Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Field of Dreams

if you build it, they will come

there's some commotion on Padaro Lane..they got it blocked off.....not because some crime was committed, but because some development is going on...ever since the rich celebrities moved here, we've had some problems...George Lucas..I don't care about "Star Wars" at all! Kevin Costner..."Message in a Bottle"..dude you barely moved in that movie!! and of course they got the security cameras up now on Padaro, a PUBLIC STREET...if I decide to go kill a Padaro Lane movie star, well, at least I'll be filmed doing it...that is ironic!!

but I decided to go into the Loon Point parking lot...I like it here..there's a bunch of eucalyptus and pines...nice place to hike and folks bring their horses and ride around...for some reason, Loon Point has a reputation as a gay hang-out....not true..oh, one day I was here polishing my car nobs, and a guy comes up and propositions me..I looked at him, pulled out my knife and told him to get lost or I'd slit his fucking throat..he took off like a wet poodle!

I don't mind gay people having rights and everything, but I don' like it when queer men hit on makes if any fags read this blog, tell your boyfriends to leave me alone!!!

so anyway, I was frolicking by the railroad tracks enjoying my sunny day....the lady bugs and butterflies were delightfully flying around the lovely of these days, Mother Nature will show up as a woman, and we'll have sex in this little field right here...

so I walk on down the line and look over towards the ocean and it looks like Kevin might be doing some construction on his bluffs ranch...then the train comes barreling around the corner....this railroad track is awesome..on either side are huge trees and it looks like a scene from a fairy tale...

fairies I can deal with.....

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