Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Working for the Weekend

Everyone's watchin' to see what you will do
Everyone's lookin' at you, oh
Everyone's wonderin' will you come out tonight
Everyone's tryin' to get it right, get it right

BREAKING NEWS: after my series on the Peter Lance series, Raymond Morua switched his plea to GUILTY as I've been suggesting he do..I forced Darryl Genis and Raymie to man-up and stop trying to run away from and wiggle out of accepting responsibility for killing Mallory Dies....

ok so in part two of the Raymond Morua Story written by self-serving jerk Peter Lance, and published in the creepy News-Press, we learn that Raymond likes to drink alcohol...part three of Pete's story was pretty much like part two with a few re-arranged words and phrases, so I combined the two in today's post...

so Ray likes the high life and he also likes cigars and drinking scotch from a flask..well I told ya Santa Barbara has a drinking problem and the cops got their hands full trying to bust all these lushes...

but I see that Peter took my advice in his story...I told the folks who were prosecuting Tony DeNunzio to check his receipts at the Boathouse to see if he bought any booze...for some reason they didn't check and Tony skipped justice

you must always check receipts...always

but this time, Lance presents a receipt that Raymond spent about $100 on liquor at various places...and he was partying with some of Lois Capps staff and like that there...

emails were presented in the story....texts were presented...selfies were plans were made

all I can say is in New Hampshire they pay their senators $100 per year because it's a public service job..that idea should be immediately implemented in California because way too much money is going to booze and parties...and no one is minding the store anymore!!

so basically Lance showed us some of the party culture of which he is part, drinking champagne at the Canary and then driving and getting busted for DUI in 2011...some of this expose is a hit against the Independent..they weren't too kind to Lance during his DUI hearing and he's obviously upset still

but we see Lois Capps likes to party too! even though her hubby Walter was killed by a heart attack probably thinking about the drunk driver who maimed him...and apparently, everyone at the Independent, some folks at UCSB and a few others in the Capps camp were encouraging Raymond to drink and party...all these folks were egging him on and yet, when he killed Mallory, fled the scene and hit the tree, he was alone in his car....

now Lance brings up some interesting ties and not so far-fetched as his other series....the booze receipts as I said were interesting..what is a Hendricks?? Raymond bought five of I see it's Hendricks Gin?? he drank five shots of gin plus some other stuff??? geez

so what I can gather is everyone who invited, partied with, said hello to..anyone who smoked cigars with, fed, wrote about, traveled with, went to grade school with, invaded Iraq with, and otherwise socialized with is potentialy liable for Raymond Morua killing Mallory Dies....

well at least Lance did't blame the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker


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The Cosmos will rest her soul said...

Walter Capps died of a heart attack.

Denunzio: The SBPD didn't try very hard to convict, not wanting evidence to come out. Not wanting to explain why or how the SBPD officer came about to be out of jurisdiction, hiding the bushes, waiting.

Receipts are good, quaint, but cell phone data even better.

No trial. Too bad because the public won't have the chance to learn. Post the video evidence that won't now be readily available, visually explaining what transpired just before impact. No news agency will post because it would now be in bad taste, lurid. No investigative reporting. You must do it. Even if it shocks your own senses.

What receipts were in the pockets of the grief stricken friends of?