Wednesday, April 9, 2014

rock-n-roll woman

dream of faraway lands, or anything close at hand..

a few years back some Montecito chick named Carole ran against 1st district supervisor Salud Carbajal..she was a blonde and spouted off some anti-union nonsense, then all of a sudden she quits the campaign, tells everyone to fuck off and moves to Montana! what a punk!


but I did catch some of her stuff and it was pretty whacky....she spoke at a Carp city council meeting's a picture of her silky backside....hmmmm

apparently she knew Mink DeVille and dealt in art and was married to some rich hotshot in Montecito and made tons of money selling their house back to him and she had some problems with Southern Cal Edison...

and she called me a wimp saying I couldn't handle 20 degree below zero winters in Montana..and she's right, I couldn't because I don't hate myself.. I like nice warm balmy California weather!

ok so whatever happened to Carole...I don't know but I'm told she formed a band called Silke Berlinn and the Addictions..I guess it's a punk band which is fitting but are they any good? no wait Silke is proto-punk..ok so that must be a new music I look around for some info and there's a bunch of on Reverbnation...this is all indie music which is all kinda stuff..a libertarian's dream!!

now, is Silke Berlinn any good? or is she just another wannabe politician dressed in punky fashion...well her bio reads like a horror story...a real rock-n-roll woman??

so I turn to youtube and here's a little song "Jackson"..the original gem was by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood..this version is hopped up but sounds ok...

kinetics, Silke....kinetics

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Board of Supervisors, did you hear Andy Caldwell suggesting martial law in Isla Vista at Tuesday's BOS hearing? Great idea Andy, send in the troops every time those uppity college students step out of line. Why, we could even send the SWAT team in to collect overdue parking tickets.

Methinks Andy has been watching too much news about the Crimea.....