Sunday, April 20, 2014


Once there were green fields kissed by the sun
Once there were valleys where rivers used to run

I like trees..trees are favorite trees are pine trees and sycamore trees and eucalyptus trees..I like oak trees ok too...I talk about eucalyptus trees alot because I like them but my number one favorite tree is the pine tree...pine trees are awesome and big and green and raccoons like to go up and down them and birds like to prey in them....get it?? prey!! it's Easter Sunday..hahah

a Blood Moon will rise over these pines no more
so you see a tree is like a church to me..on Sunday some folks go to church...I go on a hike to be around trees...that's my church... I guess that makes me a Wicca!

so naturally I get barky when people cut down trees for no reason.... I told you about Peoples' Self Help Housing cutting down the pines in the old Camper Park, now called Casa Los there's no trees and a big gap in my view corridor so now I can see more traffic and the birds have no place to rest...they used to rest in the big pines but PSHH cut 'em down

now we are gonna get big housing project there for poor people whose parents are too stupid to provide housing for their kids...someone else has to do it for them....the nannies at PSHH will do this

Peoples Self Help Housing Asylum
looking at the other PSHH projects, like the Dahlia Court expansion less than 1/4 mile down the road, I see what appears to be either a prison or an insane asylum...the little windows covered with shades remoind me of a sanitarium, like that crazy Christian conservative guy who ran for president, Rick Sanitarium..

and just across the street from Dahlia Court, is the future of Carpinteria: port-a-potties and wood chips...measures taken to reduce water use and stop weeds from growing, and yet they allow more development

the activities of the onsite population at Dahlia are heavily monitored and regulated by the defacto parents and see, the poor  ignorant Mexican parents need white people to care of them!!

I don't like any of this one little was immoral to chop the pine can I be friends with the sparrows if there aren't any trees left??

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