Saturday, February 28, 2015

into the mystic

I wanna rock your gypsy soul

now here's a weird political story out of the bible belt...a candidate for governor of Missouri, Tom Schwiech kills himself because of a "whisper campaign" outing him as Jewish

seems some radical Christian evangelicals were gonna spread the word via whispers that Tom is Jewish and hurt his chances of being elected..apparently radical evangelical Christians don't like Jews?? so instead of being good sporting Americans, instead of debates, they spread weird religious tales about the he kills himself...

I don't get it...I know things are pretty screwy in the bible belt, but why kill yourself for being Jewish...and why do radical Christians hate Jews??

what is it exactly that radical Christians in America want, other than to blow up abortion clinics and force their religious views on everyone....and why do they want to wage wars against Iran and Islam and every raghead south of Tripoli??
I read a book on Sufism and it was pretty cool and mystical...the folks who preach hatred and such are not proponents of religious thought..or spirituality...they are just plain ignorant like the fools at the News-Press!!

then I see a guy in the Ozarks in Missouri goes on a killing rampage..shoots seven neighbors for some reason..I'm sure he was an evangelical Christian radical..probably educated at the radical Christian College of the Ozarks

maybe I should invite a few ISIS dudes over to take care of the radical evangelical Christian problem in America..

bring me some heads on a platter so to speak...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Get Together

c'mon people now, smile on your brother...

I love coyotes like my native redskin brothers and sisters do...coyotes are intelligent, wild and free, they don't need leashes..they don't eat "dog food" ...their diets are healthy and they certainly don't need doggie poop bags...they strike fear in city folks and will never respond to silly commands like "roll over"....and they sing at night ..yip yip yip's a song of the hills..the blueberry hills

and conservatives tend to blame coyotes for everything..I'm sure they blame illegal immigration on coyotes...BTW, are we legal by place birth or by place of conception...if I was conceived in France but born in America, am I an illegal..someting for the right-to-life folks to tink about

ok, so domestic designer dogs I have no use for..they are dumb and annoying...when I'm driving around I see guys walking their dogs and I shout 'FAGGOT!" just to let 'em know my displeasure....these people are now holding funerals when their dogs die..funerals! this irrational emotional attachment to a four-legged shitbag is perplexing...if a pet dies you move on...if a loved one dies, you grieve..(sometimes not)....but anyway, these people need to grow up

however, I was just thinking the city of SB is trying to determine if there should be more off leash dog parks..well with the homeless kicked outta the city parks why shouldn't the dogs take over?

my first reaction was no, keep your damn dirty paws off the beach and on a leash..then I read something over on EDHAT about the native-only cult being I had to choose sides...DOGS OR BIODIVERSITY... and I'm leaning towards the dogs..

now I know dogs are stupid in an endearing sorta way..I will never have a dog and a dog will never have me...but they should be allowed to run free and trample over plants like I did when I was a kid..and like I still do

recently, the rains have brought some awesome flora..not too much fauna, but lotsa flora

there are natives and non-natives (weeds) hanging together just waiting to be walked upon, so I did just that..and I loved felt Joni said, we can't round up all the trees and put them in a tree museum

in this case dogs and their owners could become my allies..I could turn public opinion against the native cult, the biodiversity crowd....and dogs crowding out the natives and trampling on the grapes of wrath...

but the bluffs look really nice with the mix of natives and can see the seeds blowing in on the winds....

dogs, natives and non-natives all running free...hmmmm

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

can't find my way home

come down off your throne

so who's the thug? the News-Press or PODER....well first lemme say that migration is a wonderful and beautiful thing...Mother Nature encourages migrations..the whales, the Monarch butterflies, the Mexicans....

but to answer the question I will say without equivocation that the News-Press is the thug...I mean it is so can tell a News-Press thug by their odd glasses and lack of passion and sexuality..their senses dulled by a life of no music..they'd be better off dead

don't let this happen to you!!

but the Wendy uses other minions to do her dirty work, too..we've seen the News-Press co-dummy Nipper fraternize with the the founder of the Minuteman Project, an "American patriot" terrorist group, now defunct..killers, child molestors and thugs

so PODER protested a local Hispanic taqueria because the beaner owner supports paying hush/bribe money to the MCA..the conservatives blew it all out of proportion and tried to assign come criminal intent to PODER..but no one was arrested, no charges were nothing..


but when Wendy noticed some local businesses exercising their free speech rights, she threatened to sue them and sent cease and desist letters!! cease and desist free speech!!

"In response, she has started a flurry of legal actions against figures large and small, making herself into the local bogeyman whose every move seems to lend more fodder to anti-McCaw blogs, while doing little to steer the paper into calmer waters.

Lawyers for Mrs. McCaw have sent cease-and-desist letters to at least a half-dozen shop owners who posted the "Obey the Law" sign. They have also started legal action against the paper’s former editor, Jerry Roberts; a local alternative weekly, The Independent, which Mrs. McCaw said obtained copies of two unpublished News-Press articles; and Susan Paterno, a reporter who wrote an article about the conflict in The American Journalism Review."

Wendy used her goon lawyers like Barry Capello to try and intimidate local businesses some years that is thuggish behavior thinking that with her ill-gotten money she can push people around and hide in her Ivory Tower..punks....of course Wendy lost all the above-mentioned lawsuits...

and when district elections happen, the MCA will be as obsolete as a Milpas street sweeper!

now I axe ya, who are  the real thugs heah????

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wild Thing

 you make my heart sing

well it was supposed to rain on Sunday so I went for a hike at the Carp bluffs...a protected no hotels or bordellos here.... but that's ok, I got a whore on 7th Avenue

a train goes by...I love trains....they stop on 8th Street sometimes

 I wasn't expecting to see the bulls run and so I didn't see any...what I did see was a whale off shore a bit.. it's a narwhale!!! gnarley!! feasting on arctic char...he breached looking like a big bull..shit I pull out my camera but too late...then he dove..I saw him a few more times but he was a master at stealth..



I hung out with a turkey vulture for awhile and we watched and waited....we saw the tail of the whale.... swooooosh.....then he disappeared...I guess he drowned

then the vulture laughed and flew off and I stood there, on the precipice, like Robinson Jeffers

Sunday, February 22, 2015

hey little girl

hey little girl, you don't have to hide nothing no more

A Wine County Almanac

so there's comtempt of court and indirect contempt of court...uh huh

when you are in the courthouse or court room whether court is in session or not, I expect you to conduct yourself professionally...

Darryl  Genis -DUI atty to killer drunks-got off a contempt of court charge due to a technicality according to the Court of Appeals and the Independent story

because court was "not in session" the Judge Dandona erred and should have said DG was in "indirect contempt" of court instead of direct contempt when he  called a colleague a "little girl"

so the Court of Appeals reversed Judge Dandona's decision, but I reverse the Court of Appeals decision and find DG guilty for acting like a little girl...a small fine is in order

WTF??? are they kidding?? are these appeal court judges drunk...they don't want to upset Darryl in case they need his defense down the road..what kind of a judgement or decision is that???

ok so if tell a lawyer chick that she's a little girl and I'm gonna slit her throat, that's cool?? how about I wanna jerkoff on her that ok too judges???

so DUI lawyer Darryl Genis is now defending an alleged scumbag up north..uh, Benjy Bettencourt is his name and this Bettencourt dude is on trial in wine soaked Santa Maria for killing a teacher who was his passenger...they both were allegedly drunk but Darryl has concocted a defense around diabetes and a bunch of other excuses...the blood sugar defense

dint Benjy kill another gal somewhere before while driving and ended up a cripple?? but seems he likes to drink and kill stupid little girls who hang out with him...I think he's a spoiled rich kid with zero sense..

but alas, the system of justice as I've seen it is is pretty much a joke...esp in Santa Barbara... a judge makes a gets appealed and what is the purpose of a judge?? why make a ruling if it can't stand??

what is this, some kind of a game??? this ain't no game!!! SNAP OUT OF IT YOU DUMBFUCK JUDGES!!! MAKE A FUCKING DECISION!!

pssssst..little girl

Thursday, February 19, 2015

El Dorado

Gaily bedight, A gallant knight, In sunshine and in shadow, Had journeyed ... Over the Mountains Of the Moon, Down the Valley of the Shadow.....

once upon a time I was living up on Rancho Monte Alegre (in the 1990s). I lived, as a cowboy, in an old pink bunaglow with a rifle and a gun....and a Cat named General Peace....Olive Carey lived in it previously up until the day she died...Olive of course was from the TV Western royalty..wife to Harry Carey and Harry Carey Jr's mom....the stories I heard from the crazy ranch owners..the cocktail parties Olive would throw for the likes of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum...and I lived there for a few years.. Olive and I shared the same cabin, in different was alot of fun

I'm Lois Capps and I approve this message: CHRIS MITCHUM IS A FUCKING CRYBABY!!

oh geez, now Robert Mitchum's idiot son Chris Mitchum is suing Lois Capps via Josh Lynn for a political ad that was too funny for words! politics is a blood sport..always has if you can't hang with the big boys and girls, then don't! Chris seems to be acting like a little daddy's boy who got his feelings hurt...Lois and camp left a few words off an ad showing a video of Chris was a joke !!! FOX NEWS does it all the's not that hard to depict CM as a befuddled old man..or a weenie

the funny thing is he wrote a letter to the New-Press congratulaing them on calling people "illegals" without any evidence of illegal anything..and now Chris is suing Lois for defamation!! why doesn't someone sue Chris for all those sexploitation films he did!!!!!

it's no secret that Chris is teabagger with all the nonsense about saving America from the clutches of socialism and the big black Muslim man in the White House..just silly... hara- kiri??? geez

now over to Milpas..the great working class Santa Barbara street...I love's real and gritty without pretense....used to live on Alisos St...and the houses on Salinas and up on the Riveria are awesome..the whole place is tied in so well...of course, there's some crime that's been exaggerated and then the newbie white folks wanted to start a non-profit community watch to get the homeless off the streets..and they next targeted poor Latinos...I think the idea is to get some yuppie foodies here so the MCA has been marching around Milpas like the Gestapo trying to force businesses to join and pay for "improvements" to the Milpas corridor..and where does the money go..right into their hands!!

this is in addition to the taxes the businesss owners already pay....sounds like extortion to me....

and some PODER kids protested a Mexican restaurant on Milpas who joined the MCA crowd and PODER supposedly "intimidated" some customers... speech is free's not reserved for rich white people who hide in the News-Press speech must also spill out into the street...LET FREEDOM RING!!

I don't want to see Milpas whitewashed by the likes of fatty Sharon Byrne and her pals...they are like mother hens and everyone over there is squabbling like chickens....let's find out what the real agenda of the MCA is...

and let the roosters crow

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

a smuggler's song

IF you wake at midnight, and hear a horse's feet,
Don't go drawing back the blind, or looking in the street,
Them that ask no questions isn't told a lie.
Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by.

 now where have I heard that name before..Eric Bjorklund..hmmm..oh yeah...marijuana dude! so there's a story floating around about two "fishermen" who just happened upon a panga boat and decided to claim was a drug smuggler's boat..the News-Press was last to feature the story but it appears that schmo Scott Steeplton left out some key points...

I seem to recall that Eric Bjorklund was a supporter of failed wannabe DA softhead Josh Lynn and some big pot charges were leveled against Bjorklund...some sort of a dealer he was..the news media have spelt his name Eric or Erik so I don't know if it's the same guy...but Scott tried to blame the cops for the Panga incident...the Mexicans smuggle drugs into SB via boats for the white boys to's not a mystery

Marijuana and Child Porn

now looking at the picture, yes, I see some stories about this Eric floating about..his former business partner Jeffrey Vines was arrested for drugs and child porn in Ojai so no wonder the News-Press is trying to protect him!! drugs and child porn are the News-Press specialty!!

the Santa Maria Times had good stories about this..the News-Press failed to report accurately as usual..

creepy Jeffrey Vines

Another purported business partner of Bjorklund, Jeffrey Vines, 62, of Ojai, was allegedly bottling large quantities of a liquid mixture with alcohol and cannabis for Bjorklund.

Vines was found to be a high-risk sex-offender on active parole. A large quantity of suspected child pornography was found at Vines’s residence, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

so all these miscreants including the News-Press are pretty shady and have loads of drug issues...I'm wondering if Bjorkland wasn't out there trying to hook up with a drug shipment..but things went bad, so he tried to confiscate the boat for collateral...the cops need to check into this....

I don't like drug dealers..not one little bit..and I don't like child porn dealers or perverts at all... but I guess this guy Eric just got a slap on the wrist by the justice system for the pot dealership (thanks Josh!!) .....I'll deal with Josh later who seems to enjoy filling the courts with frivolous lawsuits from frivolous people!

so where is this cretin Vines amd why is this other mooncalf Bjorklund free??

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You Don't Own Me

I am not just one of your little toys

"one little word will fell him"

MACY'S..the store with the commie RED STAR ★...shame on you for advertising in the racist News-Press!! have you forgotten, you're supposed to be the store with a in Miracle on 42nd Street!!

but today Macy's is all about the almighty sweatshop dollar?? I will highlight other advertisers in the News-Press later...I take it they approve of the association with the Minutemen and racist agenda of the News-Press..well, that's a problem

ok so COLAB thinks a BOYCOTT is a form of "pecuniary assault" against the News-Press

hmmm let's see "pecuniary": having to do with a boycott is a money assault on the News-Press? like I said Andy can't write worth a shit so it's hard to follow his wordy delusions...

but I can distill it down to its essence essentially Andy and Wendy are trying to say a boycott will harm them the pocketbook...where it hurts

well yeah that's what a boycott is supposed to do..shine a light on a business that is not honest like the News-Press..a boycott can't force anyone to do anything, it's more of a way of telling a's street theater for folks who don't own a newspaper! and when used wisely, it's fair and just and loaded with karma...

Boycotts have a long and noble history of contributing to progressive social change, as well as succeeding in their more immediate goals

One of the earliest examples was the boycott in England of sugar produced by slaves. In 1791, after Parliament refused to abolish slavery, thousands of pamphlets were printed encouraging the boycott. Sales of sugar dropped by between a third and a half. By contrast sales of Indian sugar, untainted by slavery, rose tenfold in two years. In an early example of fair trade, shops began selling sugar guaranteed to be have been produced by 'free men'.

now Macy's has been targeted before for selling furs: "Attention Macy's customers! We are here to let you know that 40,000,000 animals are dying every year to produce the fur coats sold by greedy stores like Macy's, one of America's top sellers of fur! We are asking you to boycott Macy's until they stop participating in the gassing, trapping, clubbing, anal and genital electrocution of animals for vanity garments!"
and using sweatshops to make clothes:

because this is indeed might recall the News-Press when DUI Travis and pothead Lanny were writing editorials..they repeated a theme about public workers getting paid too much, having too many benefits and having the right to bargain collectively and boohoohoo..the editorials were slanted against gov't without any real analysis..oftentimes Lanny and Travis just lied..their hatred of unions was so deep and crazy but of course it pleased you could say that the News-Press engaged in "pecuniary" assaults against gov't workers, many of whom are military folks, having served in all areas of the Armed Forces they went to work for municpalities and county gov't

The News-Press likes to praise the military on the front page while trying to fuck them in the pecuniary on the editorial page!!! hahaah!

but you News-Press boys need to remember this: "one little word will fell him"...and we all know what that one little word is

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wooly Bully

watch it now, here it comes

remember Sam the Sham? well at least he had no illusions like Wendy McCuckoo does...yes Wendy and News-Press are a sham..pure shammy..a shameless sham and all that...

what was supposed to be an independent newspaper owned by an animal rights gal has become a FOX NEWS affiliate...a place for faux-reporters and chickenhawks...a place that glorifies Ronald Reagan as much more than he was and ignores the scandals...Wendy got her money via divorce so it's not like she's a brain or something..and teaming up with Nipper is just..well, it's funny

now the News-Press still can't get over the PODER protests and guest editorial hack and suckup Andy Caldwell complains that SB Citycouncilwoman Cathy Murillo is a bully!!

read the first two paragraphs of Andy's tortured English guest editorial and you'll see..the BOYCOTTS are working!!!

 Andy is just silly because Wendy has used her cash to try and intimidate local businesses who had "McCaw Obey the Law" signs in their stores..Wendy tried to stop their rights of free speech!!  and she's sued people who weren't "loyal" to her...she and Nipper tried to bully the defunct Daily Sound newspaper for its masthead logo...and one blog that made fun of Wendy was removed due to threats by Team Wendy..

but I haven't heard from Wendy's lawyers about this and if Wendy tries to bully me, she'll end up crying like a young lady in the sand at the beach nearly naked...and I don't think she wants to make a free speech martyr outta me...

so anyhow, the illegals headline the News-Press keeps brandishing only solidifies their ignorance and I thought it was supposed to have increased subscriptions among the teabag set, but I guess not..I've seen advertisers leaving in droves...who wants to be associated with the News-Press and the racist killers, the Minutemen?? not me!!

the BOYCOTTS of the News-Press and #69's Animal Rescue Team should go on until these two entities are no more...or until these people get their minds right...or until they re-open Camarillo mental hospital where they can get the treatment they need

they need to be exposed for the shams that they are

Friday, February 13, 2015

Garden Party

there was magic in the air....

Santa Barbara used to be pretty seedy downtown..before the bars and restaurants, drunk drivers and vomiting yuppies there were pawn shops, adult book stores, street people and old hotels like the Schooner Inn...I was parked one night on a side street and a gal came up and said twenty bucks for a blow job...I looked at her and she at me.. something was nagging at me though..she looked like a guy dressed as a girl...but I almost went for it, whew! you can never be too careful

one short chubby bald kinda retard looking guy with a baseball cap runs a candy shop downtown, and he brought a dildo to the city council meeting to make a point about homeless people...I don't know what the point was supposed to be

first off, I would never buy candy from a short fat bald guy who carries a dildo around..maybe the chub wanted to proposition Dale!

but this homeless thing has been so exaggerated....conservatives keep crying they are afraid to go downtown because they might get accosted by a homeless guy, yet they drive home drunk after a fine dinner at a new foodie what is really going on here?

there are certain people that blame the city gov't for everything...but of course it's not the city's fault if someone leaves a dildo downtown...people litter all the time so if you see a dildo on the bench, put it in the trash...the city didn't invent dildos so the council is not responsible for who uses them

municpalities provides certain services...water and wastewater treatment, cops and fire, emergency maintenance service..but the city is not a can't control all errant behavior whether by a homeless dude or newspaper owner

the city has no responsibility to make every corner of every block danger-free...and breast-feeding in public!!! who's gonna protect the kids against witnessing that???

but if the homeless bother you, do what I do..send them to Wendy's Reagan Ranch looks like a mental hospital.. and tell them there's a free meal and free beer waiting for them..a garden party all the time...remember Reagan thought mental illness was a weakness and closed down all the hospitals that were set up to help these folks...Camarillo was a famous hospital that treated the kinds of people you see on the streets today..."Combined with a sharp rise in homelessness during the 1980s, Ronald Reagan pursued a policy toward the treatment of mental illness that satisfied special interest groups and the demands of the business community, but failed to address the issue: the treatment of mental illness"

oh and if you were for all the wars, the illegal invasions of sovereign countries, then you are responsible for the mind-mangled war vets on the fucked them over but good and now they are back to haunt you....and there's nothing the city council can do about created this mess, you clean it up...

and remember this, you can't please evey
one so... you gotta please yourself

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pretzel Logic

I stepped up to the platform, the man gave me the news, he said "you must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?"

now there's talk that the vandalism perpetrated upon the News-Press building was an inside job..a false flag operation by Wendy and the boys to garner sympathy as PODER protested against the Illegals headlne....

I didn't think much about it until I started to think about's possible...I went back over my photos and ran that day through my mind, such as it is, MLK Day, Jan 19

the paint, the pink paint with the words "Borders Are Illegal, Not People" had to be done with a ladder...who hauls a ladder out in the wee hours to paint graffiti?? and who paints a little smiley face?? a conservative, that's who!!!

whoever wrote this was pretty tall!!

you can see how tall the door is and the only way you could paint graffiti without a ladder is if you had these big-heeled shoes on like this long-legged chick....she walked by and she was at least 10 ft tall!

and then there was that one sign that the News-Press supporters held: Pro-Borders Trans Pacific Partnership=No! I'll explore that later but free trade is a good thing

this NP graffiti incident looks very convenient and pre-planned act designed to make PODER look like they did it, but of course they didn't do who did it... I dunno...but I'm leaning towards the News-Press involvement..and this is why a look at Dale Francisco's emails might be interesting..Dale was out there supporting the News-Press, looking awfully cocky with that hat...hmmm

maybe Dale facilitated a meeting wherein the NP and the Minutemen came up with the plan to vandalize the NP building the night before the protest...and when the rally began, the sign Pro-Borders Trans Pacific Partnership=No! just happened to be there, all ready...

in other words, these Minuteman dummies decided to make their own news with the help of the News-Press..and don't forget, Nipper wrote a thank-you note to Jim Gilchrist, the racist Minuteman founder...

put all these odds and ends together and an investigation into the News-Press involvement in defacing its own building is in order..and while they're at it, they can re-open the investigation as to why Wendy had child porn on her company computer...thousands of images...seems that was not investigated properly and was swept under the rug...

I would love to tour the southland, in a traveling minstrel show..

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the Pusher

God Damn, the Pusher Man

Former News-Press Receptionist Sentenced for Role in Deadly DUI Accident...

if Kim Kreis wasn't a boozer and druggie, she'd be pretty hot...but having worked for the News-Press, she was in a pro-drug atmosphere, a pro-booze atmosphere, so she didn't have a chance to quit the stuff...

I wasn't at the hearing but it seems that a car carrying some teens crashed on Highway 101 when the driver fell asleep, then Kim Kreis came barrelling down the road and didn't brake...just crashed right into the kids...apparently the teens were alive until Kim sent them to an early grave..the teen driver survived...

so Kreis gets a year in jail, three years probation and needs to pay restitution....

if Kim Kreis had Darryl Genis as an attorney, she'd be out and free, drinking Ketel One vodka at Lucky's...then a room at the Montecito Inn for a session of shoot up...then maybe some coke with Wendy and Nipper..or a doobie with Lanny!

of course, falling asleep at the wheel won't get you home safely, esp if you're in front of a drunk driver who's also high on meth..

oh boy, just another drunk driver who used to work for the News-Press..hey I thought the News-Press had a drug policy..I must've misread probably means in order to work for Wendy, you must be a drug user..

anyway, what's done is done and Jesus Kreis, what a sad story it is

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Through My Sails

I'm standing on the shoreline, it's so fine out there

now the last time I saw 8-10 ft waves at Santa Claus Lane was....never! not even back in the days when the big red Santa statue was watching over the highway travelers..legend had it that he'd slip off his perch at night and sneak down to the beach and surf under the Matala Moon...lotsa crazy things happened on the lane...

so I heard the surf was high and Monday would be the last day, so I hightailed it down to the beach...Santa Claus Beach..the beach of the rich and famous..and worthy

so I get there and it's a warm day so I'm dressed in summer gear...then I trespass through the ice plant across the railroad tracks...I guess that makes me illegal because right on the railroad tracks it says "No Tresspassing"... but nothing, not even the law, was gonna stop me from getting across that border cast in iron... the promised land lay on the other side...the sand and the sea...

whoa..there were a few folks there and we all got a thrill..huge crashing waves, some sneaker waves move in and the tide rose so quick we got all wet..little kids running around, racing with the foam...

I stood there and watched the waves...the swells were constant and formed way out there..then they got bigger and bigger..geez..8 to 10 ft at Santa Claus!! and then they crested...then BAMM!! crashed into the much white water it looked like Winter Wonderland...

new things I'm knowing...

Monday, February 9, 2015


they've all come to look for America....

oh it's a conspiracy! of course it is..everything is a conspiracy to faux- Christian conservatives...

now I know Andy Caldwell is a dufus, but as long as he writes for the News-Press, I will highlight his stupidity which ain't hard to do...

ok so the conspiracy is as Andy indicates, SB City Councilgal Cathy Murillo and PODER have conspired against the News-Press..Cathy has "egged on and participated in an assault on the freedom of the press"..

well no..that's not what happened at all... I was there and people were protesting against the News-Press..the use of  the word "illegals" to describe  Latinos in a photo who were at the DMV and the News-Press assumed they must be illegal..or did something illegal...this is in violation of the News-Press's own editorial policy for letters!!

what goes on behind closed doors between Andy
and his sugar daddies??? hmmm

now Andy claims the city council has no right to go into executive session but that's bull...non-profits do it, gov't bodies do's a NORMAL part of the process

the News-Press has the right to freedom of the press so all this talk about depriving them of it is nonsense..but using the press irresponsibly will get you some attention..and Wendy has been very irresponsible....there are gov't watchdogs and there are press watchdogs...I am a watch-coyote and the News-Press is my little mouse! hahahah!

now Andy's "job" at the non-profit COLAB is to protect the interests of elderly white Christians..and the biggest threat to these Christians is the gov't..the Christians recognize only God's law...I'm a Catholic and I follow the good book, too..except when the apostles start talking nonsense then I follow nature....


on the front page of Sunday's News-Press is a story from FOXNEWS....the headline reads: Obama administration issues 5.5 work permits to non-citizens...

non-citizens? normally Scott would change the words to read "illegals", but not this time....maybe the NP got in trouble with the AP..or maybe they just finally learned their lesson...the protests are something Wendy/Nipper have always hated but the right of the people to peaceably assemble shall not be infringed...

and Wendy will not sue the City of Santa Barbara to get access to any emails...she knows she's acting like a brat and so are her managers...

so... I do declare: round One goes to PODER.....they beat the News-Press like scrambled eggs

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hey Good Lookin'

what-cha got cookin'

I don't use the term anchor baby and never's stupid and racist and baby will ever be an anchor..

however I do think there are anchor babes like Cecelia Vega...ABC NEWS...boy what a babe..Vega Profundo!!

ok so I'm watching the tube and I see a short fat balding white guy walking down the street...hey it's Nipper! the racist co-publisher from the News-Press... if Wendy and Nipper are both co-publishers, who's the publisher???

anyway, Nipper is hosting a food show on KEYT called What's we follow Nipper to Boochies, some health food place in SB...Nipper  stands there with a young gal, a mom..he asks some dumb questions about health and the goofy gal is a holistic whatever...another water tasting expert perhaps

then they start talking about kale..then Nipper and the gal go to the kitchen to cook some kale, but they have to massage it Nipper puts on an apron and the chick tells him how to massage kale..Nipper makes a dirty old man joke about the kale having massage envy (???)

then Nipper tells her that Thomas Jeffereson was the first one to bring kale to the United States...well that's what he said, but he just kinda mumbled off when the chick interrupted him...

so I couldn't watch the entire show but checked back at the end and they were still standing there, eating kale..or creamed kale..the whole show was about kale...


now I don't know why KEYT would carry such a show hosted by a racist but I guess Nipper's shows on News-Press TV, channel 1860 aren't getting any watchers..
from the NP: About a year ago, Santa Barbara producers Ira and Linda Distenfield approached Mr. von Wiesenberger, who previously guest-starred on their "Inn Crowd with Budi Kazali," starring the Santa Ynez Valley chef on KEYT, about hosting a cooking show.

"His personality, his knowledge of food, his love of food, his gift of communicating just jump off the television screen," said Mr. Distenfield, "What's Cooking" executive producer. He added Mr. von Wiesenberger is good at getting chefs to explain their steps clearly.

Mrs. Distenfield, the show's producer and director, praised the host for being upbeat, joking on the air and researching the dishes before he talks to the chefs.

oh the Distenfields.. I remember them... all the bad press they got with their cop show and We The People franchise legal problems...their bankruptcy and being sued for fraud..contempt of court, etc...a perfect fit for Nipper!!! these folks STINK!!!
now as to the claim that Thomas Jefferson was the first one to bring kale into the USA...ah no Nipper...Jefferson had a garden and liked tomatoes and sea kale and other things too...he probably ate apples and cherries and all sorts of things....

 Tomatoes commonly appear in the Jefferson family recipe collections. Two varieties Jefferson planted most often were the "dwarf" and the "Spanish," which was described as "very much larger than the common kinds.

Jefferson also had slaves at his Monticello mansion and Nipper, the little runt, is treating illegals like slaves!! Nipper and Wendy want to purchase hundreds of illegals to deliver papers for them!! oh wait, don't they do that already??

yeah the cooking show is pretty bad and amateurish...Nipper's crude attempt at a sex joke about massaging the kale...well, Nipper is no Anthony Bourdain..or Thomas Jefferson for that matter...and KEYT, oughta be ashamed for airing such crap from these hacks of low character...

and Nipper, lifted to a status far beyond his capabilites by a wealthy divorcee, trolls around Xanadu

Friday, February 6, 2015

Light My Fire

try to set the night on fire....

ok the gloves are off!!!

so PODER fires a shot back at the News-Press in response to Scott Steepleton's lame request for Cathy Murillo's emails...and now PODER wants Dale's and Frank's emails!! haha..this is awesome dudes!! and good job EDHAT for getting these stories/info out before anyone else...

hey, I want a Latina girlfriend! I need some fire baby!! LIGHT MY FIRE LIGHT MY FIRE!!! I'm singing the Jose Feliciano version which is just as good as the Doors!

Scott pouts
the PODER request for Frank and Dale's emails makes much more sense given the relationship between the News-Press and the hate group, the Minutemen...Frank and Dale where standing with the News-Press supporters..standing with the racists

Dale stands among the racists

it's all documented here...Nipper and Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist exchanged emails supporting each other......actually the original Minuteman Project is dead due to past legal issues..the members were druggies, killers, racists and on and on...but Jim Gilchrist, a founder of the original MM, wants to resurrect his white supremacist vision...not a chance..

Minuteman Shawna Forde killed Brisenia Flores...
Brisenia was 9 years old-too young to defend herself..
so I'll defend her memory

another founder Chris Simcox is set to go on trial Feb 17, 2015 in Phoenix for child molestation...plenty of evidence to convict him, and I'm following it..

and Shawna Forde is on death row for killing 9-year old Brisenia Flores...shot her in the face...may Shawna die a slow, hard and painful death...I will piss on her grave if there is one...

Shawna Forde was mentored by Gilchrist and's a pic of Shawna and Gilchrist in Arizona, at the border.....

racists Gilchrist and Shawna Forde

and we got Nipper and Gilchrist praising each other... with shit-eating grins

both up to no good

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello, It's Me

there's something here that doesn't last too long

I hate it when some chick calls and says "it's me!!"... unless we've had sex recently, no chick should call me and say "it's me"'s unnerving..always state your name first

ok so I see Lance Armstrong is applying for a job at the News-Press...lying about his drug use when cycling and now after a DUI and plowing into two parked cars in Aspen, he tries to blame his wife! Lance..YOU'RE HIRED!!

then I see the News-Press snoops got TWO EMAILS from the City of Santa Barbara/councilmember Cathy Murillo to satisfy the Public Records request by Steepleton...two!!! wow!!!

if you are a council member you will get tons of email from people..I've sent politicians emails on various issues...I would not expect the county or city to hand them over to the News-Press

Wendy....millions of dollars and no sense

The Stooge

I expect a modicum of privacy from the likes of the nosey the city atty Ariel Calonne is finally showing some game..good! now all Scott needs to do is come up with a legit reason why he wants Cathy's personal was a lame attempt at intimidation by the News-Press who couldn't intimidate glass of beer....geez..but being that Wendy is so dumb, she'll probably sue the city again..but I gotta hand it to Wendy..she's makes lovin' fun!! and Scott...what stooge!

so the next thing is the district elections..the City should let the lawsuit happen and hear from the judge..DO NOT SETTLE with the likes of Lanny Ebenstein, who happened to settle with his neighbors for owning a nuisance pot house in Eureka...I wondered where Lanny went after he left Wendy's Guest House, but he's still getting paycheck with his radio show on AM 1290
Lanny and Capello are behind the district elections lawsuit, so this has nothing to do with racial issues..the more the city stands up to these bogus lawsuit threats, the less likely they will continue..let the courts decide

I hope I've made myself very clear...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rubberband Man

Rubberband man, Rubberband man
How much of this stuff do he think we can stand...

oh so according to Scott Steepleton of the  News-Press and Darryl Genis, Tony Macaroni pled guilty to felony resisting arrest at the Harbor because he is innocent..and going to a trial would be a waste of time..uh-huh..that makes sense...

must be some sort of legal mumbo jumbo but according to Scott: Denunzio will serve 90 days house arrest and in a short time the charges will be reduced to a misdemeanor and ultimately dismissed pursuant to Civil Code 1203.4 Expungment.. and Tony would have to make restitution to the sergeant who was injured during the arrest...conceiveably the money the city gave Tony could go back to the Harbor patrol guy, ie the city!! circular justice..

but expungement?? no can't unring a bell

then according to DG: the jury might find Tony guilty so a trial is not necessary to get the case dismissed...and Darryl say that Tony suffered from PTSD after he was tased and arrested by the cops for resisting arrest in Gelson's parking lot, violating his probabtion and drinking and driving..hahaah..good one Darryl...who's the clinical psychologist that Tony saw and gave the diagnosis? I want a name

so Tony's got PTSD?? well, the American Sniper dude, who killed a bunch of people in Iraq, and was murdered in the good ol' USA by a fellow a shooting range no less..the soldier who killed the sniper had PTSD which is more believeable..I should think that invading Iraq and killing little children would weigh more heavily on my mind than getting PTSD from being tased for resisting arrest...

the conservatives like to say "enhanced interrogation"  which is the politically correct version of "torture" so maybe when Tony's in jail he'll get some PTSD from enhanced interrogation...

but house arrest?? it's not prison, it's electric monitoring or being confined to home...other news sources say Tony will get jail the big house..

so is Scott lying again..sure he is...making excuses for a drunk and covering for pal Darryl...rubberband men!!

now I haven't heard anything about Cathy Murillo's emails being turned over to FOX News-Press there a precedent that sets precedence? well there's a case where the judge ordered ALL emails from ALL city council members after someone sued to get emails from two council people, so I don't think Scott and Wendy want to force Dale and Frank to show their emails...

the city atty Calonne probably won't turn over any emails....Wendy will have to sue to get them but she risks making Dale and Frank mad....a request can always be denied if there's no subpoena behind it...

I wanna make Wendy work for this one..unless she has PTSD!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


very well, I believe I know you very well...

Wendy McCuckoo-Fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way!!

speaking of nasty human beings, Tony DeNunzio pled guilty to resisting a cop..a felony...and he'll be sentenced later...this is ironic, didn't he just win a big extortion settlement from the City of SB for some bogus civil rights violation claim, and now because of his drinking which was the problem all along, he's going to jail probably and won't be able to spend the bounty! nice job of lawyerin' there DG!!

so DA Joyce better put him in fuckups this probation because he keeps violating his numerous previous probations and ends up in court again....the taxpayers are sick of babysitting Senor DeNunzio..PUT HIM IN JAIL FOR A FEW YEARS!!

ok, on page 4 of the News-Press, a story by Seth Roggins from AP appeared...the headline is  "Illegals could wait until 2019 to have cases resolved"..

hmmm.... now I know that AP has some guidelines on what term to use regarding immigrants, and illegals ain't one of I searched

the original story headline was "Immigrants could wait until 2019 to have cases resolved" and these teabaggers changed the headline and went thru the article and changed all references to immigrants or illegal immigrants to "illegals"!! ie they re-arranged the words of someone else's story because they didn't like the author's words!! freedom of the press??? Wendy you are just too silly for words!! didn't your parents teach you anything???

and it seems that the News-Press is a member of the Associated Press, which is a unionized shop!!

The AP staff is represented by the Newspaper Guild union, which operates under the Communication Workers union, which operates under the AFL-CIO.

gee, I thought Wendy hated unions and here she belongs to one!!

they hijacked a story from AP and changed the terminology to fit their political agenda!! the AP allows editing of stories but it is not editing when you change the authors words to fit a political agenda..that's called fraud!!

certainly not journalism, so I sent the info to AP and we'll see if they have any clout...maybe a nice big fine for Wendy....

our union gal