 2015

One Man's Ceiling

is another man's floor, goddam..

Open Letter To Craig McCaw

Dear Craig,

wut up, bro! hey I got a question about Peabody' bought the restaurant about five years ago, tore it down and there it sits...torn down with some tarps over know where it is, right? in Montecito on Coast Village I ate at Peabody's a few times nothing to sing about so I can see why you tore it down..but you're supposed to rebuild it and start serving burgers again..and maybe even some craft beer...wasn't that the idea and rename it Oliver's...I'm down with that

the real McCaws
and I know you got the reserves to do it...and I know Wendy suckered you into giving her a big chunk of your got rich selling cell phones and that's cool but do you know how many people have died talking on cell phones and driving? lots! and a few blondes in big shiny new Land Rovers have come close to disappearing me in Montecito whilst gabbing on her Nokia...

and I know from interviews you like whales and UFOs and think space aliens will inhabit the earth one of these days...Wendy's got some issues with aliens too..she calls them "illegals"!!

but back to the restaurant, back to reality...what's the it the wood? are you replacing the floors with endangered Brazilian rosewood? it's a tonewood best suited for guitars not the contractor incompetent...I understand those private sector dudes measure once and cut twice...takes them forever to finish a project and it looks like that's what's going on at Oliver's
you should stop by sometime and take a look..check out the progress.. I don't know what your schedule is but I could meet you there and give you some pointers..about the building issues....maybe get you out of your rut... ok?

you know, I was down at the Harbor and it smells so good down there..the fish the sea and the restaurants. the people, the walk around and it just feels nice, especially in October...

but when I walk around your restaurant, I don't feel much of's got no energy or personality..there's no flow or real life that I can see...

it's like you don't care.. I know Wendy doesn't care but I thought you were different..

was I wrong??

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