Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Good To Be King

if just for a while
To be there in velvet, yeah, to give 'em a smile
It's good to get high and never come down
It's good to be king of your own little town

well it's New Year's Eve and the King tides are upon us, but I have to tell you about another old creepy rich dude who died....another old Texas dude who lived part-time in Montecito....whose daughters sued him for malfeasance....

does Montecito have more creepy billionaires per capita than any other lil city? yes, I think so...how'd that happen? well let's see there's two that come to mind: Ty Warner and Harold Simmons....

Ty faces up to four uears in prison: In pleading guilty, Warner acknowledged that from 1999 through 2007, he underreported his gross income by $24.4 million and owed taxes of $5.6 million. That tax loss is "huge," said attorney Jay Weill, who prosecuted tax cases for 37 years before joining Sideman & Bancroft LLP in San Francisco.

"His lawyer has a tough battle to convince the judge that there should only be probation, given the amount of unreported tax," said Weill. "I wish defense counsel well. But boy, he’s got an uphill battle."

The case is U.S. v. Warner, 13-cr-00731, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois (Chicago).

once I had a secret love

Harold Simmons was on the front page of the News-Press with Andy Granatelli, both who died hours apart..like longtime spouses..hey maybe Andy and Harold were secret lovers!!

but seriously, I look at these guys and there's a certain creepiness about them..I don't know what it is but I would not trust my dog around them..oh I know the stories about how they were of humble beginnings and got rich and became philanthropists which is bunch of baloney...it's all for tax write offs!

but this Simmons character bankrolled dumbass Texas Gov Rick Perry and spent tons of money to defeat Obama: Harold Simmons, who has donated more than $18 million to conservative super PACs to beat President Obama, aims to double that amount by November. WSJ's Monica Langley spoke with Jerry Seib about her interview with the press-shy Texas billionaire.

so now you see why it's important for union workers to pool money so they can contribute to campaigns too...but anyway Simmons supported Rick Santorum and "Sipping lemonade iced tea made with lemons grown on his California estate east of Santa Barbaranext door to Oprah Winfrey's place in MontecitoMr. Simmons said he planned to spend $36 million before the November election."

Mr. Simmons was a key donor for the Swift Boat veterans' attack ads against Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004, as well as the 2008 campaign ads touting ties between Mr. Obama and Bill Ayers, co-founder of the radical Weather Underground. "If we had run more ads," he said, "we could have killed Obama."

more dirty ads are gonna win an election?? typical clueless conservative billionaire...Obama won and Kerry is Sec of State!!!

and Simmons is the guy using up all the water in Montecito to keep his giant lawns green...

from Patt Morrison: In the rich Santa Barbara suburb of Montecito, the part-time getaway hometown to the likes of Oprah Winfrey, water was then so scarce that the water district regulated its use, and some Montecitans painted their grass green or let their gardens go naturally brown, the way that people patriotically patched their tires and their stockings during World War II.

Not Simmons. He spent only about ten days a month at his 23-acre Montecito estate, but no way was he going along with the local conservation program. After he kept the taps wide open to maintain his gardens on uber-green, the water district finally turned his flow to a trickle.

Undeterred, Simmons applied for a permit to drill his own well and even paid a private company to truck in yet more water. He was fined $25,000 after using enough public water to keep your average family of four supplied for... 28 years.

And this guy is once again using his checkbook to lecture all of us on what constitutes good citizenship?

more about this Texas turd:


so all that money bought what? nothing!! what a fool this dude was...

but now Simmons is dead..and Ty Warner may be in prison soon...and the Symingtons are gone...

done as if by order...you hear that Wendy?? done as if by order!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

good-bye cruel world

I'm off to join the circus...

ok so Andy Granatelli finally kicks the bucket at 90...

I never could figure out this guy...an obese conservative who couldn't walk, he was friends with with fellow huckster Dr. Laura and a bunch of other squirrely new Montecitan teabaggers who have since crawled back into their little holes...

well I don't know... I saw Andy in Montecito at the David Horowitz Freedom bash..it was at the Biltmore..you know the hotel owned by tax cheat Ty Warner..anyway Andy was puttering about in his little scooter...he never once smiled at me!!

I tried to get racy hottie Danika Patrick to be the Grand Marshall of the Carp Rods and Roses event but they get bringing in Andy Granatelli...and this picture with Dolly is rather...uh...uninspired

so Andy used to race automobiles and was involved with Studebaker for a time...well Studebakers were cool cars...before Andy arrived anyway

and then Andy starts hawking an oil additive called STP that does absolutely nothing for a car..he and STP end up paying fines for consumer fraud...again the ethics thing seems to be lost on these people..

the racer's edge

"Andy, while CEO of STP, was the true quintessential ambassador to the media, penetrating all media... using himself, the CEO, as spokesperson, and placing himself distinctively on a par with the fan: the common man. Surely no individual has done more than Andy has to popularize a product and, in doing so, to promote an entire product-associated industry. Andy has exemplified the ideals, captured the essence and experienced the rewards of our free enterprise system."

"Advertising is to a genuine article what manure is to land, - it largely increases the product."
P.T. Barnum, The Humbugs of the World

 ZMax is the latest company to be charged in a long list of companies. The FTC has successfully halted false and deceptive advertising by the marketers of Dura Lube, Motor Up, Prolong, Valvoline, Slick 50, STP and other major brands of engine treatment systems. Unfortunately, halting the deceptive advertising does not correct the false word-of-mouth advertising which continues to be spread by unsuspecting customers who don't know they were originally lied to.

Isn't it used extensively in drag racing? Yes it is, and it's a unique category in oil additives with a milder version of deception. With high-alcohol fuels and high horsepower, there is a huge problem with the engine oil becoming rapidly diluted (thinned out) by the alcohol. To combat this problem, drag racers commonly use a very heavy racing oil (like 60 weight), then add additives like STP to the oil because it increases the viscosity even more. That way, as the oil is being rapidly diluted going down the dragstrip, when they back off the throttle it might be a 30 or 40 weight oil instead of a 10 or 20 weight oil that would allow a lot of engine damage.

Now, what does ANY of that have to do with your vehicle? NOTHING ! Adding their product to your oil will increase the weight (viscosity) of your engine oil, which will decrease your fuel economy and increase your oil pressure. Increasing the oil pressure beyond the 30 or 40 weight that the engine's designed for doesn't help you. In fact, it's a negative because it adds load to your starter and battery, especially in cold weather, and it makes your engine wear faster. That's right - your engine wears faster for two main reasons: because during cold starts it takes longer to get the oil to all the components, and the higher oil pressure drop across your oil filter means that more of the oil will bypass the filter than normally occurs while your engine is warming up during driving. So you're pumping additional wear particles through the engine rather than filtering them out. The deception is that they want you to assume that what's good in a top-fuel dragster is good for your engine, without actually making that claim on their bottle.

STP has a troubled past about its marketed claims.
STP is an American brand and trade name for the automotive additives, lubricants and performance division of Armored AutoGroup.

Founded in 1953 in Saint Joseph, Missouri, the company’s name, STP, was derived from "Scientifically Treated Petroleum".[1] The company entered into the marketplace with one product, STP Oil Treatment.

In 1961, the company was acquired by the Studebaker-Packard Corporation. Studebaker briefly tied STP into its advertising as an abbreviation for "Studebaker Tested Products". However, Studebaker-Packard CEO Sherwood Egbert felt that STP could one day outpace its parent company and recruited Andy Granatelli as the CEO of STP to help raise the product’s image. At the same time, Granatelli became the public face of STP, often wearing a white suit emblazoned with the red oval "STP" logo to races, distributing thousands of all-weather STP stickers. Granatelli ran two Novi specials at the 1964 Indianapolis 500. Jim Hurtubise and Bobby Unser were the drivers. There was a film made of the race centering on the Novis. While Studebaker abandoned auto manufacturing in 1966 to become a closed investment company, STP sales continued to climb to the point where it was spun off Studebaker-Worthington Corporation’s balance sheet and into a publicly traded company in 1969.
Controversy and purchases

In 1976, STP faced a consumer protection order that required it to have scientific backing for certain statements and prohibited making false claims. In 1978, it paid a $500,000 civil penalty over claims.

In 1995, STP paid $888,000 to settle Federal Trade Commission charges of false advertising.

The End Story: 1. Product: thickens oil (polyisobutylene), helps lubricate in hot engines 2. Engineers agreed that it probably does nothing 3. 1963, Andy Granatelli becomes president (former race care driver) 4. Advertising techniques a) Improved image of STP by associating it with race cars, stickers on race cars b) STP logo everywhere, allowed use of the logo free of charge, started mail order c) By 1969 spent 18 cents a can on advertising 5. Results: from 63-70, sales increased by 10 times 6. 1971 consumer reports article attacked the claims a) Heavier weight oil would do the same thing, thicker mixture would cause hard starting, changes the viscosity of oil and may void the warranty b) Deceptive claims advertisement filed by the Center for Automotive Safety c) FTC orders company to stop deceptive advertising d) Sales dropped to 1963 levels e) STP did not correct advertising, was sued, and had to pay .7 million (1) .2 million in corrective advertising 14 leading magazines 7. New chairman, Craig A Nalen, increased sales, cut staff

so Andy lied to consumers to make more money..and he got rich....the American way...

by selling snake oil to a bunch of suckers...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Walk Like a Man

talk like a man, walk like a man my son...

ok so it's coming on New Year's Eve...some of you will be out partying and sipping champagne...you won't eat the whole day so that you'll look skinny in your tuxedos...some of you may nod off at a stop light...it's ok because according to our esteemed Judge Brian Hill, when the light turns green, you got up to 30 seconds for a cat nap before you need to step on the gas pedal and go, baby...

you see, Judge Brian Hill, journalism hack Peter Lance and drunk driver lawyer Darryl Genis are trying to make it easier for you to kill someone DUI...and then when the cops arrest you can always sue them and the City of SB for civil rights violations..how dare they pull over drunk drivers!!! especially on New Year's Eve!! geez

now, I'm looking over California DUI laws and yes it's true you can drink and drive..up to 0.08 percent blood alcohol level..what does this mean?

Drunk Driving Laws in California
While Driving in the State of California, the following is illegal:


Drivers under 21 may not carry unsealed beer, wine or liquor in their vehicle while they are driving alone. (There are exceptions for work related driving)
Drivers under 21 may not drive with a blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) of .01 or higher.
Drivers Under 21 may not consume alcohol in any form, including cough syrup, and prescription drugs.
Any driver may not drive with a BAC of .08 or higher.
The drive of any vehicle requiring a commercial driver license may not drive with with a BAC of .04 percent or higher
A driver under 18, may not drive with ANY measurable blood alcohol concentration.
Repeat offenders may not drive with a BAC of .01 or Greater
it means you should know your limits...it means that if you go to lunch for a burger and a beer and stay about an hour, you should be able to get home without hitting a car, a dog or killing someone...a beer and a burger...I prefer a coke and a burger or a nice vanilla milkshake...beer kinda kills the flavor..but the booze industry advertises to a target audience....white males- dumb white males who don't work for a living...apparently, if you drink beer or liquor, you'll be a man...or the buzz will make you feel like a man..but as they say, never send a boy to do a man's job...

now speaking of jobs, if you want to feel like man, try a pretty woman's soothing hand wrapped around your dick...if that doesn't do it, then you are gay, and that's a sin according to that hippie hillbilly alcoholic womanizer bible thumper redneck on Dick Dynasty...or if you wanna feel like a man, do some volunteer work..drinking beer will not make you feel like a man...

ok so this is not about Prohibition, it's about personal responsibility which nowadays appears to be a rare thing..the easy thing is to blame someone else for your stupidity...don't do that, ok?

now if you pour too many drinks you may get poured into taxi, or worse drive yourself home

so let's say I'm a dude who likes to party.. I go out drinking you know to feel more manly...I party for three hours, and I have 10 shots of 78 proof Triple Sec....my BAC is about 0.14 so I probably shouldn't drive although it may be the manly thing to do.....


now if I'm a chick and I weigh in at 125 lbs and have four Heineken Darks at 5.17 % alcohol in three hours of partying, my BAC is 0.13 and I should stay away from the wheel...

and skinny margaritas

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Summer Place

There's a summer place Where it may rain or storm Yet I'm safe and warm...


there's a few things I don't understand...Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow....80 degree temps in December...Frosty and Santa....the Church of COLAB,  Andy Caldwell...redheads...

now we know that Andy writes guest opinions behind Wendy's skirt..some are lucid and some are just so crazy so I'm thinking on the crazy days Andy takes mind altering drugs or pills of some sort..maybe stupid pills...Andy's struggles with sentence structure are mind boggling!!

"then therefore"?????

included in today's postal exhibit and for your consideration is Andy's take on the bible's Christmas relevance...of course there is no relevance to the bible and/or Christmas because no one knows what day Christ was born....and as the Pope pointed out, Jesus was a socialist concerned with helping the poor....

speaking of poor gals, the Toronto Sun reports that Kelly Lebrock, that troubled red-head from Santa Ynez, was officially charged with DUI..."She has since been slapped with a DUI charge and faces up to six months behind bars and a $1,000 US fine if convicted"

"Btw, song 8 on the Woman in Red soundtrack is "Don't Drive Drunk", ironically."

well at least Kelly didn't kill anyone..except her career maybe

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Going to the Chapel

going to the chapel of love....

ok so the Symingtons skipped town and I don't know if they'll be back..but they got lots of money apparently since Ann is an heiress...and we've seen what lots of money can do, haven't we?
what I don't doen unnerstand Lucy is why in the world the Botanic Garden would hire Fife a few years ago and how Ann got a job at All Saints by the Sea church....there's a few publications that did stories about Fife... Noozhawk and the News-Press..they thought he was a good guy who likes to cook....but I think he's a bad guy who's a crook! like the Enron guys..like AIG guys...crooks of a feather flock together...

is Fife pussywhipped??

and Ann was also with the the Los Angeles archdiocese..with that Cardinal Mahony dude who didn't protect children when he should have!!

Mahony issued a public statement, apologizing "for my own failure to protect fully the children and youth entrusted into my care."


Some of the documents state Mahony, who retired as Los Angeles' archbishop in 2011, personally signed off on not reporting priests known to be dangerous, which raises the question of what to do with bishops who do not report abuse to authorities, said Judge Michael Merz, who served on the review board from 2004 to 2009.

Ann's new chapel??

maybe that's why Ann tried to protect Carlos Ruano....so the questions remains is why these churches have Ann as their deacon...does this help the church? or are these little churches just clubs for rich folks...spoiled by trust funds and inheritances...people devoid of any sense....maybe Ann bought her way into St. Michael's in Hawaii

Coming Up at St. Michael’s
Preaching Schedule
Dec. 21-22 The Rev. Dr. Phyllis Meighen
Dec. 24 Fr. William Miller
Dec. 28-29 Fr. William Miller
Jan. 4-5 The Rev. Ann Symington, Deacon
Jan. 11-12 Fr. William Miller
Jan. 18-19 Fr. William Miller
Jan. 25-26 Fr. William Miller

hey, I may have to catch a plane to Hawaii to check out Ann's sermon in January!!!

Symington going to prison
Associated Press
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington enters the Federal Courthouse in Phoenix, yesterday, with his wife Ann to hear his sentence from Judge Roger Strand. Symington was found guilty of six counts of loan fraud during his years as a property developer.

PHOENIX (AP) - Former Gov. Fife Symington was sentenced to 21/2 years in prison yesterday for lying to get millions of dollars in loans to shore up his collapsing real estate empire.
The final humiliation of a prison term completed a fall from grace that drove the two-term Republican from office. After the sentencing, Symington hugged his wife, Ann, saying, "Could've been worse." His youngest son, Tommy, sobbed uncontrollably nearby.

U.S. District Judge Roger Strand also ordered Symington to pay a $60,000 fine and serve five years' probation after his release from prison. Strand ordered Symington to turn over his passport yesterday and report to prison March 20.

Symington resigned after his conviction Sept. 3, becoming the second Arizona governor in a decade forced from office by scandal. A fellow Republican, Evan Mecham, was impeached and removed by the state Senate in 1987 but later was acquitted of charges related to a questionable campaign loan.
The six counts Symington was sentenced on accused him of providing false financial statements to lenders to win loans and gain loan concessions for his real estate developments.
His voice shaking as he asked Strand for leniency, Symington said he never meant to mislead anyone but did not admit he committed crimes. He said he should have paid closer attention when preparing his financial statements.

"The legal avalanche that has resulted from my mistakes has been the most brutal experience of my life," Symington said, choking back tears. "It's sometimes hard to believe that from such stupid mistakes a nightmare was born to flourish."

Strand said he opted for a lighter sentence than prosecutors requested because prosecutors "seriously overstated" how much Symington's crimes contributed to the lenders' losses. Strand said a large portion of the losses were caused by the depression in the Phoenix real estate market.
Symington had asked to serve any prison time at a minimum-security federal work camp at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, and Strand said he would not oppose that placement. Strand also turned over the question of restitution to U.S. Bankruptcy court, where Symington faces a related lawsuit seeking more than $12 million.

Symington remained defiant in a press conference on the courthouse steps.
"The extraordinary length of this case and struggle made me feel from the very beginning that it was politically motivated," Symington said.

Federal prosecutor David Schindler said the sentence was just and "sent the message that white-collar crime will not be tolerated." Schindler said the case was not politically motivated.
"Mr. Symington was treated like any other" defendant, Schindler said.
A federal probation officer had recommended that Symington serve 61/2 to eight years in prison and pay $15.8 million in restitution. Prosecutors wanted a 10-year term. Symington's attorneys asked for probation.

Symington, who was first elected in 1991 on a promise to run the state with the same business acumen he brought to real estate, stood trial on 21 charges. He was convicted on seven counts of filing false financial statements with lenders. Strand threw out one of the convictions late last month.
Symington was acquitted of three counts, including a charge that he tried to use his political muscle as governor against a pension fund he owed $10 million, and the jury deadlocked on the remaining counts.

The verdict against Symington came after a total of 17 days of tumultuous deliberations. The jury had to start over after seven days when one of the jurors, 74-year-old Mary Jane Cotey, was dismissed because other jurors complained she was unable to concentrate on the case and refused to discuss her opinions. An alternate was added and the deliberations began anew.

Cotey later said she would have voted to acquit and said fellow jurors forced her off the panel because they wanted to convict Symington.
That removal was the cornerstone of Symington's bid for a new trial rejected by Strand and was expected to be brought up on appeal.

Juror Maria Connolly said she agreed with the prison term.
"I somewhat expected a bit harsher sentence because of the financial statements sent with erroneous figures," Connolly said. "But I sat in the courtroom for 14 weeks and I knew he's guilty."
Prosecutors in the nine-week trial contended Symington was nothing more than a swindler, taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in developer fees while creating office buildings and shopping centers that never turned a profit. They said he misled lenders about the shaky state of his real estate empire for glory, to create the illusion he was a successful real estate developer.

In seven days on the stand, Symington insisted the errors were honest mistakes that were missed by his accountants. And he angrily denied abusing the power of his office to get the loans.
He was convicted of misleading a Japanese bank that loaned nearly $130 million to finance his crown jewel, the Camelback Esplanade office-hotel complex. He also was convicted of submitting false financial statements to a local bank and overstating his net worth to a consortium of union pension funds that loaned him $10 million to finance the Phoenix Mercado, a downtown office-retail project.
In 1994, Symington and other former directors of the failed Southwest Savings and Loan Association agreed to a $12 million settlement of a $200 million lawsuit filed by government regulators after the thrift's collapse.

A criminal investigation of the S and L's failure delved into Symington's other business dealings.
These included financial statements prepared for lenders in 1989 and 1991 showing a $35 million shift in his net worth, from a high of $12 million to a low of negative $23 million.
Symington still faces a separate federal bankruptcy trial on charges he gave false financial information to a group of union pension funds to get a $10 million loan. [AP Photos]

what a nice couple!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Da Vinci Code

"Today is today. But there are many tomorrows"  

so I had two posts in November concerning Ann Symington, the Deacon at All Saints by the Sea church in Montecito....down by the Miramar and Eucalyptus Lane.. I was outraged that Ann would support the church sexton Carlos Ruano who pled guilty to false imprisonment of a little girl..the original charges were he molested her...and he also has some immigration status issues...


bottom line the dude Carlos Ruano is an old creep but Ann and some of her parish pals supported him, bailed him out, and otherwise covered his ass for his cowardly acts against a 7-year old girl...

and you may recall the Montecito Journal creep Bob Hazard sat down with Ann and interviewed her...but ended up making excuses for Carlos and blaming the system...it's all there for anyone to read in the Montecito Journal and it's despicable!! Hazard and Buckley are a couple of punks...

ok.. and we know that Ann is married to Fife Symington and all his issues he had in Arizona...whew, these people are dirty...

anyway, I just learned that Ann, Fife and their 30-year old son moved to Hawaii!!

Welcome Deacon Ann Symington!
We welcome our new Deacon to St. Michael’s, The Rev. Ann Symington, from the Diocese of Los Angeles and All Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church in Santa Barbara. Ann will be working with us for at least one year. She recently moved to Kauai with her husband Fife and their son Tom, age 30. Ann will be participating in our Christmas Eve services, will be preaching for us on Jan. 4-5, and will share her story during our Sunday Adult Formation on Sunday, January 19th at 8:30 am


looks like Ann and Fife got outta town pretty fast!! and with their 30 year old son?? geez that's kinda old to be hanging around mommy and daddy...

but the good news is All Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church has been purged of Ann Symington! the rat has been relocated to Hawaii ... a cloud has been lifted from the church and I couldn't be happier...

but there are still more works to be done...

Monday, December 23, 2013


no static at all....

well it appears that COLAB wants J. Andrew Caldwell ( J. Edgar Hoover fixation!!) to start earning his money..since I told you about 350 Santa Barbara calling out Wendy for her lies, hypocrisy and bias, Andy apparently got that message and has gone on the defensive...in another News-Press guest opinion..as always, a guest...

in a rather limp retort, Andy took issue with the 350 SB calendar...Andy tells us he checked their website and 350 SB asks you to email them to attend a meeting before they give you the address..they say it's for security reasons...sounds reasonable..if I start a local chapter and hold meetings at home, I want to know who's attending!

J. Andrew Caldwell

at least they don't have an armed guard outside the front door like the News-Press has...

ok so we have a little fight brewing between these folks..350 SB and Andy, COLAB and the News-Press...awesome!

Andy always says he's looking out for the working person and small business owner while simultaneously trying to steal gov't worker pensions...

according to the COLAB website, the next annual COLAB dinner is April 26, 2014...and you can't just show up..you have to buy tickets...$120 per ticket or $1200 to reserve a table..$1200!! and they are holding the dinner at the Chumash Casino! the Chumash virtually owns COLAB and the Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Asssociation!!!

and nowhere on COLAB's site do I see the names of the Board of Directors


the fact is COLAB is a shady organization and all about big business and big money and apparently 350 SB is a threat being anti-oil and all...

and then the funniest thing of all is the COLAB donations page..you can give money to support COLAB and the Andy Caldwell Show!! and there's even a place you can contribute to Andy's radio program!!

Contributions to COLAB are not deductible as a charitable contribution. COLAB is a 501 'C' '6' Non-Profit Association

501(c)(6) nonprofit associations help small businesses advance their industry or geographic area. These organizations differ from 501(c)(3) charities, which must advance a charitable purpose such as religion, education or public assistance. To qualify for tax exemption under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(6), all of a nonprofit's earnings must be reinvested into the organization and may not benefit any individual member or shareholder.

"may not benefit any individual member or shareholder"...is Andy benefiting with money donated to his radio show??? hmmmmm...

Andy's got a show on two radio stations..the News-Press radio AM 1290 and AM 1440 up north, he's got sponsors like the Chumash and yet he is soliciting funds for the Andy Caldwell Show on the non-profit COLAB website!! geez what a scam!!! I must ask the IRS to check this out...doesn't Wendy pay Andy for his program on AM 1290 ?? this is unethical-trying to skim money from a nonprofit to his radio show!!

soliciting funds for his radio show??
is this what these folks are all about?? remember the other north county supervisors and their scams: Joe Centeno and the cemetery district and his DUI assistant; Brooks Firestone's Greka issues...tried to obstruct a hearing on Greka because he leased land to them..special treatment! and Joni Gray's controversy with the non-profit housing authority in Lompoc...geez no wonder nobody trusts them down here..they're a bunch of crooks!!

but I wonder if 350 Santa Barbara bought a $1200 table at the casino, would COLAB allow them to attend?

these are  interesting questions....

Sunday, December 22, 2013


on a Sunday afternoon....

I love to drive on the backroads... many people do....but now we gotta be extra vigilent due to the drunks on the road...

and I'm constantly amazed at all the boozehounds who try to excuse drinking and driving..they claim it's a right, Prohibition didn't work so people should just go on drinking and driving...the old adage that ignorance is bliss doesn't ring true anymore...ignorance is deadly..

and now there's news of yet another "alleged" drunk driver who killed a lady up by the Chumash casino..up by the Chumash Highway of Death, rammed right into her while the lady was stopped at a red light...the lady, Linda Wall was a retired teacher and the drunk is Rebecca Sandoval, a 37 year old who used to work for the casino, that's the rumor anyway...geez pretty soon the casino patrons will have to step over bodies to get to the slot machines!

the news has press releases by the casino about all the wonderful things the Indians do..they give back so much to our communities, the non-profits, they do it "for the kids" and more such bullshit....but there's plenty of crime up there...drugs, drunks, prostitution, robbery, stabbings and stuff you don't hear too much about...it's a little subculture of vice and sin..that's right SIN!! repent ye sinners!!

while it's true there are people who will do anything for a drug fix, whether it's heroin or booze, I think most people are pretty sick of all this..well....lack of respect for life...they drink they smoke they drive and eventually they'll kill....

some where along the line they never got the message that if you keep ingesting crap like liquor someone will have to pay, so they keep doing it long past the time they should have stopped..and it spills out to the public arena and the taxpayers foot the bill..we gotta clean up after these people, we pay for the trials, the hearings, the incarcerations...all because they can't control themselves..

so do they want me as their babysitter?? ok, I'll be their babysitter..but I guarantee it will be a bad...a very bad relationship....

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Little St Nick

run run reindeer

it's bad enough that the Unity Shoppe Telethon on KEYT allowed Nipper to participate, but now I hear they had this weird guy Richard Box singing songs of joy and peace in the men's choir...the news recently had painted this guy realtor Richard Box as a rapist and pervert...all these accusations are allegations and will be flushed out in court but it all comes back to hiring practices and background checks...

the Choir..Box is hidden in back somewhere, I think
did the Unity Shoppe do ANY investigation of Box before he was allowed in the choir???

I'm tellin' ya when I was watching these choir dudes I got a little spooked by them..they sang a Beach Boys song...I can't remember what it was...Little St Nick or something..and really it sounded pretty good but like I said... these dudes..

well I'm keeping my eye on these dudes

Friday, December 20, 2013

elegantly wasted

ahhhh ahhhh elegantly wasted.....

I'm trying to break the Kelly Lebrock case....I call it Operation Lick'er Lips...I wanna find out why Kelly was stopped for allegedly weaving across the yellow lines, running through a stop sign and failing a field sobriety test according to the reports...

now Kelly may have her issues but hey don't we all? she's still pretty hot except for the lips and booze issues...I could fix those quick....

then I did a search for things Kelly and I find out she's got a Twitter page...I don't twitter..I never have and I never will....you need some time for meditation during the day so talking all the time won't achieve that...Kelly, you need some quiet time, baby

so her Twitter page had a quote ..a cryptic quote: "we are HERE and it is NOW. Furthur then that all human knowledge is moonshine"

aside from the Weird Grammar, I think it's code for something..maybe up in the Santa Ynez Valley they are running moonshine...like that hillbilly Moonshine TV show...making shine in the woods by the moonlight , them toothless mountain folk...


remember Bernie and his run in with the law? probably he was runnin' moonshine...I bet that's what Kelly was doing that night she got pulled over...there's probably a little network of stars up there...Cheryl Ladd, Kelly and Bernie, Bo Derek and David Crosby are probably the main runners...most of that moonshine probably is going to Dolly Parton who also lives up there..poor Dolly thinks she's still in Tennessee swillin' granpap's hootch...

ok so Operation Liquor Lips is ON!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

a Lover's Concerto

how gentle is the rain, that falls softly on the meadow....

so Wendy the News-Press is fervently hoping some funny polls will spell the end of unions in California...one poll cited 1000 voters and less than half said unions were losing favor...

and when a city goes bankrupt, the conservatives blame the unions and public sector workers...the buzz word is "unfunded" liabilities....and all the myths the conservtives like to tell...

but if you own a mortgage, you know what the realities are: A funding gap does not need to be closed in a single year, but the payments can be spread out (or "amortized") over a number of years—governmental accounting standards permit a pay-down period of up to thirty years. Most people do not currently have assets that come even close to 70 percent of their mortgage obligation. For most states and localities, filling funding gaps will be manageable. Researchers at Boston College project that if total contributions increase by just 2.2 percent of payrolls, state and local governments can pay off the total unfunded liabilities in 30 years.

Wendy has been fighting her small union situtation with the fervor of a big corporation...geez, talk about making a mountain out of a molehill...when it comes to unions, Wendy and Nipper are clueless...as are her pet monkeys, Lanny and Andy....the News-Press is always pushing nonprofits as saviors..but as we've seen, they are mostly self-serving ponzi schemes

now the truth is unions aren't going anywhere....of course, not every business needs or wants a union.....if you don't like unions, you go elsewhere for work or start your own company or divorce your rich husband...

if you hate unions but love the symphony, then you gotta know the musicians who play all that lovely music are union members...

The Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra Association and the American Federation of Musicians-Local 308 are very pleased to announce that a new three-year collective bargaining agreement has been ratified, taking them through the 2015-16 season....

union members are working class folks who demand a fair shake..and there's nothing Wendy can do about it...

although it is entertaining to watch her keep trying to bust the unions....the sick bitch just looks twisted....

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lady in Red

I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight / I've never seen you shine so bright / I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance

so winter is over and it's a really nice balmy warm spring day in December...I went into Santa Barbara to Christmas shop....I heard the waves were gonna be big today..

so my first stop was World Market..they got some cool things so I blew a bill..nice friendly folks working there...no wonder they survived the financial collapse of 2008 brought on by Bush and Co...good service never goes out of style

State Street looked oddly charming..Starbucks and Joe's..some homeless folks playing on the sidewalks..I felt like I was in Bali...so I go down to the beach...Santa Barbara's got good beaches..the tide was high but the waves not too big ....maybe later I said to myself...maybe later they'll be big..

now all this warm weather had me thinking about clam chowder....I like a good bowl....and I'm thinking about the nonprofit Legal Aid Foundation..and I'm thinking about Dario Pini playing the city of SB like a violin....the Legal Aid foundation throws the Clam Chowder Fest at the Montecito Country Club, owned by felonious tax cheater Ty Warner....now the Legal Aid foundation, led by that Jewish gal with the long shnozz, wants about $25000 from the city to give free legal aid to Pini's tenants...that Jewish gal was looking at me a few years ago when I went to the Chowder Fest..I wanted to see celebrity lesbian cook Cat Cora who was coming off a dui accident...well that Jewish chick was looking at me, she was questioning me...she was looking down her long schnozz at me.. she was undressing me with her beady little eyes..I think she thought I was Hitler!!
but I can't figure all this stuff out...Pini just bought two properties: one from that weird dude Micheal Stinchfield in Carpinteria for $500000..and another property in SB for about $700000....Pini fills a need for low cost housing....nothing fancy just cheap rent...he owns a few places in Carp that aren't that bad...so what is all the fuss about and why does the Legal Aid Foundation need taxpayer money for issues that may or may not arise in the future?? I don't get it

then I hear that actress Kelly LeBrock was busted for DUI in Santa Barbara..actually November in Santa Ynez

innocent until proven otherwise....or so they say

didn't she used to be Steven Segal's girlfriend ?? but I think he messed her up...she was pretty good in Woman in Red...and just beautiful!!! what happened to the lips, Kelly?? you look like a fish!!!

the Independent says Darryl Genis is representing her...and ..and..well apparently alcohol abuse is job security for DUI lawyers!! let's see what Darryl can do for her...

I may have to check out this one at the court house to see what happened to this poor woman...sigh

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm a man

yes I am....

history of the outhouse and how it shaped today's transgender bathroom issues and Tea Party politics

the star on the outhouse door means it's a mens room.....a crescent moon means it's a ladies room...up in the rugged north and in the deep south teabagger country that's what folks use..out in the country...up in the Santa Ynez Valley...over the hill and far away..where civilized toilets don't exist, you use an outhouse....
as time went by the crescent moon meant a unisex outhouse because men kept trashing their star outhouses..

from the web: The original purpose of the cutout was of course light and ventilation, and for reasons of privacy, it had to be placed above the line of sight. Why a crescent moon? Why not? Here is some authoritative-sounding but nonetheless utterly ungrounded speculation

Probably the most recognizable symbol associated symbol with the traditional outhouse building is the familiar crescent moon carved into the privy door. Actually, the symbol is an ancient one, and was a sign for womanhood in colonial days and on the frontier. Its male counterpart, Sol, was either a star or a sun burst design also on the door. Since most male outhouses fell into disrepair rather quickly they seldom survived; while the female ones were better maintained, and were eventually used by both sexes. Although you can find outhouses still standing with the crescent moon, the original meaning for gender identification was lost by the later nineteenth century in most areas of the country.

[...] The moon that is often found on the outhouse door stands for the ancient sign- luna- or womanhood. When the outhouse was first invented people needed these signs to discern which was the men's or women's bathroom-for most people couldn't read. Soon, however, the men's became rundown or was very unkempt and not maintained. So everybody just used the women's bathroom, and the men's sunburst or sol sign was forgotten. The moon sign was kept and is also used as a vent.

The assertion is improbable on its face: is it at all likely that the scarce resources of a harsh frontier would be devoted to gender-segregated privies? Thus far, no contemporary records of the practice have come to light. The fact is that, in those dim ancient days when such symbolism supposedly carried weight and meaning and English had grammatical gender, as Russian, French and German still do the sun was feminine and the moon was masculine.

The claim is repeated in hundreds of places across the net, often with identical phrasing, indicating many generations of copying and pasting. The unsourced assertion may have begun with The Vanishing American Outhouse by Ronald S. Barlow (1989), or even earlier, as suggested by Cecil Adams of The Straight Dope:
[In] The Little Red Schoolhouse: A Sketchbook of Early American Education […d]iscussing 18th- and 19th-century schoolhouses, Eric [Sloane] writes: "The woodshed was often a lean-to attached to the schoolhouse, but the most accepted arrangement was to place it between the schoolhouse and the privy, with a fence separating the boys' entrance from the girls'. The ancient designation of privy doors was to saw into them a sun (for boys' toilet) and a moon (for girls' toilet)." Eric has supplied a sketch of both versions, showing the familiar crescent moon for the girls and a radiant sun for the boys.]

now you recall the fuss conservatives are making over transgender issues with bathrooms..which one to use and when, that's the question

well today I feel like lady so I'll use the girl's room and tomorrow I may feel mui macho and use the guy's room...America is all about freedom of choice...or freedom of Joyce to choose where she wants to pee...

you see, Americans have had anal expulsive issues for generations...actually I don't really give a shit but since the outhouses are unisex and that's where it all started before indoor plumbing, the only solution to today's crisis is to put a crescent moon on all the public bathrooms...

and outhouses were the origins of the Tea Party and the conservative think tanks you see today...when a teabagger comes up with an idea, at least now you know where it came from!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Voodoo Child

I'm standing next to a mountain...bonggggerrrrannngggggg!!!

ok so I'm looking around for something to do, and I find this doll..

but seriously, I'm thinking about Andy Caldwell and his thing he's got for Supervisor Janet Wolf...give up Andy..you'll never win..you'll never beat her...she's got your dick in the blender so stop crying, Andy

now we have a challenger for Janet come the next election Roger Aceves, the Goleta city council guy...I don't think he'll win..I've watched him in action and well he's kinda slow..droopy and makes me sleepy...and the pedestrian that got killed because of slow Goleta city response to a street crossing safety issue on his watch may have doomed him....

so Andy just give up...Janet Wolf has been having you guys for lunch ever since she was elected...and when you call her names like "radical" or "twisted sister" it just diminishes you, you big putz

ok, so there's this website called 350 Santa Barbara who also seems to have Andy Caldwell's number...as far as I know, Anna and Andy Caldwell are nor related..Anna was the Malibu blonde allegedly arrested for allegedly drunk driving and being involved in the Levi Saks "accident"....I wonder was Levi tanked too??

so I find 350 SB and the first thing I see is this:
Santa Barbara, October 20, 2013

On her website, Santa Barbara News-Press owner Wendy McGraw says, "To do our job right covering local issues and regional governments, we must report without bias and we must be balanced in our coverage. We must uphold the truth; it is essential to the integrity of the News-Press. That is our unalienable right under the First Amendment; it is also our moral duty."


Climate Group 350 Santa Barbara analyzed three months of syndicated and guest opinion pieces published in the Santa Barbara News-Press regarding energy issues. The group discovered that 85 percent of syndicated or guest opinion pieces printed in the last three months regarding the fossil fuel industry presented arguments in favor of expanded drilling, fracking, a California "shale boom," the Santa Maria Energy project, or expressed opposition to increased taxation of oil companies. During the same period, 80 percent of published opinions about the renewable energy industry were negative....

Andy's been trying to sell something to the Board of Supervisors for twenty years, and he's failed....

you think COLAB would've fired him by now!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

it's Christmas once again in Santa Barbara

and blah blah blah

remember Kenny: charity begins at home

$1000 to eat with Herman and Nipper!

ohh I hate that song!! plus the guy who wrote it sounds like he stole the melody from Merle Haggard's great Okie from Muskogee...Merle's a real songwriter..that other dude, Barry or whoever...strange dude

so I watched the Unity Shoppe Telethon on KEYT for a few minutes..well maybe like 45 minutes...well maybe an hour or two.... but it started to creep me out again..now don't get me wrong..I think it's good to have a nonprofit that encourages poor Latinos to take things in a store without paying for them..even if the store is a fake one...

oh it's charity..but the Unity Shoppe finally moved into its new facilities but wasn't it a messy real estate deal? didn't they kill a few people in the process?? where'd they bury the bodies? under the old Vic I bet...

the telethon was hosted by KEYT, the new owners News-Press and Gazette...no relation to the News-Press altho I hope Wendy doesn't sue 'em for copyright infringement! but Paula Lopez was there looking good and Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits) and Kenny Loggins couldn't keep their hands off her!!

"The more we stretch the muscle called compassion and generosity, the stronger we get, the better we feel about ourselves, the more loving we become to the world around us." ~ Kenny Loggins

oh do tell that to Nipper and Wendy would ya Kenny? thanks pal..and I think you should get down on your hands and knees and thank Jim Messina for giving you a career!

speak of the devil, there's Nipper in the gold lame suit looking stupid as usual...Nipper was talking very insincerely about the hard-working folks who just need some help so send in your money..geez Nipper, you mean Wendy's employees at the News-Press???

the totals were far below last years's so maybe the Chumash will kick in some gambling profits...return some of that money to the original owners!

ooooh, look out, you rocknrollers!!!

and then there's Kenny's facelift issues....David Bowie warned you guys...Ch-ch-ch-changes...ooooh look out you rocknrollers...pretty soon you're gonna get older...

so you know there's no reason to try and remove the lines on your face with BOTOX because it just makes you look ..well...odd.. and there's....esp with BOTOX..the "TOX" should give you a clue (as in toxic)....

then Nipper and Herman the Hermit started acting like they were drunk...they said if you pledge $1000, you can have dinner with Herman and Nipper...wow! apparently, if you hang with Herman, Gene Montesano, the guy who owns Lucky's, and Nipper you get perks....Wendy will buy you a condo at Bonneymeade!!

conspicuously absent from the festivities was John P..maybe John was out banging some chirpy blonde in the parking lot, who knows!!

then I learned that the Unity Shoppe has a gift shop across from the Granada....so in that store you have to pay for the stuff..and then the proceeds go to the nonprofit....WTF??? are they skimming???


Saturday, December 14, 2013

out of my mind

all I hear are screams, from outside the limousines

first off,  I hear that a certain Dr. Fred is in trouble with the State Board of Psychology....Fred was upset that the city crews cut some trees down that were supposedly in a fire zone and the News-Press had a front page story a while ago..Scott Steepleton never misses an opportunity to impune the city workers

if you can't read this, then you
are outta your mind!

Fred said the city didn't get  his permission to chop the trees..the city disagreed

and Fred's a psychologist with some complaints against him....and now an apparently formal complaint in LA Superior Court filed by one Antonette Sorrick last week....this gal used to be involved with guide dogs for the blind then switched to the Cal Board of Psychology..and she filed the complaint, the accusation against  Dr. Fred....I'll be watching this and am not sure what the accusation is yet....but I have great respect for psychology and don't take kindly to people like Dr. Laura who use it for political or religious reasons...or any other spurious reason!!

Referral to Attorney General
If the investigation finds evidence to support your allegations, the Board will submit the case to the Attorney General for consideration of formal disciplinary action against the psychologist's license. You will be notified of this referral. The Deputy Attorney General will then draft an "accusation," which is a formal statement of the charges and the first public document in the disciplinary process. A copy is mailed to you and to the licensee/registrant. The licensee/registrant may request that an administrative hearing be scheduled so that he or she can contest the charges.

anyway Dr. Fred, hope everything works out ok! hope you're not a quack...

well that's weird...the News-Press had a front page story on Levi Saks and didn't mention he got hit by an alleged drunk driver...just that it was a "horrific accident in Malibu"


Scott Steepleton wrote the story and you'd think Levi lost his memory...he doesn't remember the crash and bears no ill will to anyone..it was just an accident he says..

then we learn that Levi left the VA hospital in LA and came up to Santa Barbara on his own although he could barely move.....he wound up back in Santa Barbara at Cottage..and then Scott says that Levi's dog Marley died...or did the pound put him down???

hmmmmm...something sounds fishy to me....

now the initital news reports in Malibu had one driver  involved in the crash being arrested for DUI and child endangerment...
but according to Scott and the News-Press nobody knows what happened in Malibu...so there was no drunk driver and it was just an accident???


sounds like Levi and the News-Press are hiding something..the story just doesn't add up...doesn't make sense..and some of Levi's quotes to Scott were bizarre...

did Levi just join Team Wendy???

Friday, December 13, 2013

nighthawks at the diner

out a five ball combination shot / Impossible you say? Hard to believe? / Perhaps out of the realm of possibility? / Naaaah! / Cause he be stretchin' out long

maybe the drunks just need a hamburger and a cup of coffee after the bars close..a place where no alcohol is served...a half-way house before they head home

Tim Putz photo

well maybe that's the solution...drunk folks need a diner..a place where they can hang with other nighthawks....others who just sit and wait for the booze to wear off...

so where are the all night diners in Santa Barbara? are there any left? used to be you could go to a bar and at least walk to a place at two in the morning for some coffee and food...the diners were like a buffer for the drinkers..they could hang out for a few hours before they drove again

when I worked at Sambo's years ago, the colorful one on upper State St (northside they called it) and the one down by the Pub, the gay bar by Highway 101 where the stripper joint is now, folks would come in after the bar closed...bar rush we called it...I'd watch the guys sit at the counter...man, I saw some sorry dudes....lives controlled by alcohol....they'd talk to themselves and laugh at their coffee and at the cook...me...but I'd fix 'em sausage and eggs over-easy and they loved it.. a Chef's Salad would sober you up fast! or Cottage Cheese and Peaches..an awesome combination! and a hamburger and fries always hit the spot....or a stack of pancakes!! 24 hours a day!

and the Sambo's waitresses wouldn't hesitate to call a cab for someone in need....Sambo's waitresses were the best!! they could spot a drunk a mile away...and they cared!!! and they never stopped pouring that coffee....

instead of wine tasting rooms how about some more greasy spoons in SB...or keep the restaurants open later...till three in the morning....the drunk folks will either sober up or fall asleep....at Sambo's, we let 'em sleep for awhile before waking them up....

there's still nighthawks out there... they need more 24 hour diners....

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Younger Girl

keeps rollin' 'cross my mind

ok so if you google "how to reduce dui" you get a bunch of information..and most of it is how to get a DUI reduced to a lesser charge like reckless driving.....just find a good DUI lawyer and he'll help ...in other words, if you're too much of a pussy to accept the consequences of  DUI,  you try to wiggle out of it...

now I found this telling....I'm looking for a way to reduce dui incidents, and I get advice on how to beat a dui charge...

so I'm sure that many people are hooked on alcohol if they can't go out without imbibing....they have tons of excuses and denial about their booze addiction, and there's nothing  I can do about it..except keep hammering on this blog the fucks who drink too much....you hear that fucks??? I'll keep hammering you.....

and we lost Mallory...so hard for those she loved-her family and friends... and strangers were in tears 

the photos..yeah you could see her spirit...if I'm 25, I'm hanging with Mallory! she's my daughter, she's my niece....

ok so I re-google "how to prevent dui incidents" and get better results..there's a bunch of tips and places to check for ideas..I'm for shooting the DUI culprits on the spot, but that's not practical...

so I see this little piece: Repeat drunk drivers represent at least one third of all DUI arrests and likely contribute to consistent rates of DUI deaths and injuries on our nation’s highways. These statistics emphasize the need to identify and address the factors that influence DUI recidivism. More and more research has identified the fact that repeat DUI offenders often suffer from a number of disorders. In one study, in addition to lifetime alcohol disorder, 41% of the participants had an additional drug-related disorder and 44% had a major mental disorder that was not alcohol or drug-related (Shaffer et al., 2007).

ok so we're getting somewhere...drunk drivers, especially repeat offenders are retards! they have major mental defects...so it goes back to the psychology of drinking, self medicating...these folks should not be driving, they should be in mental hospitals but we don't have any mental hospitals anymore...and neighborhood clinics aren't very popular with the neighbors, so the only place  a retarded drunk can get any relief is....A BAR!!! bars are the new mental hospitals!!! who else but a retard would drive the wrong way up a one-way street? who else but a retard would hit and kill a young lady, run away and then hit a palm tree???

and we got tons of bars in Santa Barbara....the bars are the wards...the bartenders are the nurses who medicate the retards and most get treated but some slip out the door and drive away  and wreak havoc or are pulled over by the cops, who are in charge of out-patient treatment....the retard drunks are taken to a special ward called JAIL with specially trained charge-nurses....then eveyone ends up in court where the taxpayer picks up the tab...
what a system!!!

RIP dear Mallory....

crosstown traffic

You're just like crosstown traffic / So hard to get through to you / Crosstown traffic / I don't need to run over you / Crosstown traffic / All you do is slow me down

so I got up extra early to go into Santa Barbara.. I had a date with my dental hygienist....well not a date, an appointment...a date is dinner and sex ...not sex always but sometimes if you're drunk enough...but anyway  a date or appointment...let's say appointment, people can get awfully testy when you use words they don't like!!

now I see Lois fired Raymond the Alleged as I told her to do..well I didn't tell her, I hoped that she would...the more I hear about Ray the less I like...and I 'm pullin for Mallory, poor kid

but  I heard that it takes four DUI's to get  felony conviction! FOUR !!!! unless you hit or kill someone on your second or third try at DUI, then it's a felony...

so what is the solution? it's true that hard liqour will eventually tear you a new asshole..it's just bad stuff..and some folks are even claiming the liquor is a healthfood...some claim it makes you a better driver!! I think that's what Mr. Wimpy was doing when I watched him and Darrly Genis last night..they talked about Darryl for awhile..Darryl's celebrity friends but they didn't mention rapist Andrew Lester, the Max Factor heir..then I find out that Darryl likes to surf..was a big surfer in the slimmer trimmer years...they used to sit around in a big hot tub at Hollister Ranch and refer to Darryl as "the Big Kahuna"! 

then the boys started in on DUI stuff..and according to them arresting folks for DUI is a conspiracy fueled by MADD propaganda to make more money for gov't and cops' pensions..or something like that...(and consequently give Darryl more clients and money)

Mr. Wimpy says it's ok to drink and drive...a few beers and three or four glasses of wine are a good thing when you're behind the wheel...then he says the cops arrested people for DUI but those folks didn't crash, so they should have not been pulled over!!

now that's just downright stupid and Darryl and Worthen should be horsewhipped....the cops can't pull everyone over who's drunk behind the wheel, but the one's they do get are potential killers and thankfully they got them off the road..it's a public safety issue when you're weaving all over the place...a robust DUI patrol unit will always help...drunk drivers are a menace...

well at least Darryl tries to help his drunks not commit the same stupid mistake

but if you wanna live a healthy lifestyle, liquor should not be anywhere close to your lips......if not you'll be hanging at Lucky's Bar in your 60s with watery eyes and big fat red nose like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...

how do you think Rudolph got his red nose??? Santa poured a fifth of bourbon down his throat and his nose lit up like a fucking Christmas tree!! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

ride on, baby

A smile on your face / But not in your eyes / You're looking through me / You don't feel it inside / Get out and ride on, baby, ride on, baby

geez a few weeks ago it was warm and sunny, I was sitting at the beach and girls were stripping in front me...
but things change.....

ooooh, it's cold outside! I went to check some cut trees around Santa Claus Lane and then realized it was the annual toy run today Sunday...Christmas is all about good tidings and good will so no wonder this toy run is so popular... even though Dr. Laura tried to destroy it one year, it remains a fun thing..oh I know it's for the Unity Shoppe and the celebrities, but the motorcylists do it for the kids...

but while  I waited for the run to start, I checked out what Caltrans did..they chopped down a few big beautiful pine trees and pulled out some cattails from the ditch, or little wetlands as the enviros may call it....whatever, the damage is done by the clodheads at Caltrans...cattails I've loved since a wee boy..they are just cool...so why destroy them? especially since they can clean or purify water in the ditches..."Many people consider cattails an undesirable weed that needs to be exterminated but the plant is actually a very beneficial one that can clean water naturally just by growing in it. Besides being a beautiful swamp plant the cattail can purify water of toxins. It is used in water treatment plants to treat and purify water naturally without any chemicals or expensive water cleaning systems.

Many communities have started using cattails to clean their waste water naturally. They are purposely planted in areas of water that solid waste has been removed from. After waste is removed the cattail plant detoxifies the remaining toxins like nitrates, mercury, ammonia's and bad bacteria that is left in the water after it has been filtered."

Thanks Caltrans!!

but anyway, I don't think Caltrans will ever win the battle against cattails which makes me happy...but why cut down the pines? they looked beautiful esp around Christmas time...pines and eucalyptus..my favorites trees now  threatened by Caltrans....damn fools

so the motorcyclists rode from Santa Claus Lane and they were a very friendly group, a little smaller this year but good nonetheless...

keep on riding!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

why can't we be friends

I bring my money to the welfare line
I see you standing in it every time.....

now should I cut this Raymond Morua dude some slack for allegedly wounding a pedestrian with his car while drunk ...for hitting her and running, then smashing his car into a tree?

no of course not....felony DUI and hit and run is a big deal....if Ray had boinked Lois a few times, I cut him some slack, if Ray had a beer and backed into a Lexus, I'd cut  him some slack..but mowing down a 27 year old gal while drunk on hard liquor...no slack, Jack

but what about his veteran status? isn't he a hero for fighting for us in Iraq..for protecting our freedom?? well, no..no hero status..the rightwingers want to make all the veterans out to be heroes, but it aint so...these are Bush's wars..Afghanistan and Iraq....there's nothing that protects my freedom in these invasions

we are out of Iraq now but still stuck in  Afghanistan...what for? the Taliban? any army could have dispatched those Taliban psychos in six months...what is the problem? you go in, have a mission then you get out..you don't hang around for ten years....

these other guys aren't heroes..they join the army with little education so they can mate with a rifle or because they can't do anything else.... they go kill some ragheads, they come home....some blown to bits, others crazy...and they wonder why...well because when we invade countries with no purpose, we can expect they will fight back..and they do.....this is not what our military is for!!!

no... we fucked it up and now we pay the price...war heroes? how about the folks who got Hitler? how about real war heroes like Annie Fox, a nurse at Pearl Harbor who was awarded the Purple Heart, but because she was not injured, was later given a Bronze Star instead...The Purple Heart was awarded for “outstanding performance of duty and meritorious acts of extraordinary fidelity. . . During the attack, Lieutenant Fox, in an exemplary manner, performed her duties as head Nurse of the Station Hospital. . . in addition she administered anesthesia to patients during the heaviest part of the bombardment, assisted in dressing the wounded, taught civilian volunteer nurses to make dressings, and worked ceaselessly with coolness and efficiency, and her fine example of calmness, courage and leadership was of great benefit to the morale of all with whom she came in contact...”

Annie Fox..now there's a war hero...should have had a purple and a bronze

now there's a few stories about Raymond Morua on the internet..one at Noozhawk paints a picture of a guy who came back from Iraq with no skills...

"Raymond Morua didn’t know what to do with himself when he got back from Iraq. His family had a welcome-home barbecue for him, and everyone was there. But “I woke up in the morning, and I remember freaking out because my rifle wasn’t there, and then I realized I was back home,” he said. “I walked out of my room, and the house was empty. No one was there. And I was just, like, what do I do?”
He floundered for a long time. He lived off his Army bonus for several months, bar-hopping and traveling. He tried construction work, but he got fired. He finally decided to just take the GI Bill and go to UC Santa Barbara. And there he slowly got his footing.

The classes, and the writing he did for them, helped him make sense of things. After school, he got a job he likes a lot more.

These days, Morua wakes up in the morning with a different feeling. Whether he’s chairing the board of Future Leaders of America, or running his nonprofit, At Ease!, which provides social activities and service opportunities for veterans, he goes to bed knowing that “tomorrow’s another battle.”

For as he says, “Just because you’re done with the military doesn’t mean your service to your country’s done. Just because you don’t have a rifle in your hand and you don’t have a uniform doesn’t mean you can’t go out on the streets and still kick butt.”


yeah he kicked butt alright on the streets of Santa Barbara..kicked the butt of a 27 year old gal...hit her with his car while DUI..

and this non-profit he formed At Ease!...I can't find much about it..there's an At Ease for Veterans in Wisconsin, but scant else..seems there's tons of non-profits for veterans....sounds like most are a money making scam...

being a war veteran is something you may do as an American...war and peace...you deal with it...but it's not an excuse for being a drunk...and there's no excuse for our leaders abusing the military by starting these stupid invasions...

and there's plenty of legitimate help out there, if you need it