Monday, May 12, 2014

one less bell to answer

one less egg to fry.....

ok so Steve Pappas and big fat Nancy Crawford Hall think the vote is rigged to favor liberals...Nancy and Steve don't want blacks, Mexis, students, or gov't union workers to vote..ok so I know all that and Nancy pumped nearly half a million dollars into Steve Pappas to beat Doreen Farr and he still lost..then I see Nancy moved to Texas....Texas is governed by dumbass Rick Perry who wanted to secede..a traitorous act if ever there is one..he should be shot!!

you mean Republicans, Nancy??

I read about this on the front page of the News-Press in a story about voter fraud by Scott Steepleton of all people! apparently Pappas and fat Nancy are part of a documentary called the "Game is Up"..I search online for it but come up with a big fat surprise there....ideas win elections not ignorance

so speaking of rigged votes, I see the News-Press is offering some lucky homeowner a free kitchen, or appliance or's a contest called "Heart of Your Home Photo" Contest

Photos featuring you, your friends, family or pets, showing Santa Barbara County what is the "Heart of Your Home" are encouraged to enter.


now here's where the News-Press might be able to help Steve Pappas and big fat Nancy Crawford Hall....the News-Press has come up with a new voting system called "Unique"-check it out...

Each photograph submitted must be approved for posting on the contest website by a member of our Santa Barbara News-Press photo selection committee. Photos may be approved or rejected for the contest at our sole discretion. Only those photos that are approved for posting will be deemed eligible to win the contest.

The photograph that receives the most public on-line votes will be deemed our "Winner."
For purposes of the contest, a "vote" means a vote cast on the contest website, by a "unique voter." A "unique voter" is an individual person (ie white) and may not vote more than once. If Santa Barbara News-Press determines, in its sole discretion, that an abuse of the "unique voter" rule has occurred, we may disqualify votes cast by such voters or entrants, including such voters or entrants registered from the same computer "IP address."... ie, Mexicans, students and union workers!!

see, the News-Press just solved Steve and Porky's voting issues!!

GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE if you win you could get some neato prizes, but you won't get them installed...

The Grand Prize Package includes three KitchenAid appliances provided by Ferguson Appliances:

KitchenAid® 24-Inch 5-Cycle/6-Option Dishwasher,

Pro Line® Series KitchenAid® 30'' Wall-Mount 400 CFM Canopy Hood,

Architect® Series II KitchenAid® 30-Inch 4-Burner Gas Slide-In Range, Pro Line® Series

Grand Prize Package includes delivery from Ferguson Appliances in Santa Barbara, California to "Winner’s" home in Santa Barbara County only.

Installation of each or any KitchenAid Grand Prize appliance is not included as part of the Grand Prize Package

Any expense associated with installation of Grand Prize Package is at "Winner’s" expense.

A warranty is included with each Grand Prize appliance though any maintenance needed on the Grand Prize Package (listed above) is the sole responsibility of the "Winner."  (ie there is no warranty)

The Grand Prize Package is provided by Ferguson Appliance and KitchenAid and are not affiliated with Santa Barbara News-Press.

ok I could use a new range..a gas burner range so I may enter the contest but even though I might win, I gotta pay for the installation, warranty service and other stuff which could run up to $1000!!

and look what just the range hood costs: One common question that is asked is "how much should I expect to pay to have my range hood installed?" And here is the best answer that will cover the broadest number of Range Hood or Vent Hood Installation cost questions. Plan on about $200 to $500 depending on the complexity and the of installation. This amount is only for the labor cost of installing a new Vent Hood and does not include parts, ductwork addition or modification, or electrical work. On average you can plan on paying about $85 per hour plus a trip fee ranging between $50 and $75 to install your new Vent Hood or Range Hood.

I could buy a new range for about $500 from Sears and get it installed.....and with a warranty to boot!

so why would I enter a News-Press contest to win a range that I can't afford or if I could afford it why would I need to enter a contest? I mean if I had the money to blow on a 1700 dollar oven, why would I need to enter the News-Press contest to get a free one without a warranty?? and that they won't even install for me...they won't even install the hood!!

what kinda fucked up contest is that??


Anonymous said...

If the internet voting is like the voter's poll at EDHAT it will be a disaster. Both Mitchum and Fareed beat Capps with hundreds of spurious votes. Poor Francisco, the computer whiz, got nowhere. What a shameful mess!!

Anonymous said...

The video can be found here: