Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello, It's Me

there's something here that doesn't last too long

I hate it when some chick calls and says "it's me!!"... unless we've had sex recently, no chick should call me and say "it's me"'s unnerving..always state your name first

ok so I see Lance Armstrong is applying for a job at the News-Press...lying about his drug use when cycling and now after a DUI and plowing into two parked cars in Aspen, he tries to blame his wife! Lance..YOU'RE HIRED!!

then I see the News-Press snoops got TWO EMAILS from the City of Santa Barbara/councilmember Cathy Murillo to satisfy the Public Records request by Steepleton...two!!! wow!!!

if you are a council member you will get tons of email from people..I've sent politicians emails on various issues...I would not expect the county or city to hand them over to the News-Press

Wendy....millions of dollars and no sense

The Stooge

I expect a modicum of privacy from the likes of the nosey the city atty Ariel Calonne is finally showing some game..good! now all Scott needs to do is come up with a legit reason why he wants Cathy's personal was a lame attempt at intimidation by the News-Press who couldn't intimidate glass of beer....geez..but being that Wendy is so dumb, she'll probably sue the city again..but I gotta hand it to Wendy..she's makes lovin' fun!! and Scott...what stooge!

so the next thing is the district elections..the City should let the lawsuit happen and hear from the judge..DO NOT SETTLE with the likes of Lanny Ebenstein, who happened to settle with his neighbors for owning a nuisance pot house in Eureka...I wondered where Lanny went after he left Wendy's Guest House, but he's still getting paycheck with his radio show on AM 1290
Lanny and Capello are behind the district elections lawsuit, so this has nothing to do with racial issues..the more the city stands up to these bogus lawsuit threats, the less likely they will continue..let the courts decide

I hope I've made myself very clear...

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