Sunday, December 8, 2013

why can't we be friends

I bring my money to the welfare line
I see you standing in it every time.....

now should I cut this Raymond Morua dude some slack for allegedly wounding a pedestrian with his car while drunk ...for hitting her and running, then smashing his car into a tree?

no of course not....felony DUI and hit and run is a big deal....if Ray had boinked Lois a few times, I cut him some slack, if Ray had a beer and backed into a Lexus, I'd cut  him some slack..but mowing down a 27 year old gal while drunk on hard slack, Jack

but what about his veteran status? isn't he a hero for fighting for us in Iraq..for protecting our freedom?? well, hero status..the rightwingers want to make all the veterans out to be heroes, but it aint so...these are Bush's wars..Afghanistan and Iraq....there's nothing that protects my freedom in these invasions

we are out of Iraq now but still stuck in  Afghanistan...what for? the Taliban? any army could have dispatched those Taliban psychos in six months...what is the problem? you go in, have a mission then you get don't hang around for ten years....

these other guys aren't heroes..they join the army with little education so they can mate with a rifle or because they can't do anything else.... they go kill some ragheads, they come home....some blown to bits, others crazy...and they wonder why...well because when we invade countries with no purpose, we can expect they will fight back..and they do.....this is not what our military is for!!!

no... we fucked it up and now we pay the price...war heroes? how about the folks who got Hitler? how about real war heroes like Annie Fox, a nurse at Pearl Harbor who was awarded the Purple Heart, but because she was not injured, was later given a Bronze Star instead...The Purple Heart was awarded for “outstanding performance of duty and meritorious acts of extraordinary fidelity. . . During the attack, Lieutenant Fox, in an exemplary manner, performed her duties as head Nurse of the Station Hospital. . . in addition she administered anesthesia to patients during the heaviest part of the bombardment, assisted in dressing the wounded, taught civilian volunteer nurses to make dressings, and worked ceaselessly with coolness and efficiency, and her fine example of calmness, courage and leadership was of great benefit to the morale of all with whom she came in contact...”

Annie there's a war hero...should have had a purple and a bronze

now there's a few stories about Raymond Morua on the at Noozhawk paints a picture of a guy who came back from Iraq with no skills...

"Raymond Morua didn’t know what to do with himself when he got back from Iraq. His family had a welcome-home barbecue for him, and everyone was there. But “I woke up in the morning, and I remember freaking out because my rifle wasn’t there, and then I realized I was back home,” he said. “I walked out of my room, and the house was empty. No one was there. And I was just, like, what do I do?”
He floundered for a long time. He lived off his Army bonus for several months, bar-hopping and traveling. He tried construction work, but he got fired. He finally decided to just take the GI Bill and go to UC Santa Barbara. And there he slowly got his footing.

The classes, and the writing he did for them, helped him make sense of things. After school, he got a job he likes a lot more.

These days, Morua wakes up in the morning with a different feeling. Whether he’s chairing the board of Future Leaders of America, or running his nonprofit, At Ease!, which provides social activities and service opportunities for veterans, he goes to bed knowing that “tomorrow’s another battle.”

For as he says, “Just because you’re done with the military doesn’t mean your service to your country’s done. Just because you don’t have a rifle in your hand and you don’t have a uniform doesn’t mean you can’t go out on the streets and still kick butt.”

yeah he kicked butt alright on the streets of Santa Barbara..kicked the butt of a 27 year old gal...hit her with his car while DUI..

and this non-profit he formed At Ease!...I can't find much about it..there's an At Ease for Veterans in Wisconsin, but scant else..seems there's tons of non-profits for veterans....sounds like most are a money making scam...

being a war veteran is something you may do as an American...war and deal with it...but it's not an excuse for being a drunk...and there's no excuse for our leaders abusing the military by starting these stupid invasions...

and there's plenty of legitimate help out there, if you need it


Anonymous said...

"we fucked it up and now we pay the price" But "we"don't pay the price. Those kids we sent did. In the very least he is stunted. In the worst... You don't have all the facts yet so try and not be so judgmental. And BTW don't expect all the details to come out so readily. You may actually need to work to get the particulars. And again don't compare Travis Armstrong to this veteran. Travis had a self imposed idiotic rationale.

Anonymous said...

Youre a douche...but, hey, at least you have a blog! Wasted skin. The both of yous.