Friday, February 27, 2015

Get Together

c'mon people now, smile on your brother...

I love coyotes like my native redskin brothers and sisters do...coyotes are intelligent, wild and free, they don't need leashes..they don't eat "dog food" ...their diets are healthy and they certainly don't need doggie poop bags...they strike fear in city folks and will never respond to silly commands like "roll over"....and they sing at night ..yip yip yip's a song of the hills..the blueberry hills

and conservatives tend to blame coyotes for everything..I'm sure they blame illegal immigration on coyotes...BTW, are we legal by place birth or by place of conception...if I was conceived in France but born in America, am I an illegal..someting for the right-to-life folks to tink about

ok, so domestic designer dogs I have no use for..they are dumb and annoying...when I'm driving around I see guys walking their dogs and I shout 'FAGGOT!" just to let 'em know my displeasure....these people are now holding funerals when their dogs die..funerals! this irrational emotional attachment to a four-legged shitbag is perplexing...if a pet dies you move on...if a loved one dies, you grieve..(sometimes not)....but anyway, these people need to grow up

however, I was just thinking the city of SB is trying to determine if there should be more off leash dog parks..well with the homeless kicked outta the city parks why shouldn't the dogs take over?

my first reaction was no, keep your damn dirty paws off the beach and on a leash..then I read something over on EDHAT about the native-only cult being I had to choose sides...DOGS OR BIODIVERSITY... and I'm leaning towards the dogs..

now I know dogs are stupid in an endearing sorta way..I will never have a dog and a dog will never have me...but they should be allowed to run free and trample over plants like I did when I was a kid..and like I still do

recently, the rains have brought some awesome flora..not too much fauna, but lotsa flora

there are natives and non-natives (weeds) hanging together just waiting to be walked upon, so I did just that..and I loved felt Joni said, we can't round up all the trees and put them in a tree museum

in this case dogs and their owners could become my allies..I could turn public opinion against the native cult, the biodiversity crowd....and dogs crowding out the natives and trampling on the grapes of wrath...

but the bluffs look really nice with the mix of natives and can see the seeds blowing in on the winds....

dogs, natives and non-natives all running free...hmmmm

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