Friday, February 13, 2015

Garden Party

there was magic in the air....

Santa Barbara used to be pretty seedy downtown..before the bars and restaurants, drunk drivers and vomiting yuppies there were pawn shops, adult book stores, street people and old hotels like the Schooner Inn...I was parked one night on a side street and a gal came up and said twenty bucks for a blow job...I looked at her and she at me.. something was nagging at me though..she looked like a guy dressed as a girl...but I almost went for it, whew! you can never be too careful

one short chubby bald kinda retard looking guy with a baseball cap runs a candy shop downtown, and he brought a dildo to the city council meeting to make a point about homeless people...I don't know what the point was supposed to be

first off, I would never buy candy from a short fat bald guy who carries a dildo around..maybe the chub wanted to proposition Dale!

but this homeless thing has been so exaggerated....conservatives keep crying they are afraid to go downtown because they might get accosted by a homeless guy, yet they drive home drunk after a fine dinner at a new foodie what is really going on here?

there are certain people that blame the city gov't for everything...but of course it's not the city's fault if someone leaves a dildo downtown...people litter all the time so if you see a dildo on the bench, put it in the trash...the city didn't invent dildos so the council is not responsible for who uses them

municpalities provides certain services...water and wastewater treatment, cops and fire, emergency maintenance service..but the city is not a can't control all errant behavior whether by a homeless dude or newspaper owner

the city has no responsibility to make every corner of every block danger-free...and breast-feeding in public!!! who's gonna protect the kids against witnessing that???

but if the homeless bother you, do what I do..send them to Wendy's Reagan Ranch looks like a mental hospital.. and tell them there's a free meal and free beer waiting for them..a garden party all the time...remember Reagan thought mental illness was a weakness and closed down all the hospitals that were set up to help these folks...Camarillo was a famous hospital that treated the kinds of people you see on the streets today..."Combined with a sharp rise in homelessness during the 1980s, Ronald Reagan pursued a policy toward the treatment of mental illness that satisfied special interest groups and the demands of the business community, but failed to address the issue: the treatment of mental illness"

oh and if you were for all the wars, the illegal invasions of sovereign countries, then you are responsible for the mind-mangled war vets on the fucked them over but good and now they are back to haunt you....and there's nothing the city council can do about created this mess, you clean it up...

and remember this, you can't please evey
one so... you gotta please yourself

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Anonymous said...

Oh no its Mr. Dildo .... at the podium, with his prop, said the mayor.

This "business" owner proves that they are just as nutty as anyone else. They should not be elevated or celebrated as the better class.