Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sixteen Reasons

Why I (why I) love you. (One) the way you hold my hand (Two) your laughing eyes (Three) the way you understand (Four) your secret sighs....

it's October and things can get a little spooky which is why I like it..Indian Summer (relax Chumash) still with I went outside Sunday and whooo, it's some groceries amd headed off to that area on Highway 150 on the road to Ojai that I love so much...saw some buzzards circling over head...

so I'm looking around for the crash site where the Carp guy went over the side...then I see it...looks like a pretty clean slide down the hill but definitely can see where the brush was cleared by the van..or mini-van....James Dean crashed in a Porsche...

so I'm trying to put the scenerio together and it looks like the Carp guy planned the spot to go over the side of the hill and maybe on the way down, shot himself...I don't think he shot himself while on the actual road..perhaps he was thinking of others...sounds like the kinda guy he was...made sure he was off the roadway before pulling the trigger...hope he's got some peace now

ok so the SB city council candidates usually respond to media questions and those questions are usually lame...unions, pensions, homeless and stuff like that...some get ten questions some get sixteen

but I got 5 questions for the candidates too! and I want honest answers not a bunch of bullshit

Lucy, Cathy and Cristina (oohh, me likes Cristina!!)

Q#1: how do you feel about the News-Press having thousands of child porn images on the company computer and then blaming an ex-editor who Wendy was suing? did they plant the images?

Q#2: do you think Craig McCaw redistributed his wealth to Wendy via divorce settlement?

Q#3: do you think Nipper would have a radio show, a cooking show and be co-publisher of the News-Press without Wendy's money?

Q#4: how many alcoholics work at the News-Press?

Q#5: Cristina, would you like to date me??

(Five) the way you comb your hair
(Six) your freckled nose
(Seven) the way you say you care
(Eight) your crazy clothes

That's just half of sixteen reasons why I (why I) love you


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