Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hey Good Lookin'

what-cha got cookin'

I don't use the term anchor baby and never's stupid and racist and baby will ever be an anchor..

however I do think there are anchor babes like Cecelia Vega...ABC NEWS...boy what a babe..Vega Profundo!!

ok so I'm watching the tube and I see a short fat balding white guy walking down the street...hey it's Nipper! the racist co-publisher from the News-Press... if Wendy and Nipper are both co-publishers, who's the publisher???

anyway, Nipper is hosting a food show on KEYT called What's we follow Nipper to Boochies, some health food place in SB...Nipper  stands there with a young gal, a mom..he asks some dumb questions about health and the goofy gal is a holistic whatever...another water tasting expert perhaps

then they start talking about kale..then Nipper and the gal go to the kitchen to cook some kale, but they have to massage it Nipper puts on an apron and the chick tells him how to massage kale..Nipper makes a dirty old man joke about the kale having massage envy (???)

then Nipper tells her that Thomas Jeffereson was the first one to bring kale to the United States...well that's what he said, but he just kinda mumbled off when the chick interrupted him...

so I couldn't watch the entire show but checked back at the end and they were still standing there, eating kale..or creamed kale..the whole show was about kale...


now I don't know why KEYT would carry such a show hosted by a racist but I guess Nipper's shows on News-Press TV, channel 1860 aren't getting any watchers..
from the NP: About a year ago, Santa Barbara producers Ira and Linda Distenfield approached Mr. von Wiesenberger, who previously guest-starred on their "Inn Crowd with Budi Kazali," starring the Santa Ynez Valley chef on KEYT, about hosting a cooking show.

"His personality, his knowledge of food, his love of food, his gift of communicating just jump off the television screen," said Mr. Distenfield, "What's Cooking" executive producer. He added Mr. von Wiesenberger is good at getting chefs to explain their steps clearly.

Mrs. Distenfield, the show's producer and director, praised the host for being upbeat, joking on the air and researching the dishes before he talks to the chefs.

oh the Distenfields.. I remember them... all the bad press they got with their cop show and We The People franchise legal problems...their bankruptcy and being sued for fraud..contempt of court, etc...a perfect fit for Nipper!!! these folks STINK!!!
now as to the claim that Thomas Jefferson was the first one to bring kale into the USA...ah no Nipper...Jefferson had a garden and liked tomatoes and sea kale and other things too...he probably ate apples and cherries and all sorts of things....

 Tomatoes commonly appear in the Jefferson family recipe collections. Two varieties Jefferson planted most often were the "dwarf" and the "Spanish," which was described as "very much larger than the common kinds.

Jefferson also had slaves at his Monticello mansion and Nipper, the little runt, is treating illegals like slaves!! Nipper and Wendy want to purchase hundreds of illegals to deliver papers for them!! oh wait, don't they do that already??

yeah the cooking show is pretty bad and amateurish...Nipper's crude attempt at a sex joke about massaging the kale...well, Nipper is no Anthony Bourdain..or Thomas Jefferson for that matter...and KEYT, oughta be ashamed for airing such crap from these hacks of low character...

and Nipper, lifted to a status far beyond his capabilites by a wealthy divorcee, trolls around Xanadu

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