Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lady in Red

I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight / I've never seen you shine so bright / I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance

so winter is over and it's a really nice balmy warm spring day in December...I went into Santa Barbara to Christmas shop....I heard the waves were gonna be big today..

so my first stop was World Market..they got some cool things so I blew a bill..nice friendly folks working wonder they survived the financial collapse of 2008 brought on by Bush and Co...good service never goes out of style

State Street looked oddly charming..Starbucks and Joe's..some homeless folks playing on the sidewalks..I felt like I was in I go down to the beach...Santa Barbara's got good beaches..the tide was high but the waves not too big ....maybe later I said to myself...maybe later they'll be big..

now all this warm weather had me thinking about clam chowder....I like a good bowl....and I'm thinking about the nonprofit Legal Aid Foundation..and I'm thinking about Dario Pini playing the city of SB like a violin....the Legal Aid foundation throws the Clam Chowder Fest at the Montecito Country Club, owned by felonious tax cheater Ty the Legal Aid foundation, led by that Jewish gal with the long shnozz, wants about $25000 from the city to give free legal aid to Pini's tenants...that Jewish gal was looking at me a few years ago when I went to the Chowder Fest..I wanted to see celebrity lesbian cook Cat Cora who was coming off a dui accident...well that Jewish chick was looking at me, she was questioning me...she was looking down her long schnozz at me.. she was undressing me with her beady little eyes..I think she thought I was Hitler!!
but I can't figure all this stuff out...Pini just bought two properties: one from that weird dude Micheal Stinchfield in Carpinteria for $500000..and another property in SB for about $700000....Pini fills a need for low cost housing....nothing fancy just cheap rent...he owns a few places in Carp that aren't that what is all the fuss about and why does the Legal Aid Foundation need taxpayer money for issues that may or may not arise in the future?? I don't get it

then I hear that actress Kelly LeBrock was busted for DUI in Santa Barbara..actually November in Santa Ynez

innocent until proven otherwise....or so they say

didn't she used to be Steven Segal's girlfriend ?? but I think he messed her up...she was pretty good in Woman in Red...and just beautiful!!! what happened to the lips, Kelly?? you look like a fish!!!

the Independent says Darryl Genis is representing her...and ..and..well apparently alcohol abuse is job security for DUI lawyers!! let's see what Darryl can do for her...

I may have to check out this one at the court house to see what happened to this poor woman...sigh

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Anonymous said...

TMZ wrote: "The arrest flew under the radar for more than 2 weeks, but we've learned the arrest occurred November 30 near Santa Barbara."

Hm, now what self-service DUI lawyer might have let that news slip out to further his own career at the price of his client's embarassment? If I were Kelly I'd find out where the leak came from.