Friday, October 23, 2015


how does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala

I went into the halls Montecito to check out some trees and I passed thru Summerland where that Carpinteria chick died in a crash on 101....she drifted over around midnight and smashed into some big rigs parked way over in the safe zone..truckers have been parking here forever when they need to rest...never a problem but I see this gal, a 27 year old was arrested for burglary a week or so I'm wondering if that's part of the issue...was she drugged out or drunk? why was she arrested for burglary? it's a mystery I'll investigate later once I get more clues

but I need to wash away my trouble, wash away my pain

so I go into Montecito to really take a look..usually I go through Montecito on my way back to Carp, and thus see things in the rear-view's not a great way to go through life because the only reason people look in their rear-view mirrors is to check for cops....

but coming in from the front, I see that Coast Village Road is getting rather sterile nowadays...the venture into the future has given us some veryn weird strip mall uspscale baloney...high maint ladies, fey gentlemen..the Ty Warner affect...

it's still a lovely place, but the first thing I notice is this new very white and big cramped building with ultra-manicured landscaping...stiff people, BMWs and Mercedes....there's the Honor Bar...WTF is that, a bar to honor drunks??? I'm afraid this new building is just too big, white and gaudy..maybe big tree could fall on it

it wasn't always this way on Coast Village was a funky beach could eat at little greasy spoons then walk over to Butterfly Beach to surf..anybody could sneak into the Coral Casino to swim or grab some burgers..just charge it to mom!!

there were bike shops, the Olive Mill Bistro, the Somerset..Pelican's Wharf...Baskin Robbins ice cream shop boasted 31 place had the best sourdough burger on the planet! Xanadu was an excellent bakery..Xanadu!!!

now some new business owners want to develop 1187 CVR...remove some pine trees to improve their shopping center..well, it's not really a shopping center...a pizza place tennis shop and some weird maze of shops downstairs...

I inspected the pines for myself... I went twice because the first time I missed something ...the first time I was pissed because I mistakenly thought they were gonna chop down the big pine that I love..but they are gonna chop down two trees that share a trunk, like Siamese twins share their I got no issue with getting rid of these genetic misfits...I'm ok with chopping down the 2 retard pine trees..just leave the big one that stands majestically alone at the opposite end of the property

of course there's Craig McCaw's unfinished business with his restaurant...the old Peabody's has been abandoned for about five years with a green tarp draped over it....and not a peep from the city council...FIVE YEARS AND McCAW CAN'T EVEN REMODEL A LITTLE RESTAURANT!!! it seems however some guys are actually doing some work on Craig's Place today!

so I head back to Carp and pass Shark's and I think about her.. just over the hill on 101 is where that gal crashed and died...

and it's so beautiful around here...on the road to Shambala

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Anonymous said...

The McCaw-Peabody's project isnt idle. They pour concrete -- then spend a week with jack-hammers tearing it out!