Monday, February 2, 2015

Stupid Girl

look at that stupid girl..

oh so now everyone's a satirist?? geez

now I've read some crazy letters to News-Press but # 69 wrote one in Sunday's editor that was special

#69, Julia Di Sieno of the non-profit Animal Rescue Team asks: "how many of the protesters who gathered outside the News-Press are legal?"

 well, I protested and I'm legal (most of the time) what

then #69 suggests that certain immigrants should be called "invasive species" instead of illegal aliens..did you graduate from 7th grade Julia??

the rationale she used is the Dept of Fish and Wildlife folks would rather rehabbers kill or deport invasive species to protect native species from disease!! it's all part of the biodiversity scam...just because an animal is labeled non-native doesn't mean it's disease ridden!! it's illogical...but these native folks use this propaganda to appeal to xenophobes

so if ART finds an injured red fox, they should kill it because it's non-native!! hogwash...hey maybe Julia whacked this red fox by the Salt Marsh last year

indeed, the California Dept of Fish and Wildlife has demonized and targeted the red fox with death

well I guess all animals are created equal, only some they more equal than others..ok I'll explore this later, but it's time to save the Red Fox from these killers.... these idiots...these morons

the Final Solution

"I called my supervisor and said, 'I just caught a golden eagle and it's dead,' " said Strader. "He said, 'Did anybody see it?' I said, 'Geez, I don't think so.'

"He said, 'If you think nobody saw it, go get a shovel and bury it and don't say nothing to anybody.' "

"That bothered me," said Strader, whose job was terminated in 2009. "It wasn't right."

Strader's employer, a branch of the federal Department of Agriculture called Wildlife Services, has long specialized in killing animals that are deemed a threat to agriculture, the public and – more recently – the environment.

Since 2000, its employees have killed nearly a million coyotes, mostly in the West. They have destroyed millions of birds, from nonnative starlings to migratory shorebirds, along with a colorful menagerie of more than 300 other species, including black bears, beavers, porcupines, river otters, mountain lions and wolves.

And in most cases, they have officially revealed little or no detail about where the creatures were killed, or why. But a Bee investigation has found the agency's practices to be indiscriminate, at odds with science, inhumane and sometimes illegal.

Read more here:

so is Julia advocating killing immigrants who are illegal?? well, if that's not racist a la Hiter, then I don't know what is...Julia would have been a good girlfriend to, Amon Goeth, the Nazi sniper who shot Jews at prison camps for target practice...

stupid #69 at Joe's hearing in Carp

of course, Julia gets mommy- money from Wendy ..Wendy supposedly is a big animal rights kinda gal..but I guess she's ok with killing non-native all those domestic dogs that don't come from America...or even California..shall we kill them, too?

or does Julia want to kill Mexicans because ex- prominent Latino politician cocktail craver Joe Armendariz broke her heart??? sent her a dirty pic of himself!! I's hard keeping tabs on  these perverts

then #69 blasts the Chumash for building a casino and mansions in her Santa Ynez Valley..well, this is the one time I'll side with the Indians...the valley is huge and if you want to swelter and gamble, who am I to stop you???

then at the end of the letter....Julia thanks the News-Press for all they do for the community...huh??
someone needs to run an IQ test on Julia..I fear she's an imbecile.. or she has a deer tic burrowing in her brain ...



and the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is now on my radar....there is simply no good reason to annihilate a species of fox that's been here since the 1800s


Oh My said...

Thanks for photographing her letter so that I could read it. What a nasty human being!

Santa Ynez Bubble said...

Wow. The Ronald Reagan - Fess Parker generation has really screwed up peoples logic sector. I hope #69 gets better soon because we need her to do her good animal rescue work without all thus twisted confusion over immigrants and natives.

Val Hinkleman said...

You make me laugh that you think your little website is more important than a paper runed by a champion of free speech in America. Do you honestly think you can stifle an American's right to speak her mind and voice the people's anger over the scourage of ILLEGALS over running this country? Miss McCaw and her paper speaks the truth and will not be shut down or shut up! The filth from below the border is invading our land and that is what it is an invading. The Santa Barbara News is a voice of freedom and its owning calling for the truth to be told. Wendy McCaw is a powerful American and warning us we need to ready to defend ourselfs, life and limb, armed and ready to take back this land. I cheer what this newspaper is saying. Liberty has a new champion!

Mick Von Caw said...

awesome Val!

anonymouse said...

Yes, Wendy McCaw truely is a grate Amelican, Amlicarn, Amaricab. Aw fuk. You no what I meen.

Anonymous said...

Wendy has a lot of money and a big boat but is not all that powerful. If she was a champoin of free speech she would go after the ILLEGAL American filth that employees immigrants in our hospitality, service and restaurant industries. There hasn't been an article on that subject since the mid 1990s. Hmmm I wonder who dusts newbee councilman Hotchkissesss house.