Friday, April 4, 2014

Angel of the Morning

angel, just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby

all my so-called life I've avoided Oxnard..even before moving to California, and as a teen, I had a premonition that places like Oxnard existed...but the question is why...I know there's Texas and Alabama, but Oxnard? what purpose does the city serve? I don't know and I'll never know...but I do know one thing..Oxnard is a hole.. I'm not certain it even qualifies as a city..a real's more a place where people go to make their deal with the devil....

(picture lifted from Independent)

and shipping Santa off to Oxnard after all those years of goodwill by the highway in Carpinteria was the last straw...Oxnard will never be Carpinteria if that's what they are trying....Dr. Kent, you've still got blood on your hands

now, the corruption among Oxnard city officials was reported a few years ago..the city manager was fired for all sorts of sleazy manuevers that served to enrich him....and now Oxnard needs a new the running is Chandra Waller, the ex-CEO of the County of Santa Barbara...and some other guy from Modesto

so I'm reading the story in Ventura news and no one is happy with the two choices..they say that Chandra has too much baggage and hops around from city to city looking for a bigger payout.... OC, Texas, Little Rock, Santa other words, she sleeps around

the previous Santa Barbara County CEO was Mike Brown...Mike was an odd fellow...I'd watch him at supervisor meetings and he looked like he was missing a few key chromosomes...I was not at all surprised that after he left the county job, he went to work for COLAB with Andy Caldwell....both them boys got a little Oxnard in them!

so the question is if Chandra gets the job, will she stay and become part of the false, dark community of Oxnard?

or will her wandering, restless eye look for a bigger package yet again...

these types of women I call "angels of the morning"....and they give me a Rush..I said Rush, not rash

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