Friday, April 11, 2014

the Picture of Dorian Gray

"good-bye, little yellow bird"

ok now I hear and see some things that make me laugh sometimes and today I will tell youse about them...

first thing that made me laugh..or cringe really was the report on KEYT about the Carpinteria Camper was bought years ago by a nonprofit Peoples Republic of Self Help Housing, a socialist-commie nonprofit..they take money from the city, amass a fortune and build housing for poor people..I've seen it with my very own eyes...they go to city council meetings and ask for tax money even though they are a tax exempt nonprofit that also raises money on the outside..there's more double dipping than at Foster's Freeze!

and of course the city council always gives them money....and the poor folks, mostly flower workers get to live like white folks for awhile until they get's a weird secret society 'm trying to break into because those cute Mexican girls with soft raven black hair are AWESOME!!

but the KEYT story said before PRSHH bought the Camper Park, it was full of drug dealers, prostitutes and ramshackle old trailers with no plumbing....well I 've lived close to the park for years and don't know where KEYT came up with the prostitutes and druggies....I've seen families playing outside, the trailers were not that bad not any worse than you'd find on any Carp ranch...don't you think if I'd known there were prostitutes next door, I would've visited myself a few?? geez, talk about making up stories!! the Camper Park has a great history and always had such a lovely garden out we'll see a huge socialistic development with poor Latinos being heavily monitored by rich old white women with nothing much left to live for....poor young Latino gals..hmmmmm

ok so the next weird thing is a fund-raiser for Janet Wolf's campaign by the Santa Barbara Animal Lovers...Jeff Bridges fits into this somehow...Angela Lansbury fits into this somehow...Angela is a great actress no doubt..the Picture of Dorian Gray and Gaslight are classics...I thought Jeff Bridges was a conservative with all his frilly high society Montecito living, but maybe he's playing the field politically... Bridges,  I can play circles around you pal!

Angela's character in the "Picture of Dorian Gray" was Sibyl Vane and she sang so sweetly, yet with great mystical the Camper Park

Goodbye little yellow bird,
I'd gladly mate with you,
I love you little yellow bird,
but I love my freedom too,
so goodbye little yellow bird....


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