Thursday, October 1, 2015

Route 66

get your kicks, on Route 66

if I was 77 years old and lost my wife a few years ago, I may shoot myself and drive off the cliff in Carp...I mean it's sad that a well known Carpinterian did that, but he did it at my fave spot and hangout!

now my wife ditched me years ago and all things being temporal, I let her go but kept my guitars...

but I like parking on Highway 150, right outside Carp..I like walking around..the old bridges we tried to save, the road to Ojai is pure beautiful California..the spot is where I saw two coyotes walking thru the farm below...I love it I can see why Jim Drain maybe wanted to die here...I just wish folks would reach out and get some help before they check is ALWAYS out there! but anyone who serves on the Water Board in Carp gets my respect

luckily, I got another spot I go to that's teeming with life and possibilities...

ok so Sharin is leaving KEYT I was Sharin who knocked Paula out of the anchor spot then Paula got rowdy, giggling and slurring her way through late night newscasts, then the DUI thing..I think Paula would make more money and be happier as a stripper at the Spearmint Rhino!!

Sharin's a real pretty Pakastani or Armenian woman and I saw her at Oprah's auction..I took some pics and waved but her rolled her eyes and pretended to hurl....I can't blame her for that..I'm sure she could have any man she wants so why would she want me?? I don't think I'd kill myself over her, but all I ask of any woman is FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES!! is that too much to axe???

but then she started to pay me some attention when I whipped out my harmonica..

you'll need a man Sharin when you're done with your little nosepickin' boyfriends

hey wait a about Paula and Sharin at the Spearmint Rhino doing a lap dance for me!

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