Sunday, February 22, 2015

hey little girl

hey little girl, you don't have to hide nothing no more

A Wine County Almanac

so there's comtempt of court and indirect contempt of court...uh huh

when you are in the courthouse or court room whether court is in session or not, I expect you to conduct yourself professionally...

Darryl  Genis -DUI atty to killer drunks-got off a contempt of court charge due to a technicality according to the Court of Appeals and the Independent story

because court was "not in session" the Judge Dandona erred and should have said DG was in "indirect contempt" of court instead of direct contempt when he  called a colleague a "little girl"

so the Court of Appeals reversed Judge Dandona's decision, but I reverse the Court of Appeals decision and find DG guilty for acting like a little girl...a small fine is in order

WTF??? are they kidding?? are these appeal court judges drunk...they don't want to upset Darryl in case they need his defense down the road..what kind of a judgement or decision is that???

ok so if tell a lawyer chick that she's a little girl and I'm gonna slit her throat, that's cool?? how about I wanna jerkoff on her that ok too judges???

so DUI lawyer Darryl Genis is now defending an alleged scumbag up north..uh, Benjy Bettencourt is his name and this Bettencourt dude is on trial in wine soaked Santa Maria for killing a teacher who was his passenger...they both were allegedly drunk but Darryl has concocted a defense around diabetes and a bunch of other excuses...the blood sugar defense

dint Benjy kill another gal somewhere before while driving and ended up a cripple?? but seems he likes to drink and kill stupid little girls who hang out with him...I think he's a spoiled rich kid with zero sense..

but alas, the system of justice as I've seen it is is pretty much a joke...esp in Santa Barbara... a judge makes a gets appealed and what is the purpose of a judge?? why make a ruling if it can't stand??

what is this, some kind of a game??? this ain't no game!!! SNAP OUT OF IT YOU DUMBFUCK JUDGES!!! MAKE A FUCKING DECISION!!

pssssst..little girl


Anonymous said...

Story in the Independent? You mean the News-Mess didn't have a huge front page story proclaiming "TRUTH AND JUSTICE PREVAILS FOR GREAT WHITE HERO!" Are they slipping. Daryl Genis MADE that paper! Is the News-Mess a bunch of LITTLE GIRLS!

Anonymous said...

Is the love affair between Genis over? Maybe Wendy doesn't like being called "little girl," herself Although with that crazy head of gray hair, I doubt that's going to happen. As anyone noticed how much she looks like a grouch homeless person? You think she'd be kinder to all those homeless on State Street since she looks just a nutty as any one of them.