Tuesday, October 6, 2015

For What It's Worth

there's somethin' happenin' here....

when I was a kid I had a transistior radio..a red transistor radio...I'd listen to it from Boston to Illinois to California...it's the 60s and I'd go to bed and put the radio under my pillow and listen to KIST..two songs I remember distinctly played and lulled me to sleep.. "The Beat Goes On" and "For What It's Worth" ... loved that spooky guitar

these songs had a few things in common..they were excellent and they were not love songs..they were social commentary songs...the 60s music was a mix of rock, pop, folk, blues, soul and then FM radio came along...it was a good time..and to this day I love the little transistor radios...I got a few...and I'm a fan of Sonny and Cher and Buffalo Springfield!

so I heard that Jane Fonda was honored for her acting career or whatever, and some guys are still calling her Hanoi Jane for going to North Vietnam during the war...Jane is not a traitor and protesting America's stupid involvement in that civil war was a duty...took some balls to do what she did!

most Vietnam vets know they were duped... a war was not declared against Vietnam so what the fuck were we doing there? oh yeah, commies!!

geez..and then we attacked Iraq many years later..why...oh yeah, terrorists!

and we just bombed a hospital in Afghanistan! Obama hasn't explained or apologized yet..just sent out some flunkie commander for some more propaganda!!

I swear to God we've had some idiots making decisions after WWII, which was a justified war..FDR declared war on Japan after Pearl Harbor....If Jane had lunch with Hitler or Japan's Supreme Commander, then I'd call her a traitor..

but Vietnam was a waste....57000 dead soldiers..crazy American propaganda..as part of the psychological warfare, the American military dropped little transistor radios from planes into North Vietnam to entice them into defecting to South Vietnam!! the radios were pretuned to certain frequencies that told of the evils of the gooks!!

"Specialist Five Clyde Gaidosh, the air operations NCO of Co A, 8th PSYOP Battalion in Nha Trang, Vietnam from 1969-70 recalls dropping small portable radios that could only receive the Chieu Hoi (Open Arms) station. He recalled that the radios were about 5 inches high by 4 inches wide and about 1 or 2 inches thick. The ones he dropped were a bright yellow. Although he is not sure after 35 years, he believes that they ran on a 9 volt battery and were packed in a plastic waterproof padded bag. He recalls that the small parachutes were about 18 inches to 2 feet across. The radios were dropped from helicopters for pin-point targets and fixed wing aircraft for larger targets"

I'm sure American soldiers got a hold of those little radios and tuned them back to lots of Hendrix...

but we were fighting little gooks in the jungle and in war, all humanity ceases... all is fair in love war and politics...and we all watched the war on TV..the My Lai massacre..oh that was a proud moment for the American military I'm sure...

but you have to kill in wars which is why we should go to war only when necessary...Vietnam was unnecessary...an undeclared war and Americans got fed up with it...President Johnson used the Tonkin Resolution (North Vietnam patrol boats allegedly fired on US war ships but a Senate investigation later found that untrue) as a justification to use massive US troops...but it was a losing proposition from day one...

chickenhawks and rightwingers will keep pissing on Hanoi Jane...maybe it makes them feel better to dump their fears on her...

and the real traitors keep getting us into these illegal foreign wars..and they even wear little American flags on their smart blue blazers!

the beat goes on

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