Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunshine of Your Love

it's getting near dawn...

as I walk the countryside, the hills, the dales, the streets and so forth, I see things that are pleasing to the eye..and the senses...

I see sage by the roads in little clumps..and fennel...every Spring I see sage..and with all this hot air in Winter, spring has sprung early..and the drops of rain help these flowers grow...and if you look real close, you can see seeds floating thru the air being dispersed as they have been since the beginning of time..

so I love seeing the yellow flowers in spring...

the native cult at the Botanic Garden does not like buttercups...the News-Press, itself a publication full of hot air, had an article by some dufus at the BG..Bruce Reed, a Jim Jones look-alike!

poor Bruce frets about getting rid of buttercups only because he says they are is just nonsense...invasive biology is the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard of..there is nothing insideous about buttercups, but plenty insideous is this human-caused COORS litter...COORS?? fuck that shit..PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!!


but I went to Summerland to check out the buttercups and I see a beautiful buttercup driving a green Land Rover by the Buddha place ....the Rover had big windows so I could see the driver real good


Ellen and Portia's palace???

I didn't have my camera ready so you'll have to take my word for it..driving the Land Rover was Portia de Rossi, Ellen's wife...awesome..she's very lovely, like a sweet ray of sunshine,  and a great actress..if I were a gay woman I might have had a shot at her...but I'm not a gay woman..yet...I gotta get some tips from Bruce Jenner about that...Bruce looks gorgeous!!!

so I searched google and Ellen gave the SUV to Portia as a gift last year!! damn, I wish I had my camera out! well, maybe Ellen and Portia will invite me over for some coffee and I can interview them...I'll ask some nutty questions and it'll be fun!

Kevin's place..what a view!!

hey I had a dream last night and Joni Mitchell and Kevin Costner were in there's an odd couple! who needs a Film Festival when ya got them two!!

I love buttercups..or sour grass as we called them as kids..pick some and chew and get a wonderful sour mouth...anybody who sees this little flower as a threat is an idiot...spreading lies about plants that have always been part of the landscape is...well it's what the News-Press did when it printed the "Illegals" headline...demonize what you can't understand...nothing to fear but fear itself
besides, just how do they purport to control all those flowers? spray poison over the cities or on the bluffs...or on the roadsides and trails in Summerland??

it's absurd...these Botanic Garden folks need to step outside their little bubble and see how delightful the winter and spring blooms of ALL flowers are...the array is vast and hurts absolutely nobody...

in fact such a lovely display, like a water color, is good for the soul....

if you have one

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Mad Scientist said...

Oh yeah beeer boxes are litter. But buttercups or Oxalis is invasive and prevents other host species from germinating while putting in danger many local species that either prey or are prey.