Wednesday, February 24, 2010

looking out for number!

as capitalism and conservatism fail, wingnuts look to blame someone for that black man socialist in the White House...
well, who's to blame for the state of America today? the boomers? Woodstock hippies? the greatest generation? the generation x or conservatives? I say conservatives, conservatism has put America perilously close to being made in China...The wingnuts are getting all worked up over the boomers and why they are responsible for the ills of the world, chiefly because the Woodstock generation was all about me, me, me. Well, who else should I being looking out for, you? No way Jose! The reality is growing up in California in the 60s was a dream, but a very violent time in America, and not at all a drugged out party all the time..that's just the myth and rightwingers alcoholic perception of the let's look at some history and see who and what is really trying to kill America and who's trying to save her. Drugs: America's love of alcohol has clouded her thinking even today... the prohibition, if enforced, could have saved millions from a wasted life of feeding on the bottom. The Greatest Generation: during the war, this generation let illegal alien Mexicans across the border to help us at home with agriculture and general production, probably some of those wetbacks took care of some lonely wives too eh amigos? Now look at the problems we got!! boomers: music, rebellion and working class..moved us into the digital age and made my old guitars worth a fortune..THANK YOU DUDES!!!
generation x:
slackers and musicians and Rastafarians! coool! under 30 group..the loveliest generation and smart, too. gov't worker: smartest workers who worked long careers and watched the fort while others partied..they prepared for their futures!
The angry white male generation/ private sector/leftovers from the Nixon/J. Edgar Hoover era..BINGO!! these are the ones from all generations causing all the trouble..crying all the time, (most recently when male model Scott Brown voted for a jobs bill), blowing up gov't buildings, flying planes in the IRS, shooting people, spreading propaganda and molesting children..they are mostly white and mostly conservative. These are they guys who robbed the American people and gamed the system until the house of cards fell...Madoff, Enron, AIG, Wall Street stock manipulators, big oil, insurance and drug companies...and no regulation of these capitalism enterprises slowly killed the golden goose..capitalism can't survive under this model so naturally they are scared...and they will be the minority soon.. and that's far out!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a few bad men...

News-Press, nonprofit Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association Slam Military!
geez, talk about a one trick pony...every time Lanny Ebenstein, president of a shady nonprofit taxpayers association, writes a News-Press editorial, he must think he's writing another chapter about his nutjob hero Milton Friedman's economic ramblings, or trying to exhume Reaganomics, or just do what he does best: continue to ignore reality, to repeat rightwing slogans, to pander to fear, and stand up for wealthy special interests, hence his little gig with the News-Press! "And let's be clear, the Bush tax cuts didn't just produce fewer jobs than advertised. They didn't produce any private sector jobs at all. The whole experiment in handing over money to the wealthiest people in America so they could use it to benefit the rest of us was a colossal - empirically verifiable - failure." Robert Creamer
Now, the latest editorial slams government people for having pensions..again..this is a favorite News-Press theme.
Imagine working 25 or 30 years in a gov't job and when you retire someone says...nope, you can't retire because you saved too much money, invested wisely, and had a career serving your country..well, that's exactly what the News-Press and Lanny have been advocating for years and begrudging our military people their work benefits.. and Travis and Lanny must have shared editorial duties, I'm convinced, due to the similarities in content...They go on to claim that these gov't workers have created a new class of citizen....then Lanny, in rambling form, tries to explain this with some Marxist reference to communism! Is he saying our military personnel are commies?? Whoa stepped in it this time jackass! says Lanny: pensions are out of control and are costing the taxpayer too much, just what David Stockman, a Reagan appointee, said in's the same old conservative song! March 19, 1985 MILITARY PENSIONS HOW SCANDALOUS ...In a moment of well-publicized exasperation, Budget Director David Stockman declared that military pensions are scandalous. The remark triggered a barrage of attacks on Stockman by some of the biggest guns in the U.S. military, active and retired. Stockman, indeed, might not have been judicious in his choice of language, but it appears that he is on target if what he means is that U.S. military pensions are out of control and are costing the taxpayer too much. Military retirement costs have climbed more than sixfold in 'the last 15 years. The Pentagon will spend $18.3 billion next year to provide military pensions that are at least twice as generous as the best private sector retirement plans. On March 26, 2007, federal prosecutors in Manhattan indicted Stockman in "a scheme ... to defraud [Collins & Aikman]'s investors, banks and creditors by manipulating C&A's reported revenues and earnings."
Now when Lanny/News-Press keeps complaining about gov't employees, he makes no distinction, therefore I conclude he's talking about the miltary too..shame on you Lanny...these people are fighting for the freedom that allows you to say stupid things..they fight for pussies like you and you think they make too much money??
these are benefits that I proudly support...
Military Retirement Overview
The military retirement system is arguably the best retirement deal around. Unlike most retirement plans, the Armed Forces offer a pension, with benefits, that starts the day you retire, no matter how old you are. That means you could start collecting a regular retirement pension as early as 37 years old. What's more, that pension check will grow with a cost of living adjustment each year.
Lanny and Nipper, you glamboys need to spend a year in boot camp...that'll whip you into shape...and give you some appreciation for the fine men and women who serve in our military and government...