Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sail on Sailor

I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean /Through restful waters and deep commotion /Often frightened, unenlightened

against my better judgement, I went into Santa Barbara for some food...I know that the USS Ronald Reagan will be here anchored here right here and sailors will be mingling about...but today, Friday, I went in anyway....I will watch for irridescent glows from people, pets and the veggies at Tri County Produce...actually my knee is banged up and swollen so I walk like a crippled crow.. like a raven with a broken wing, like a hummingbird without his hum

I was hoping a little radiation might make the swelling go down and I wanted to catch a glimpse of the war is spectacular! and there was definitely something aglow on that ship as I looked through my binoculars....

now people often pray to Jesus after a bad thing happens like in Isla Vista...prayers were offered after the killings..well where was Jesus before the killings? in a bar?? at the Casino??


and as I see more news about the "perfect Christian family" that was killed by the crazed 21 year old son living at home, my heart aches again....the sister Amy was 15 and such a cutie..beautiful smile..who wouldn't be proud to be her mom or dad or brother???

I don't know what the answer is but I went into town and stopped by the Bird Refuge..they put wood chips everywhere and killed as much thistle as they could and now it looks rather sterile..and the new native plants were recently watered..ALOT!!! I thought natives didn't need so much water...well I hope all these plant snobs are happy.... I may have to dust this area with some fennel seeds and I pray you do the same

what the City of Santa Barbara should do is leave things alone..check out this awesome house on Salinas...beautiful!! weeds 'n all

but speaking of snobs, I see lots of snobs in Santa Barbara today..driving around in shiny Mercedes and BMWs...then I see the USS Reagan..a big war ship and I'm thinking that most of these wars are enabled ampersand financed by rich chickenhawks like Wendy...was Nipper a draft dodger??

they pay the mercenaries like Raymond Morua to invade poor countries, to go fight for them..then when the mercenaries come home, the rich folks treat them like spoiled children...maybe that's why some of these young folks kill..because of the perversion of capitalism by conseravtives like Wendy... to show off their fantastic powers

their powers and their follies....

Friday, May 30, 2014

Doctor Wu

Katy tried / I was halfway crucified / I was on the other side / Of no tomorrow ...

so I see a federal judge, George Wu, has issued a tentative ruling with lots of maybes and probablies, that Tony De Nunzio's blood was drawn it's ok to drive drunk but not ok to determine how drunk the drunk driver was?? well, that's silly

sooo hoo is Wu?? 
MySpace suicide case (2009)
Judge overrules jury!!!

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
USA v. Lori Drew 2:08-cr-00582-GW-1

Judge Wu was the presiding judge in the case of a Missouri woman who was convicted of computer fraud charges stemming from an Internet hoax that prompted a teenage girl to commit suicide. On July 2, 2009, Judge Wu decided to tentatively acquit Lori Drew, who was convicted in November of 2008. The decision reversed a jury's verdicts which convicted the woman of computer fraud charges.

The case received a lot of national attention and created an uproar on the issue of internet security.

On August 28, 2009, Judge Wu officially reversed the conviction of Lori Drew. The judge found that The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was not applied beyond a reasonable doubt in convicting Drew of a misdemeanor. Wu said that the federal law that governs terms and conditions of visiting a website is "constitutionally vague".

Almost three months later, federal prosecutors said they would not appeal Judge Wu's dismissal of charges against Drew."

geez, the kid Megan Meier killed herself because of the Lori Drew bullying!!

so that's the kind of judge Wu is..a really bad one....of course the adult woman Lori Drew should have been found guilty of fraud and for harassing a teenage... Wu was nominated by drunk driver Pres George consider the source and poor application of the law for political do these incompetent judges make it to the federal bench??

Judge George Wu is now on my radar...Are you with me Doctor Wu Are you really just a shadow. Of the man that I once knew. Are you crazy are you high. Or just an ordinary guy. Have you done all you can do???

Wendy must think she's Rosy the Riveter
I see that Wendy was down in San Diego yesteday for a ride on the USS Ronald Reagan..due in Santa Barbara Friday...meybe she bought it for her new come nobody invited me to ride??? why does Wendy get special privileges and am I the taxpayer paying for it??? does Wendy think Ron was her daddy?? geez...


hey wait a minute..I hear the USS Reagan might be contaminated with radiation from Fukushima a few years ago: In the midst of a snow storm, deck hands were enveloped in a warm cloud that came with a metallic taste. Sailors testify that the Reagan’s 5,500-member crew was told over the ship’s intercom to avoid drinking or bathing in desalinized water drawn from a radioactive sea. The huge carrier quickly ceased its humanitarian efforts and sailed 100 miles out to sea, where newly published internal Navy communications confirm it was still taking serious doses of radioactive fallout.

well maybe Ty Warner and I can do a Glow-in-the-Dark Beanie Baby called Wendy!!
why did the chicken cross the road twice?
so there's a tiff between Andy Caldwell and the Santa Barbara Water Guardians..Andy's been hiding behind Wendy's skirt and the bible after challenging the WGs to a debate..they accepted but Andy chickened it appears he chickened out again!! that's TWICE!!

in his guest editorial, Andy digs himself a deeper hole, saying the letter by the Water Guardians (which he/the News-Press never printed so readers could see it) to accept the debate challenge was actually a refusal to debate due to the "ridiculous" conditions the WG suggested be met! I guess Andy tried to apply some reverse psychology but I thought he didn't believe in psychology...

what a chicken.... I gonna start calling Andy  "Colonel Sanders"

geez, one minute Andy is preaching the gospel, next minute he's attacking and lying about the Water Guardians...I think Andy is bi-polar!!

Andy is so shook up by the WGs he can't even mention their name in his editorial..instead he calls them "some activists"... haha

so one of the conditions the activists suggested that Andy didn't like was that he list his ties to the oil industry...then he spent the rest of the editorial trying to explain all his conflicts of interest with ties to the casino and oil and Wendy which he calls the sum total of his life experiences..WTF??? then he lists all his faux-accomplishments!

then Colonel Andy confesses he's a sock puppet for Wendy and oil companies and backpeddles and rationalizes and tries to justify his own tortured mental processes....

bottom line: Andy, you're a clown.. a buffoon....

a chicken!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

part of the plan

await your arrival, simple survival, and one day we'll all understand

well Peter Lance says Isla Vista is full of privileged kids but evil lurks around the corner..Pete was on Inside Edition which pissed me off... don't Miss Norville know that Pete's a dummy??? and a misogynist!!

oh well leave it to the News-Press and crazed fundamentalist Christian Andy Caldwell to gives us the reasons for the Isla Vista killings...according to Andy (who claims he wants to be a preacher one day), the reason the Virgin Elliot killed those young people is because of too much psychology and the lack of religion in his life , Christian religion....

well you could also argue that too much capitalism was the culprit as Elliot was given a BMW and Mercedes to tool around in

and here I thought Christians were pro-life ... I see a perfect Christian family in Orange County was slaughtered by the crazy bible-thumping father in a murder-suicide kinda does Andy explain that? too much God??? not enough psychology?? can you imagine being a teen at home one day and your dad  or brother decides he's gonna kill you, your brother  dad and your mom??? there is nothing sicker or scarier than the conservative home-schooled religious American family...personally, I stay away from them

update: well  I was wrong...according to OC cops, the 21 year old son who was living at home killed his parents and sis before killing himself...


religion and insanity don't necessarily have anything to do with each other...although when you ask god to do all your thinking for you, you may be nutters

then Andy goes on to cite a book called "Psychoheresy" by a couple named the Bobgans...

here's a review from one of the readers at Amazon:

The Bobgans have targeted one of the most dangerous trends in the Church, and society, and that is the "Acceptance" of psychology and psychotherapy, and have reduced them to what they are - theories which don't hold water. This science, so-called, are numbers of clouds without water, but which have seduced and brought into bondage so many thousands of people. The Bobgans evaluate everyone from Freud to Rogers to Jung, and reveal just what they really believed, and ultimately point to the only One who can make a difference - The Lord Jesus Christ. He alone can unburden and create a new life, and by abiding by the only guide available - the Bible - our troubles, if we choose, can be solved by Him, and Him alone. Highly recommended!!!

well of course this is nonsense....just pick up an "Abnormal Psychology" book and you'll see most of Team Wendy in it and probably some of your family members..and most members of the Catholic church!!

the early psychologists were brilliant..Freud, Jung, Horney, Maslow, Perls..their insight into human nature was uncanny..but because some folks are brainwashed with church nonsense at an early age, they end up preaching on the editoiral pages of the News-Press trying to explain human nature with references like "well, if Eve hadn't sucked on that apple, then Adam might have had a chance"....

human nature is a bit more complicated than that

psychology might explain a pedophile whereas religion would just transfer him to another parish

psychology and religion run into the same problems when false prophets like Andy Caldwell and Televangelists spout off... or when nuts like Michelle Bachman and her husband use the bible to counsel people outta being gay...or frauds like Dr. Laura use "therapy" as entertainment on the radio...(at least she used to do that before I exposed her)....

some people use religion and psychology to nefarious ends...

but I'd trust Lucy over Andy anyday of the week

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

look to your soul

for the answer

older actresses, esp conservative ones, usually start skin care lines when the TV jobs stop coming...and Jaclyn Smith of Charlie's Angels fame is doing just that...her husband Dr. Brad Allen is running for a conservative spot to challenge Lois Capps....Brad is a cardiologist from Texas and oversees Jaclyn's beauty care line.. I saw Jackie on TV promoting her husband's campaign...Jackie is 68 years old..she looks ok and was real pretty in the younger days but why do women plump up their lips when they hit 60? to attract fish??? as a matter of fact both Brad and Jaclyn are kinda goofy looking nowadays...and what's with men and the girly eyebrows?

and I saw Brad on Mr. Wimpy's show and they both babbled alot about how terrible things are for everyone...well at least for me, things are pretty good so I don't know why everyone is so Johnny Rivers implores us: look to your soul for the answer

ok, Dr. Brad Allen wants to repeal ObamaCare..ok good luck but the question remains why all these doctors, drug companies and insurance companies didn't try to make health care affordable before Obamacare? why did they always raise my premiums and charge so much for an office visit? oh yeah capitalism vs socialism....baloney!!

now that affordable health care is mandated, they are crying like stuck pit bulls....

then on Tuesday I saw a letter in the News-Press of all places by Debby Davison who questioned Dr. Brad Allen's residency..where he lives not where he practices his skin care line...ok so Deb claims that Dr. Brad is a phony and doesn't live in the district he wants to represent..she called him an outsider..

now you may recall I saw Deb walking her bitches  at Arroyo Burro it what you want that's whay I call it..and I questioned Debby's residency: Santa Barbara or Utah..not that it matters one whit to anyone nor should it..she's not running for office

but Debby claims that Brad registered to vote in Summerland the day he filed his papers to run for congress...

hmmmm..well it looks like Brad's campaign does have a PO Box at the Summerland Post Office...Mailing Address: Dr. Brad Allen for Congress, PO Box 88, Summerland, CA 93067 | Phone: 805-350-9870

RED FLAG ALERT: In addition to his professional career
in health care, Dr. Allen and his wife, actress Jaclyn Smith, recently launched their own skin care line. Their venture has given him a keen understanding of the problems faced by small businesses. Dr. Allen and Jaclyn have two grown children and are active in several non-profit and charitable organizations.

when  I think of small business I think of a hardware store, a CPA, 7/11 or some similar a skin care line a small business? or a little scam...

well, will we see Debby Davidson and Jaclyn Smith in a wet tee shirt fight at Summerland Beach?? do we want to see that? is Dr. Brad Allen real? or is he a  doctor like Dr Orly Taitz is a doctor and like Dr. Laura is a doctor..

and these skin care lines..aren't they all the same..snake oil junk

one of the ingredients in the skin care line is hyaluronic acid, an anti-aging agent or a doctor doesn't know we all age and then die??

SIDE EFFECTS: The most common side effects of hyaluronic acid are reactions at the site of injection such as bruising, redness, pain, itching, tenderness, and swelling. Vitamin E supplements, St. John's Wort, aspirin, and NSAIDs such as Aleve and Motrin may increase bruising or bleeding after injection of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, patients should stop these drugs at least one week before the injections. Post marketing adverse effects that have been reported include infection, allergic reactions, necrosis (death of tissue), and acne

to get rid of (hide) a few wrinkles?? I don't trust this doctor, Dr. Brad Allen a bit and I think Debby Davison is politically correct about him..

and ladies..I got somthing you can put on your face make you real purty!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

People Are Strange

when you're a stranger, faces look ugly, when you're alone

the unspeakable tragedy is six young people are dead....murdered by a sociopath who just also happened to be paranoid and delusional...his parents were a British guy and a chink...if you fall for a chink, don't marry one and don't have a kid, please

these UCSB students are beautiful kids and they need community support...does the News-Press support UCSB students?? they don't..the News-Press wants to remove their rights to vote, the Andy Caldwell editorials are always anti-student and pro-Jesus...the News-Press is ridiculous and strange

basic journalism: LEARN HOW TO WRITE!

but the News-Press finally did assign someone else to the sociopath killer story other than Scott or Merrill...that was a wise decision...the editors of the News-Press are abysmal...look at the intro to this column...see if you can make sense of it because I couldn' I would fire Scott and Merrill...and Don

and the News-Press did print the sociopath's manifesto probably without Scotty or Merrill's knowledge!

the killer's diary was full of things and words and mental illness I've seen before...from drunk drivers and the biodiversity crowd..the same mindset exists....blame others for your problems

drunks: Peter Lance and the News-Press blaming the cops

faux-biologists: kill things that they deem impure...biodivesity crowd-biologists killing owls and pigs for being "invasive" or "non-native"....

I couldn't believe the parallels when I read the manifesto...the sociopath offered nothing but excuses and irrational logic to justify his feelings of was pathetic, pathetic pathetic...pure sociopaths...

adults are doing a piss-poor job of leading the kids....isn't that the number one responsibility???

Monday, May 26, 2014

four dead in Ohio

what if you knew her and found her dead on the ground...

War-what is it good for? absolutely nothing

Universal Soldier-without him all this killing can't go on

Green Berets-the brave men, of the Green Berets

Killin' Floor-I speak tonight for the dignity of man.....

Sky Pilot-how high can you fly?

Soldier Boy-oh my little soldier boy, I'll be true to you

the Bismark-we gotta sink the Bismark, to the bottom of the sea

Isn't It About Time-blood baked into blackened soil, how many tons a day?

Fool for Peace-I just can't imagine, killing little children...I will never be that kind of American

Turn Turn Turn-to everything there is a season

Fixin to Die Rag-1-2-3 what are we fightin' for?

how many more??

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Psycho Killer

I can't seem to face up to the facts. I'm tense and nervous and I Can't relax. I can't sleep cause my bed's on fire. Don't touch me I'm a real live wire.

geez..a 22 year old guy driving around Isla Vista Friday night, in a BMW starts killing young people because he was lonely??? seven people dead (including gunboy) and eleven injured  for no sad

two suspects, three dead says the News-Press

of course the News-Press hacks got the story wrong...they said there were two gunmen and three dead ...I'm not surprised since there are no journalists working at the a matter of fact, the News-Press was the only media outlet to mess up the story so badly....pathetic..Don Katich, Wendy and Nipper should be ashamed of themselves..their media machine is broken... they got two city editors, Scott Steepleton and Merrill McCarty, and they're both morons!!

KEYT was there with pictures....they got the story right

there's many online resources about the psycho killer but some have disabled comments and been jammed by high traffic

greek mythology- a youth who fell in love with his own image in a pool of water and was transformed into a flower


 speaking of narcissistic Wendy, why is she having her chickenshit non-reporters cover nonsense like this: another FOX NEWS host  blathers at her Reagan Ranch luncheons? the latest is a religious nut: Todd Starnes, Fox News' resident culture warrior, wants to reclaim God from an America of gay pride paraders, hipsters, twerkers, and vegetarians...he thinks there's a war on Christians in the there's not..just the phony Christians like the bozos at FOX News and the News-Press....there already is religious freedom in the USA and the Constitution is clear about forcing your religion on others

real Christians aren't such crybabies

but who's next at Wendy's Lunch? maybe the FOX NEWS anchor Gregg Jarrett who was busted for drunkeness in public...the guy is a drug addict!!

these FOX guys are fluff pieces and partly responsible for the drug culture/easy way out crowd we see today

spare the rod spoil the child?
I don't know...what's the problem? the problem is mental illness maybe...or drugs- psychotropic drugs that some parents use to turn their kids into robots instead of the rambunctious little monkeys like they should be..

hunger games
so who is this guy? who is this guy who would do such a horrible thing? from the news I get his name is Elliot Rodger, he is obsessed with himself, politeness and grooming and he's the son of a Hollywood director...Peter Rodger ...maybe Elliot was trying to get daddy's approval...and he had mommy issues

anyway, this dude was messed up and logical deduction will tell you he's the killer...the dad worked on the Hunger Games movie franchise..a series of films depicting kids killing kids...ruled by adults obsessed with grooming....ok I watched some of the film and I might blame it on Elliot's's a depraved drive-by futuristic fantasy movie..Lord of the Flies meets Robin Hood meets the Hound of the Baskervilles

some absurd violence but I loved the part where the girls used songbirds to send messages to each other...geez, if Elliot had any brains, he would have used the movie connection to his advantage...he was a virgin at 22 and that my friends would drive any young man insane!! pussy is essential to our well-being esp at 22...

idle hands are the devil's workshop

when did men become such wimps???

Elliot had some youtube videos and a blog and belonged to an odd crybaby website called PUAHATE...apparently he didn't like women or girls and was it the schools that cause the problems...the schools that don't value competition, schools that don't want kids to play or they might hurt themselves? are the parents at fault? spoiling their children with expensive cars... not teaching them a work ethic??

so that leaves narcissistic young men with lotsa time on their hands...time to wallow in self-pity

Elliot Rodger seemed like a spoiled kid, crying about how unfair life is (at 22??)..crying about guys who beat him to the pretty girl...well that is what life is...hearts get heart has been broken by two women and it is an honor I carry with me to this day...even though they were kinda bitchy sometimes but that's ok you know because of the pussy...the powerful pussy

but hey, you deal with it, roll with it, get mad about it.....mad about pussy...

or maybe this guy has some latent gay issues he couldn't handle..whatever.. you never kill people over it unless you're crazy..and if your kid is crazy, he should be institutionalized so he can be helped.. don't blame the cops or UCSB or the NRA and certainly don't buy him a new BMW and think everything will be ok

and surely this guy Elliot WAS NOT OK....

so colleges are teaching kids to brew wine and beer now...but what happened to psychology courses where you can learn a thing or two about human nature...and yourself...

I guess it's more important to learn about beer than worry about psycho killers....

qu'est-ce que c'est

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Hear it, hear it, ticking, ticking...

"An extremely quiet child" they called you in your school reports
"He's always taken interest in the subjects that he's taught"
So what was it that brought the squad car screaming up your drive
To notify your parents of the manner in which you died

At St. Patricks every Sunday, Father Fletcher heard your sins
"Oh, he's unconcerned with competition he never cares to win"
But blood stained a young hand that never held a gun
And his parents never thought of him as their troubled son

"Now you'll never get to Heaven" Mama said
Remember Mama said
Ticking, ticking
"Grow up straight and true blue
Run along to bed"
Hear it, hear it, ticking, ticking

They had you holed up in a downtown bar screaming for a priest
Some gook said "His brain's just snapped" then someone called the police
You'd knifed a Negro waiter who had tried to calm you down
Oh you'd pulled a gun and told them all to lay still on the ground

Promising to hurt no one, providing they were still
A young man tried to make a break, with tear-filled eyes you killed
That gun butt felt so smooth and warm cradled in your palm
Oh your childhood cried out in your head "they mean to do you harm"

"Don't ever ride on the devil's knee" Mama said
Remember mama said
Ticking, ticking
"Pay your penance well, my child
Fear where angels tread"
Hear it, hear it, ticking, ticking

Within an hour the news had reached the media machine
A male caucasian with a gun had gone berserk in Queens
The area had been sealed off, the kids sent home from school
Fourteen people lying dead in a bar they called the Kicking Mule

Oh they pleaded to your sanity for the sake of those inside
"Throw out your gun, walk out slow just keep your hands held high"
But they pumped you full of rifle shells as you stepped out the door
Oh you danced in death like a marionette on the vengeance of the law

"You've slept too long in silence" Mama said
Remember Mama said
Ticking, ticking

"Crazy boy, you'll only wind up with strange notions in your head"
Hear it, hear it, ticking, ticking

Friday, May 23, 2014


between blue jays and hoot owls, I got a twenty-four hour singing sky...

here's cute little story I saw on KCAL 9...a US Fish and Wildlife biologist is killing barred owls in the northwest, California and Oregon to save spotted owls...he lures them in with a little vocal mimicky gizmo then shoots the barred owl....the biologist says the barred owls are invasive and moving in on the spotted owls territory..and the killing is being done on an Indian reservation...

apparently, migration and expanding territories is worthy of a death sentence for certain birds deemed invasive by idiots like Mark Higley..the barred owl or hoot owl is "native" to North is not "invading" anything except the small brains of the biodiversity biologist fucks..and where is PETA, the US Humane Society, the Audubon Society? too busy fundraising and rubbing elbows with wealthy socialites, no doubt

Posted on Thursday, May 22, 2014 9:53:27 AM by nickcarraway
killing one species to save another sounds like a drastic solution, but that’s exactly what the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is doing in California to protect the Spotted Owl from a predator that happens to be its distant cousin, the Barred Owl. On the Hoopa Indian Reservation near the Oregon border, it’s owl country, but not the kind Mark Higley wants to see.
The tribe’s resident biologist is tracking an invasive species from the east called the barred owl. "Up to the ridge line we have been getting barred owl responses," he said.

At first the birds were a novelty, but now they’re a huge problem because they are taking over the nesting territory of the native spotted owl, a threatened species. Spotted owl numbers have dropped as much as 80-percent in just the last 20 years. So Mark and his research team are taking drastic action, by using recorded calls to lure the barred owls in, and shoot them. "You want to make sure that you take a clean shot where you know you are going to have a clean kill and not wound birds and have them suffer," he said.

that's my tax money ill-spent

save the hooters!!

but there you have it..the insanity of biodiversity..a man-made environmental "crisis"...killing thousands of owls to save other owls!! WTF???

savage thoughts raced through my head, I was bleeding from my eyes when I saw this but then it started to rain..real hard.. it was soothing so I went outside and did an owl dance...and then some thunder clapped!! awesome Nature

I am thoroughly disgusted with these asswipe biologists who have deemed themselves better than Mother Nature...and killing these barred owls won't do a thing to save spotted owl..not a thing...populations increase and decrease all the time and shooting a few thousand owls of one species to save owls of another species is stupid and junk science...

as I've said, this is not an ecologiocal issue, it's a psychological issue among these biodiversity biologists...

but the good news is one young woman is taking the biologists to task..she says it's stupid to kill the owls and has filed a lawsuit to stop them..

"I thought it was ridiculous," said Jennifer Barnes. She’s an attorney with the animal rights group Friends of Animals. "As soon as they stop the shooting more of the owls will come in," she said.

Her group has filed a lawsuit to stop the killings, claiming barred owls are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

the benefits of owls I should not have to explain to a wanna see rabbits everywhere, rodents everywhere, then start killing the predators....

biologist Mark Higley should be arrested now...along with all the Channel Island "biologists" who killed thousands of animals for NO REASON!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

keep an eye on summer

Those things I say in my letters
You'll find them most sincere
Keep an eye on summer this year

saving Santa Claus Lane from development was and is a worthy 1998, the new upscale seaside village was proposed so some folks jumped into action to save Santa, including the Pearl Chase Society....

Santa Claus Lane is funky and fun beach area and while Santa is gone, the original buildings are still there with a few additions like the Paul Franz weird-ass Dutch monstrosity which I dubbed Solvang by the Sea....Franz has a knack for building huge soul-searching structures that look more like mausoleums than houses..he's like a ghost, I've never seen him...and he's done alot of remodels on Padaro Lane for the nouveau rich celebrites...and he painted the Big Yellow House monkey-puke yellow.. I think the guy is insane

ya sure..very gird Mr. Franz

but Santa Claus Lane is also a good place to bury people..I've killed about ten folks and buried them on lane ..generally under the ice plant and one close to a tree..and a few under the old Surf Shop...and oh yeah one guy I just tossed into the ocean one lonely night...sharks got him...but it's ok, all those folks I killed deserved to die..and I'm not done

now, development has been kept in check by the agriculture zoning along the highway...highway beachside ag is where it's at so I always will support they want to build a hotel next to the new PSHH project where the old Camper Park was....

I swear people get such stupid building ideas and now that we are in a drought, a building MORITORIUM should be declared...

there's a reason to keep things small and the way they are..because it works....people need room to move and breath and it makes no sense to fill in every inch of Carpinteria with a housing project...


so anyway there's a proposed development at SALT on Santa Claus Lane..they had a surf camp here a few summers's a great property but does it need over 4000 sq ft of new residential units and commercial units, new landscaping and parking on this small lot in what was once a lima bean field??

Santa Claus Lane is the last little place you can park it and go sit on the sand without a big's a throwback to 1950s beach culture and I expect to see Gidget, Moondoggie and Kahuna when I'm down surf surf....

but people have fancy ideas...the more people here, the more they want sidewalks, dog bathing stations, lights and pretty soon it's upscale and fake instead of rural beachside..

I believe in property rights, but when people want to build too much just for the sake of building and riches, my job is to make it harder for them..

and I'll use every trick in the book

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

and it stoned me

Oh, the water
Get it myself from the mountain stream

now we know that the News-Press editorial duties are doled out to Lanny Ebenstein and Andy Caldwell which is pretty funny in itself..

between the two it appears that Lanny may be slightly more mature than Andy even though both are it was left to Lanny to congratulate the SB Water Giardians for putting an anti-giardia initiative on the ballot...Lanny effusely praised the Water Giardians but politely suggested we vote the initiative down...contrast this with Andy's editorials calling the Water Giardians names and then chickening out of a debate that Andy challenged them to!! geez Andy, are you five years old???

but while Lanny played all nicey-poo, he claimed all oil production would be stopped if the measure passes proving once again that oil and water don't mix...

the Water Giardians sole purpose as I see it is to KILL GIARDIA BY BOILING the water before you drink it....giardia are anaerobic flagellated protozoan parasites and that spells trouble

I used to run up and down the Cold Springs creeks in the shirt, a bandana wrapped around my head and a survivor knife in my belt.. I was survivorman before there was a Survivorman....I'd see naked chicks sunning themselves on the rocks and it stoned me to my soul..stoned me just like stoned me

once I stopped to check a hippie chick out and drank some water from the creek, you know to be all organic and cool..but then I got sick for a week! GIARDIA!! bad I support the initiative to boil water before you drink it!

back to Lanny: twice in the editorial, he says "here's hoping the proponents will be willing to debate their proposed initiative" but gives no indication of when or where

ah, Lanny, in case you missed it..Andy already challenged the Water Giardians to a debate, they accepted and then Andy chickened out...we got two editorial writers at the News-Press and the left hand doesn't know that the right hand is doing, apparently

either that or Lanny is pretending not to know what his pal Andy wrote last month.....anyway the debate shipped has sailed...

and before anymore nonsense is published by Lanny Ebenstein, why doesn't he explain, in an editorial, about his pot house issues in Eureka when his neighbors sued him for being a nuisance...Lanny settled the day before the hearing was to begin..tell us why Lanny..and tell us why your pal Wendy refused to cover the story in the News-Press....her reply to me when I asked her a few years ago was "there's no story" oh really??

while Lanny portrays himself an economic expert, and president of a shady non-profit California Center for Public Policy, here's a  refresher..a 2010 story regarding his issues Eureka:

A total of 14 neighbors living in the area surrounding the 200 block of Hillsdale Street in Eureka sued Alan Oliver Ebenstein, of Santa Barbara, each seeking $7,500 and claiming that a marijuana growing operation in one of Ebenstein's rental properties posed a nuisance that he failed to abate. According to court documents, the neighbors argued that the pungent smell of growing marijuana plants filled the residential neighborhood, that neighbors lived in constant fear of fires from faulty wiring at the property and that armed robbers might mistakenly enter their homes instead of the grow house they claimed everyone knew to be on the block. Property values in the neighborhood decreased due to an increased police presence because of the grow house, they claimed, and neighbors stopped letting their children play in their front yards due to safety concerns. Meanwhile, records at the Humboldt County Clerk's Office indicate that Ebenstein -- a visiting economics professor at University of California Santa Barbara, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and a former member of the Santa Barbara Board of Education -- may be in some financial trouble. The records indicate that Ebenstein owns at least five properties in the county -- all purchased between 2005 and 2007 -- and that notices of default have been entered on properties he owns in Eureka, Arcata and Manila, including the Victorian on Hillsdale Street that is at the center of the civil case. One of the properties -- located in the 1300 block of Gibson Street in Eureka -- is scheduled to go up for a trustee's sale Monday

wow..what a brilliant money manager and economist you are Lanny!

water is life-don't waste it... (and  vote to boil it!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mony Mony

Here she comes now, say "Mony, Mony" Well, shoot 'em down, turn around, come on, Mony

I suppose if I stood before a judge in Santa Barbara and told him that Huguette Clark, in a fit of passion, promised Bellosguardo to me, I'd be laughed out of the court room..I supposed if I told the judge that Huguette and I used to sneak down to the cabanas and do it, I'd be made the fool in the court's eyes...I suppose if I told a judge that Mony and I (I really called Huguette "Mony" and she loved it !) ....well, if I told the judge we used to lay on the little lookout and watch the moon rise over the ocean..would he believe me?

but it's true we did all that and more..sometimes on bright shiny mornings, we'd look for seashells down by the seashore

and rocks, too..we'd see rocks and sand stones.... shiny ones and pales ones with rainbowy colors... and I always called Mony my shiny rock...she called me her studly stone and said she wanted to be a mermaid....when she said things like that I just rolled my eyes...but what people don't realize is Mony was an artist in her own right.. I have a few of her paintings hanging on my wall...she was pretty good!

and sometimes we'd drink champagne on the top of the cliff and throw the bottles down and try to hit people

well I went down to East Beach recently..down to the Clark Estate ... I stood at the water's edge and saw two nearly naked girls sunning themselves..I felt free...almost free enough to grab the blond and head for the cabana

then I looked up into the big trees..Mony loved trees and she planted lots of pines (well, her gardeners did)...I saw the sand and the sun and recalled a time when things were simpler...sunny bright and warm, just like today

rich man's weather....

Monday, May 19, 2014

Love Train

People all over the world (on this train)
Join in (ride the train)
Start a love train, love train (ride the train, y'all)

so is racism still a problem is, not if you're white ..I'm white and have no problem getting around unaccosted..I can go to the grocery store and and get my foodstuffs without a problem...a restaurant will serve me...I can ride on the bus, no problem....

when I went across country on the O'Jays tour in the summer of '77, I saw some pretty interesting things...our crew had three black guys and two white guys....we started out in Century City then stopped in Watts to get some supplies at a big grocery store..the black dudes told me to stay in the van and cover I pulled a sleeping bag over me until they came back...Watts was the center of race riots in the 60s. so I did what they told me...but they may have been joshing me...

so as we traveled I did see racism...mostly whites against Atlanta, our van was broken into and they stole my guitar and broke all the windows...Arizona they wouldn't wait on us in a restaurant, so we Philly, we visited some relatives of the black guy and they were so warm and welcoming and one gal asked me to sign something since I was in with the O'Jays...ok, it's story I've told before but the music was freakin' awesome..all those bands, a new town every was fun but exhausting...the O'Jays rode first class in their touring bus with buffet dinners...we, the roadies and merchandizers, sometimes went in a had some coffee with the bands and their women...

now the point of all this is racism..and Andy Caldwell's tortured editorial in the News-Press about blacks who are racist...some white guys have been in the news recently, teabagger Cliven Bundy and the Clipper's owner, but Andy wants you to know that blacks can be racists, too...

Andy's column was foolish and silly and you didn't have to read too far to see that indeed Andy Caldwell is a racist...

as I read, I saw the proof: Andy says that "racism and class warfare was neither invented or perfected by white Americans, and it is high time we quit pretending otherwise"

well Andy, who perfected and invented racism?? the Indians??

this statement is the usual moronic drivel and I've asked Wendy to send Andy to a remedial English class to help him with sentence structure and grammar...first he always uses Neither, Or instead of Neither, Nor..and his claim that "racism was neither invented or perfected by white Americans" is lunacy... racism and class warfare WAS??? or were, Andy

when a white teabagger like Andy Caldwell bemoans his fellow caucasians haven't perfected racism yet, you know he's working overtime to keep the niggers down....

but any look at history in America will certainly tell a tale of pathetic racism-white versus black-that persists to this day and is mainly due to ignorance and fear...

ignorance and fear..two key traits of any member of the Tea Party...

Please don't miss this train at the station
'Cause if you miss it, I feel sorry, sorry for you


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.

I 've always wondered what this nursery rhyme means other than inspiring my fantasy of gardening with dirty pretty maids all in a Carpinteria that should be easy what with all the farmers, flower growers and their nasty daughters....

but sometimes, you need to read between the rhymes....

There are several interpretations of what people think the meaning of the poem was. Some say that the silver bells stood for Catholic Cathedral bells, the cockle shells stood for the pilgrimage to Spain and the pretty maids in a row stood for a row of nuns.

Others claim the meaning was about torturing her victims. Silver bells stood for thumb screws that were torture devices, cockle shells that was a genital torture device and the pretty maids in a row stood for the people lining up to be executed by the guillotine.

The most popular theory about Mary, Mary quite contrary is the one that describes the "how does your garden grow" as the growing size of the graveyards. The graveyards were growing so rapidly because there were Protestants who were executed because they were unwilling to give up their faith and practice as Catholic.

Queen "Bloody" Mary was popular enough to frequent a number of nursery rhymes, which is pretty impressive all these centuries later. How many nursery rhymes do you appear in? You need to start doing something with your life....other than wasting taxpayer money in a continual court/lawsuit loop...criminal and civil!! and the next hearing is in July for our Mary.... in the the tower...the Red Queen will be watching

but the question remains: why is Mary so contrary?? I was perplexed so I mixed another Bloody Mary and pondered....

maybe Mary is suffering from Agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety in situations where the sufferer perceives certain environments as dangerous or hiking on the Bluffs with all those snakes???

although they've been divorced for many years, Mary always call the cops on her ex, hence the Silver Bells inference...they were thumbscrews, which caused the thumb to be smashed between two flat surfaces by a screw being tightened up...

was Mary a promiscuous cheat??? I think she has a thing for detectives, ie, she likes dicks...maybe Mary collects cockleshells like badges!

Mary lies alot but then so do I....we all lie just don't wake up with fleas like Mary

Mary has money issues and will beg borrow or steal a dollar and spend it just as quick...or gamble it all at the casinos!!

Mary hangs around her ex's family like a stray caterpillar looking for a leaf...but remember Mary, caterpillars sometimes get sqooooshed...

is Mary's goose cooked???

if it's on the front page of the News-Press, then I would say it's at least half-baked!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood

Owoooooooo! Who's that I see walkin' in these woods? Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood

I'm in the mood for some nursery rhymes, fables and fairy tales this weekend, so that's what I'll concentrate every nursery rhyme is a double meaning...sometimes a more sinister theme is hidden in an innocent children's rhyme....see these little ducks? what happens next is up to you: a nursery rhyme ending, or a hungry predator ending???

now, we know all about Little Red Riding Hood, don't we? she was a little slut, pure and simple

Mary Mary Quite Contrary-How Does Your Garden Grow? we'll find out about Mary tomorrow

then there's the "Three Little Pigs" and the Big Bad Wolf..seems the three little pigs were building their houses...

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One pig built a house of straw while the second pig built his house with sticks. They built their houses very quickly and then sang and danced all day because they were lazy. The third little pig worked hard all day and built his house with bricks.

A big bad wolf saw the two little pigs while they danced and played and thought, "What juicy tender meals they will make!" He chased the two pigs and they ran and hid in their houses. The big bad wolf went to the first house and huffed and puffed and blew the house down in minutes. The frightened little pig ran to the second pig’s house that was made of sticks. The big bad wolf now came to this house and huffed and puffed and blew the house down in hardly any time. Now, the two little pigs were terrified and ran to the third pig’s house that was made of bricks.

The big bad wolf tried to huff and puff and blow the house down, but he could not. He kept trying for hours but the house was very strong and the little pigs were safe inside. He tried to enter through the chimney but the third little pig boiled a big pot of water and kept it below the chimney. The wolf fell into it and died.

The two little pigs now felt sorry for having been so lazy. They too built their houses with bricks and lived happily ever after.

Or I'll huff and I'll puff till I blow your house now there's a thing called "huffing" whereby someone tries to get high by inhaling the gaseous contents of an empty whipped cream can..the Indian chick did that while driving by the casino and crashed into a lady in front of her..and killed her...

maybe Indians should start reading nursery rhymes......

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Orinoko Flow

Let me sail, let me sail, let the orinoco flow, Let me reach, let me beach On the shores of Tripoli

I check my weather station: 90 degrees and 30%'s May 14, 2014...usually it's cold and foggy but now it's hot and sunny...

people are always talking about the weather..people always invoke and inveigh....

when I want people to think I'm smart, I might use big words like "inveigh" or somethin like that...generally I don't need that anymore -whether people think I'm smart or dumb- it's really none of my business...

ok so dig this: The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is a climate phenomenon that occurs primarily in the North Pacific Ocean. The "oscillation" happens between warm phases (positive values) and cool phases (negative values) that last anywhere from 10 to 40 years. The phases are associated with changes in sea surface temperatures (SST). While the causes of the PDO are still unknown, the primary effects seem to be changes in northeast Pacific marine ecosystems and a changing jet stream path.

Important to note, however, is that the phases are not set in stone; there are frequently short sets of 1-5 warm years during a cool phase and vice-versa. Secondly, the "warm" and "cool" phases are less descriptive than they would appear. The cool period, for instance, is actually associated with extremely high sea surface temperatures in the Northern Pacific

well the PDO is what I learned from  News-Press Professor Lanny Ebenstein as he explained the winds as some biblical prophecy and the drought as a function of the PDO....

yo Enya!
actually, the drought is a function of the Orinoko Flow according to international physicist Enya, who's got the prettiest green eyes!

it's got nothng to do with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, Lanny
now I know Lanny teaches at UCSB I guess cos his daddy did and got him a job...why I even heard the Andy Caldwell lectured at UCSB once...well so did that dude Frazier Glenn Cross, the Jewish Community Center killer...he once guest lectured at Missouri State!

anyway, Lanny is worried the drought may alter our quality of living! ya think?? if the drought continues the future may look like this: expensive imported water, only rich people live gov't...composting toilets because there's not enough water to flush and the sewage plants all close...the water plants get mothballed...desal plants will spring up but the salt will kill the coastal native flora... grass lawns will be illegal..the Botanic Garden will become a barren homeless shelter for the natively insane..

and the News-Press will water-no paper-no story!!

but first before the well runs dry, we need to find out what happened here: was the News-Press co -publisher's son involved in an injury car accident before he mysteriously died back in 2012? did the News-Press try to cover it up....did the co-publisher's family try to settle with the victim of the accident? was the co-publisher's son high and driving his mom's car on the day of the accident? did his mom recently sell her house for 1.8 million dollars? is a big claim against the co-publisher in the works??

is there a story here, Wendy??


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

King of the Road

I'm a man of means by no means

ok so what it all boils down to is politics...Measure M is supported by certain factions of the crazy conservative persuasion..and Measure M is opposed by certain liberal fanatics and some conservative kooks...

to teabaggers, all gov't workers look alike

now why would Peter Adam write the measure? what does he know about anything being the recipient of a family farm that benefitted from gov't subsidies...has he ever bought a home and paid a mortgage? I don't think so..

so this is why I don't trust him...he's a teabagger with a confederate moustache but we know the Union won the Civil War.... to teabaggers, gov't is like the Devil, the black man...the Big Green Nigger...but as we know the gov't is not the Devil, it's part of the Constitution....

Measure M is anti -union politics... you don't need to ask the voters if it's ok to maintain the roads!!

but let's take a look....from their website:


The roads, parks and buildings owned by the County are not being maintained to nationally accepted standards. A core function of County government is to prevent deterioration of the facilities that the County owns and recent Boards have failed to do so. The health, safety and welfare of the County’s citizens require that County facilities not deteriorate any further.

ok this statement makes no sense as it is only opinion and measures aren't opinions, are they?


The heads of County Departments responsible for Public Works, Parks, and General Services shall inform the County Executive Officer annually of the condition of roads, parks and buildings and the actions that they recommend to keep all County roads, parks and buildings used by the public in the condition that existed at the time of passage of this Ordinance. The County Executive Officer shall present those recommendations to the Board of Supervisors (Board) along with any additional recommendations that the County Executive Officer may wish to make.
The Board shall maintain all County roads, parks and buildings used by the public in the same or better condition than existed at the time of passage of this Ordinance. The Board shall implement the legislative intent of this Ordinance using whatever powers the Board decides to invoke except that the Board may not implement this Ordinance by issuing debt unless the debt is approved by the voters.
The Board will document its compliance with this Ordinance by adopting a resolution stating the actions taken to comply and the statistical measurements of the level of maintenance that were used.
If the condition of County roads, parks and buildings described herein improves above the level that existed at the time of the passage of this Ordinance, the higher level of maintenance shall be maintained or further improved.
If any part of this Ordinance is held legally invalid, the remaining parts shall remain in force.

legally invalid? you mean illegal? why wasn't it passed by a lawyer first, Pete??

the people ordain? that my friends is church talk and has no place in gov't....

Santa Barbara County Council Summary:


Santa Barbara County Counsel has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure:


The proposed measure would amend the Santa Barbara County Code to regulate the maintenance of County roads, parks, and buildings ( "County Facilities") by adding an ordinance (a) requiring the Board of Supervisors ("Board") to maintain County Facilities used by the public in a condition that is at least as good as when the ordinance is passed, (b) requiring County officials to provide pertinent information and recommendations annually to the Board, and (c) prohibiting the Board from incurring debt to implement the ordinance, unless the debt is approved by the voters.

The ordinance requires the Board to maintain all County Facilities used by the public in a condition that is the same as or better than the condition the Facilities are in when the ordinance is passed. If the condition of the Facilities improves after the ordinance is passed, the ordinance requires the improved condition to be maintained or further improved.

The ordinance requires the directors of the County Public Works, Parks, and General Services Departments to inform the County Executive Officer (hereafter "CEO") annually of the condition of County Facilities, and to recommend actions to maintain all County Facilities used by the public in the same condition as when the ordinance is passed. It also requires the CEO to present those recommendations to the Board, along with any additional recommendations the CEO may wish to make.

The ordinance requires the Board to implement the legislative intent of the ordinance through any powers the Board may, in its discretion, decide to invoke, except the ordinance prohibits the Board from incurring debt to implement it, unless the debt is approved by the voters.

The ordinance requires the Board to document its compliance by adopting a resolution stating the actions taken to comply, and the statistical measurements of the level of maintenance that were used.

so as I read it it is short on details and long on rookie rightwing politics....Adams is saying the county facilities are presently in pretty good shape, but his ordinance will make sure, somehow, that the facilities don't fall below the "pretty good shape" threshold!! he doesn't say how or when or what the price will be to keep things in "pretty good shape"

the ordinance is vague and poorly written, so it needs to be shot down...

next, the county needs to take Peter Adam's hand and show him how the gov't works..the departments, the budgets, the maintenance logs and programs, etc...

because as of now, Peter Adams is shooting from the hip like a demented poo- poo panted cowboy...

what to watch for is if Peter Adams starts opening public meetings with a prayer...or maybe Sister Janet will do it...or Pastor Caldwell...

geez...seems everyone's got an angle

Monday, May 12, 2014

one less bell to answer

one less egg to fry.....

ok so Steve Pappas and big fat Nancy Crawford Hall think the vote is rigged to favor liberals...Nancy and Steve don't want blacks, Mexis, students, or gov't union workers to vote..ok so I know all that and Nancy pumped nearly half a million dollars into Steve Pappas to beat Doreen Farr and he still lost..then I see Nancy moved to Texas....Texas is governed by dumbass Rick Perry who wanted to secede..a traitorous act if ever there is one..he should be shot!!

you mean Republicans, Nancy??

I read about this on the front page of the News-Press in a story about voter fraud by Scott Steepleton of all people! apparently Pappas and fat Nancy are part of a documentary called the "Game is Up"..I search online for it but come up with a big fat surprise there....ideas win elections not ignorance

so speaking of rigged votes, I see the News-Press is offering some lucky homeowner a free kitchen, or appliance or's a contest called "Heart of Your Home Photo" Contest

Photos featuring you, your friends, family or pets, showing Santa Barbara County what is the "Heart of Your Home" are encouraged to enter.


now here's where the News-Press might be able to help Steve Pappas and big fat Nancy Crawford Hall....the News-Press has come up with a new voting system called "Unique"-check it out...

Each photograph submitted must be approved for posting on the contest website by a member of our Santa Barbara News-Press photo selection committee. Photos may be approved or rejected for the contest at our sole discretion. Only those photos that are approved for posting will be deemed eligible to win the contest.

The photograph that receives the most public on-line votes will be deemed our "Winner."
For purposes of the contest, a "vote" means a vote cast on the contest website, by a "unique voter." A "unique voter" is an individual person (ie white) and may not vote more than once. If Santa Barbara News-Press determines, in its sole discretion, that an abuse of the "unique voter" rule has occurred, we may disqualify votes cast by such voters or entrants, including such voters or entrants registered from the same computer "IP address."... ie, Mexicans, students and union workers!!

see, the News-Press just solved Steve and Porky's voting issues!!

GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE if you win you could get some neato prizes, but you won't get them installed...

The Grand Prize Package includes three KitchenAid appliances provided by Ferguson Appliances:

KitchenAid® 24-Inch 5-Cycle/6-Option Dishwasher,

Pro Line® Series KitchenAid® 30'' Wall-Mount 400 CFM Canopy Hood,

Architect® Series II KitchenAid® 30-Inch 4-Burner Gas Slide-In Range, Pro Line® Series

Grand Prize Package includes delivery from Ferguson Appliances in Santa Barbara, California to "Winner’s" home in Santa Barbara County only.

Installation of each or any KitchenAid Grand Prize appliance is not included as part of the Grand Prize Package

Any expense associated with installation of Grand Prize Package is at "Winner’s" expense.

A warranty is included with each Grand Prize appliance though any maintenance needed on the Grand Prize Package (listed above) is the sole responsibility of the "Winner."  (ie there is no warranty)

The Grand Prize Package is provided by Ferguson Appliance and KitchenAid and are not affiliated with Santa Barbara News-Press.

ok I could use a new range..a gas burner range so I may enter the contest but even though I might win, I gotta pay for the installation, warranty service and other stuff which could run up to $1000!!

and look what just the range hood costs: One common question that is asked is "how much should I expect to pay to have my range hood installed?" And here is the best answer that will cover the broadest number of Range Hood or Vent Hood Installation cost questions. Plan on about $200 to $500 depending on the complexity and the of installation. This amount is only for the labor cost of installing a new Vent Hood and does not include parts, ductwork addition or modification, or electrical work. On average you can plan on paying about $85 per hour plus a trip fee ranging between $50 and $75 to install your new Vent Hood or Range Hood.

I could buy a new range for about $500 from Sears and get it installed.....and with a warranty to boot!

so why would I enter a News-Press contest to win a range that I can't afford or if I could afford it why would I need to enter a contest? I mean if I had the money to blow on a 1700 dollar oven, why would I need to enter the News-Press contest to get a free one without a warranty?? and that they won't even install for me...they won't even install the hood!!

what kinda fucked up contest is that??