Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't Fear the Reaper

Romeo and Juliet, are together in eternity....


investigating the News-Press should be easy and that's what I'll do until every last member of Team Wendy is in jail...I promise you I will do this..well maybe not promise since I don't make promises...I'll commit to you I will do this..well, scratch commit, I got problem with commitment too...well, if you need a commitment I'm the wrong guy..however, if you need an exorcism, look at me

Anacapa and EOS

anyway, I went downtown hot for groceries and decided to try to eliminate the responsible parties for the death of Mallory I went over to the crosswalk at Anacapa and EOS, the bar...ok I see the flowers in memory of Mallory....very sweet yet sad

I look at the crosswalk and although there is some fading, it is marked and striped correctly so that eliminated the City of Santa Barbara from fault.. many people like to blame the City of SB for everything, but not this itme

it's a dangerous street no doubt with cars coming at you from everywhere, but every car I saw stopped for pedestrians....and there's no indication EOS Lounge had any culpability that night a drunken Raymond Morua hit Mallory....

then I went up to the News-Press building and noticed something unusual at City Hall as I passed by....I stopped and stared at looked like an idol...what was the meaning, I wondered...

a vulgar display of power??

there's a back gate and upon that gate is a gargoyle-like metal sculpture... of the Devil or a demon...just like in THE EXORCIST!! no wonder the neo-Christians at the News-Press hate the city workers!! geez, now I'm starting to wonder about city anyway I named the demon Pazuzu

but this ain't about city's about gov't workers! lying drunk cheating gov't workers...ok so I think I got it narrowed down as to who was responsible for Mallory's death...

Raymond Morua? Lois Capps? Peter Lance?? Ketel One Vodka? Satan?

from Justia:
Matt Dies et al v. Lois Capps et al
Defendant: Lois Capps, Does, Raymond Morua and United States of America

Case Number:2:2014cv03027

Plaintiff: Mallory Dies, Matt Dies and Raeona Dies

Filed: April 21, 2014

Court: California Central District Court

Presiding Judge: Margaret M. Morrow

Referring Judge: Frederick F. Mumm

hey there's that cool guy who walks around shadow boxing..haven't seen him in awhile..

why is he dressed as the Grim Reaper???

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