Saturday, October 31, 2015


'Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again'


so I watched the CNBC debates with the whiny conservatives and it was the best one yet...great questions from the moderators! some of the candidates struggled to answer and instead blamed the CNBC crew for asking tough business questions

they blamed Becky Quick!

geez, if you can't answer simple questions about your personal issues (can you balance a checking account) then I don't want you to be president of the issues that Marco Rubio had like foreclosures, early cashout of savings funds, etc

Ben Carson kept rubbing his hands nervously (obsessive-compulsive) when Becky said his tax numbers don't make sense....CNBC is a financial network and FOX NEWS biggest competitor..and they beat the FOX Business channel all the time...and CNBC is where I watch the stock ticker plus the chicks are cute

but after the debate the whiny crybabies ran to FOX NEWS for comforting!! Ted Cruz (who went on a filibuster against CNBC) and the others always blame the "mainstream media" because FOX NEWS only asks softball questions for the conservatives and FOX NEWS is a conservative station owned by crook and traitor Rupert Murdoch

these candidates are all tools for Fox news!! what happened to the independent guys??? a bunch of GOP presidential candidates who want to CENSOR the press??? but we have freedom of the press and that means asking the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES questions that might embarass them...if they can't deal with it, they don't belong in the White House...some of these candidates are religious whackos, teabaggers, can't do simple math, etc

so congrats CNBC....if the Republicans are scared of your questions, then you're doing your job!!

and may the GOP RIP ....these folks are spooky!!

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