Saturday, December 14, 2013

out of my mind

all I hear are screams, from outside the limousines

first off,  I hear that a certain Dr. Fred is in trouble with the State Board of Psychology....Fred was upset that the city crews cut some trees down that were supposedly in a fire zone and the News-Press had a front page story a while ago..Scott Steepleton never misses an opportunity to impune the city workers

if you can't read this, then you
are outta your mind!

Fred said the city didn't get  his permission to chop the trees..the city disagreed

and Fred's a psychologist with some complaints against him....and now an apparently formal complaint in LA Superior Court filed by one Antonette Sorrick last week....this gal used to be involved with guide dogs for the blind then switched to the Cal Board of Psychology..and she filed the complaint, the accusation against  Dr. Fred....I'll be watching this and am not sure what the accusation is yet....but I have great respect for psychology and don't take kindly to people like Dr. Laura who use it for political or religious reasons...or any other spurious reason!!

Referral to Attorney General
If the investigation finds evidence to support your allegations, the Board will submit the case to the Attorney General for consideration of formal disciplinary action against the psychologist's license. You will be notified of this referral. The Deputy Attorney General will then draft an "accusation," which is a formal statement of the charges and the first public document in the disciplinary process. A copy is mailed to you and to the licensee/registrant. The licensee/registrant may request that an administrative hearing be scheduled so that he or she can contest the charges.

anyway Dr. Fred, hope everything works out ok! hope you're not a quack...

well that's weird...the News-Press had a front page story on Levi Saks and didn't mention he got hit by an alleged drunk driver...just that it was a "horrific accident in Malibu"


Scott Steepleton wrote the story and you'd think Levi lost his memory...he doesn't remember the crash and bears no ill will to was just an accident he says..

then we learn that Levi left the VA hospital in LA and came up to Santa Barbara on his own although he could barely move.....he wound up back in Santa Barbara at Cottage..and then Scott says that Levi's dog Marley died...or did the pound put him down???

hmmmmm...something sounds fishy to me....

now the initital news reports in Malibu had one driver  involved in the crash being arrested for DUI and child endangerment...
but according to Scott and the News-Press nobody knows what happened in there was no drunk driver and it was just an accident???

sounds like Levi and the News-Press are hiding something..the story just doesn't add up...doesn't make sense..and some of Levi's quotes to Scott were bizarre...

did Levi just join Team Wendy???

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if the alleged drunk driver is blond and looks a bit like Wendy and perhaps Scott was told to leave information out of the story.