Saturday, February 28, 2015

into the mystic

I wanna rock your gypsy soul

now here's a weird political story out of the bible belt...a candidate for governor of Missouri, Tom Schwiech kills himself because of a "whisper campaign" outing him as Jewish

seems some radical Christian evangelicals were gonna spread the word via whispers that Tom is Jewish and hurt his chances of being elected..apparently radical evangelical Christians don't like Jews?? so instead of being good sporting Americans, instead of debates, they spread weird religious tales about the he kills himself...

I don't get it...I know things are pretty screwy in the bible belt, but why kill yourself for being Jewish...and why do radical Christians hate Jews??

what is it exactly that radical Christians in America want, other than to blow up abortion clinics and force their religious views on everyone....and why do they want to wage wars against Iran and Islam and every raghead south of Tripoli??
I read a book on Sufism and it was pretty cool and mystical...the folks who preach hatred and such are not proponents of religious thought..or spirituality...they are just plain ignorant like the fools at the News-Press!!

then I see a guy in the Ozarks in Missouri goes on a killing rampage..shoots seven neighbors for some reason..I'm sure he was an evangelical Christian radical..probably educated at the radical Christian College of the Ozarks

maybe I should invite a few ISIS dudes over to take care of the radical evangelical Christian problem in America..

bring me some heads on a platter so to speak...

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