Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pretzel Logic

I stepped up to the platform, the man gave me the news, he said "you must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?"

now there's talk that the vandalism perpetrated upon the News-Press building was an inside job..a false flag operation by Wendy and the boys to garner sympathy as PODER protested against the Illegals headlne....

I didn't think much about it until I started to think about's possible...I went back over my photos and ran that day through my mind, such as it is, MLK Day, Jan 19

the paint, the pink paint with the words "Borders Are Illegal, Not People" had to be done with a ladder...who hauls a ladder out in the wee hours to paint graffiti?? and who paints a little smiley face?? a conservative, that's who!!!

whoever wrote this was pretty tall!!

you can see how tall the door is and the only way you could paint graffiti without a ladder is if you had these big-heeled shoes on like this long-legged chick....she walked by and she was at least 10 ft tall!

and then there was that one sign that the News-Press supporters held: Pro-Borders Trans Pacific Partnership=No! I'll explore that later but free trade is a good thing

this NP graffiti incident looks very convenient and pre-planned act designed to make PODER look like they did it, but of course they didn't do who did it... I dunno...but I'm leaning towards the News-Press involvement..and this is why a look at Dale Francisco's emails might be interesting..Dale was out there supporting the News-Press, looking awfully cocky with that hat...hmmm

maybe Dale facilitated a meeting wherein the NP and the Minutemen came up with the plan to vandalize the NP building the night before the protest...and when the rally began, the sign Pro-Borders Trans Pacific Partnership=No! just happened to be there, all ready...

in other words, these Minuteman dummies decided to make their own news with the help of the News-Press..and don't forget, Nipper wrote a thank-you note to Jim Gilchrist, the racist Minuteman founder...

put all these odds and ends together and an investigation into the News-Press involvement in defacing its own building is in order..and while they're at it, they can re-open the investigation as to why Wendy had child porn on her company computer...thousands of images...seems that was not investigated properly and was swept under the rug...

I would love to tour the southland, in a traveling minstrel show..


Anonymous said...

Certainly wouldn't surprise me if the N-P defaced its own building. Back in 2008, the paper ran a story that started off:

"At the same time the union representing newsroom employees at the Santa Barbara News-Press has ratcheted up its economic assault on the paper, urging businesses to stop advertising over what it calls bad faith bargaining on the part of parent company Ampersand Publishing LLC, the paper finds itself the target of another attack intended to bleed its coffers, this time involving fraudulent checks."

The N-P obviously was hoping that readers would think there was some connection between the bad checks-scam and the Teamsters. But there wasn't. The story, of course, was written by Wendy's top spinmeister -- Scott Steepleton.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put this past the mustachioed Tea Party-loving news director, aka "The Nightcrawler" or Simpleton, aka, "The Patsy," but I doubt it because how then will Wendy make up the millions she loses every year on her toy by renting space in the building? Nobody wants to rent space in a building being tagged. Of course, who want to rent from a landlord who sues everyone and never pays her (lawyer's) bills? That would be like having the landlord from hell.