Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brown Sugar

how come you taste so good???

ok I ride my bike in the Carp hills and the folks, the farmers, the flower people got Sandra Brown for Sheriff signs..I know there's lots of conservatives up here and I've talked to some and they are nice with Bill Brown's troubles and sex scandals, I'm voting for Sandra Brown...Brown Sugar

then, some chick claimed she was the rightful owner of the Clark Estate and that Huguette promised it to her on some handwritten note years ago..not true.. I AM THE RIGHTFUL OWNER OF THE CLARK ESTATE...Huggy and I had a triste once and in the heat of passion, she said I could have it, so it's mine


more lawsuits..why just a few days ago I saw a slight, bespectacled goofy looking fellow named Barry Cappello appear before the City Council threatening a lawsuit if the City of SB didn't go to district elections..apparently there's some law that makes it easy to prove discrimination if minorites aren't elected..that's just silly and sounds like affirmation reaction, to coin a phrase...if you want to win an election you need to be smart and work hard and milk the proper money machines....politics is politics and besides we have way too many lawyers and stupid people abusing the system

Barry Crapello

but I particularly enjoyed the heated exchange between Frank Hotchkiss and Barry Capello..Frank basicially called Cappelo a piece of crap and Barry just squirmed....remember Barry was Wendy's lawyer and protected her even though child porn was found on her company computer!!

indeed, Barry Capello is a piece of crap ...but apparently he scared the mayor and Bendy into trying to get a vote on district elections...lawyers always threaten lawsuits so the city should just call his bluff..and deal with district elections or district..why sue?? even Dale Francisco said the City is getting hit with frivolous yet expensive lawsuits, the last one being by Channelkeeper...

you should have heard them just around midnight....

so if I were the judge, I'd force those little white Christian girls to read a Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography, by Mireille Miller, the UCSB porn professor who smacked 'em provoking a lawsuit....

hey, if the NBA can force the owner to sell the Clippers, why can't the Publishers Association get Wendy to sell the News-Press...she brought just as much shame to journalism as the Clipper's owner has to sports...

have a public meeting about it and make sure it doesn't violate the Brown Act

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