Friday, May 9, 2014

Jesus is Just Alright

I don't care what they may say, I don't care what they may do...

is Wendy an anti-Christ??

as I studied up on Reality Church and my impending infiltration into the cult, I decided to portray myself as a man of the cloth...with a bad habit I researched, I came upon some hysterically entertaining items that fit into the atmosphere surrounding the News-Press, the porn professor's abortion kids, and the Reality Church..sometimes things just fall into place..praise Jesus!! and Mother Mary!!

I remember this from a few years ago..Wendy was upset with the Reality Church pig kill BBQ, but this was a funny report from FOX of all places

A California newspaper owned by a well-known animal rights advocate is calling on authorities to file criminal charges against a group of Christian teenagers and their leaders after they held a pig chase and then barbecued the participants.

"The actions against these pigs was pure savagery, behavior certainly not Christian," The Santa Barbara News-Press declared in a lengthy editorial titled ‘Barbarism in the Name of Jesus in Santa Barbara.’ "Can you just imagine the horror and fear the pigs faced suffering such cruelty?"

"These acts had nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with sick, depraved behavior," the newspaper wrote, suggesting the church should have its tax-exempt status removed and calling the barbecue "third world barbarism."

George Torres, the executive pastor of Reality Church, told Fox News he regretted the way the weekend youth retreat had been described in the newspaper.

(the same George Torres involved in the recent injury-motorcycle DUI)

"In retrospect, looking at the weekend as a combination of the greased pig contest and the barbecue at one time and one location, along with the painted faces unfortunately created a bad perception and one we regret," he said.

But he also accused the newspaper of having an agenda and said he was stunned by the paper’s harsh editorial.

"The agenda is obviously anti-Christ," he told Fox News. "They highlight what they thought was an opportunity to give the Bride of Christ a black eye."

for some reason the News-Press hasn't covered the DUI yet but may the conflicted chaos continue between the News-Press and Reality!! hahah

ok so here's some more fun: Church members go ballistic over graphic abortion images
After a summer hiatus, Todd Bullis and his group of Christian pro-life activists resumed what they call the "Church Project," an effort to awaken Ventura, CA, church congregants to the reality of abortion through graphic displays on Sunday mornings.

Todd’s effort has been educational for me. He chooses churches with no demonstrable evidence that they are pro-life, even though they say they are. To date one hostile church member has hosed him and neighbors have blocked his Truth Truck. Todd has had to call police several times to intervene.

The uproar ensuing upon Todd’s arrival was no different this week. For the first time Todd’s crew picketed his former home church, Reality Carpinteria, and church members freaked. (Reality booted Todd a year ago for his pro-life activism, although his current church leaders told Todd they could find no unbiblical action on his part.)

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well geez, now I feel kinda sorry for the Reality folks after Wendy went all ballistic over the BBQ...and the other guys were ragging on them about being pro-abortion....

I think what's happening is these groups, these churches and anti-abortion zealots, these cults including the News-Press which is most definitely a cult, are starting to implode within their own little God- bubbles....

so in Reality, I don't have to do much other than watch and enjoy...

now that's what I call Divine Intervention!!

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Anonymous said...

There are an alarming number of pro-life stories in the News-Press. And Religious Right stories. You may be onto something. Just the slant that crackpot McCaw needs to further establish herself as the owner of a special interest, nut-job newspaper. Where did you go to school, again? I thought it was Stanford. She must be lying about her degree. I think it was one of those Jimmy Swaggart bible-thumping schools in the midwest. That would explain how stupid she appears to be. Too back her Christian charity didn't apply to all those people she illegally fired.