Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Love Bites

If you've got love in your sights. Watch out, love bites...

well how about that illegal wedding crasher who bit an officer and his k9 patrol dog, then the dog turned around and bit the officer...the illegal was obviously on drugs, but what was the k9 on, cat nip?? meanwhile, the coyote surfs...

if I was a coyote I'd go up to girls and bite their nipples!

and I see Chief Sanchez of the SBPD is retiring..good! he deserves it...being head COP -Chief of Police- is no easy task with everyone taking cheap shots at you, esp the drunk ones the cops busted over the years....I hope the new chief will kick ass..and not that McGrew guy..the dude is a downer..didn't he sue the city once..don't bite the hand that feeds you!!

so I saw a bunch of movie people in town and thought they may be doing a film on the coyote...but probably not..maybe a biting film noir..or a spooky Halloween flick...I saw some trailers at Dwight Murphy parking lot, some people milling about...who's Dwight Murphy??

I saw a pretty actress in a blue dress reading a script trying to memorize her lines...some cool old cars, some wardrobe racks and costumes...

that actress reminded me of my 8th grade teacher...I had a boner for her back then as most guys did or's normal to wanna screw your teacher..or bite her ass

even though she was married, so what!

bite me

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