Saturday, December 21, 2013

Little St Nick

run run reindeer

it's bad enough that the Unity Shoppe Telethon on KEYT allowed Nipper to participate, but now I hear they had this weird guy Richard Box singing songs of joy and peace in the men's choir...the news recently had painted this guy realtor Richard Box as a rapist and pervert...all these accusations are allegations and will be flushed out in court but it all comes back to hiring practices and background checks...

the Choir..Box is hidden in back somewhere, I think
did the Unity Shoppe do ANY investigation of Box before he was allowed in the choir???

I'm tellin' ya when I was watching these choir dudes I got a little spooked by them..they sang a Beach Boys song...I can't remember what it was...Little St Nick or something..and really it sounded pretty good but like I said... these dudes..

well I'm keeping my eye on these dudes

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Anonymous said...

Six degrees of separation Santa Barbara style. Maybe Richard Box put the child porn on the News-Press computers?