Monday, December 16, 2013

Voodoo Child

I'm standing next to a mountain...bonggggerrrrannngggggg!!!

ok so I'm looking around for something to do, and I find this doll..

but seriously, I'm thinking about Andy Caldwell and his thing he's got for Supervisor Janet Wolf...give up'll never'll never beat her...she's got your dick in the blender so stop crying, Andy

now we have a challenger for Janet come the next election Roger Aceves, the Goleta city council guy...I don't think he'll win..I've watched him in action and well he's kinda slow..droopy and makes me sleepy...and the pedestrian that got killed because of slow Goleta city response to a street crossing safety issue on his watch may have doomed him....

so Andy just give up...Janet Wolf has been having you guys for lunch ever since she was elected...and when you call her names like "radical" or "twisted sister" it just diminishes you, you big putz

ok, so there's this website called 350 Santa Barbara who also seems to have Andy Caldwell's far as I know, Anna and Andy Caldwell are nor related..Anna was the Malibu blonde allegedly arrested for allegedly drunk driving and being involved in the Levi Saks "accident"....I wonder was Levi tanked too??

so I find 350 SB and the first thing I see is this:
Santa Barbara, October 20, 2013

On her website, Santa Barbara News-Press owner Wendy McGraw says, "To do our job right covering local issues and regional governments, we must report without bias and we must be balanced in our coverage. We must uphold the truth; it is essential to the integrity of the News-Press. That is our unalienable right under the First Amendment; it is also our moral duty."

Climate Group 350 Santa Barbara analyzed three months of syndicated and guest opinion pieces published in the Santa Barbara News-Press regarding energy issues. The group discovered that 85 percent of syndicated or guest opinion pieces printed in the last three months regarding the fossil fuel industry presented arguments in favor of expanded drilling, fracking, a California "shale boom," the Santa Maria Energy project, or expressed opposition to increased taxation of oil companies. During the same period, 80 percent of published opinions about the renewable energy industry were negative....

Andy's been trying to sell something to the Board of Supervisors for twenty years, and he's failed....

you think COLAB would've fired him by now!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad someone is paying attention to the fact that the Santa Barbara News Press under the ownership of Wendy McCaw has become little more than a one-sided, immensely biased newspaper that serves as a mouthpiece for ill-formed, reactionary viewpoints. Isn't this that paper that saw a major melt-down, with McCaw firing and ruining dozens of lives, claiming she destroyed their career because of THEIR biased reporting? And yet she turns around and puts out a paper not worth reading if you're seeking any kind of balanced reporting? I cancelled my subscription a few years back because the Right-wing politics of the News Press became far too obvious and oppressive. I am glad Climate Group 350 has taken the time to assemble and analyze the stories which appear in that paper to prove that McCaw is incapable and with full intent publishes a paper that is rife with BIAS. To think for moment that she actually takes a stance as a backer of fair and balanced reporting is an absurdity and a bold-faced lie. She has deprived the city of a decent newspaper and I look forward to the day she no longer controls its publication. The News Press is an embarrassment to journalism and its own McCaw, is a liar.