Monday, February 23, 2015

Wild Thing

 you make my heart sing

well it was supposed to rain on Sunday so I went for a hike at the Carp bluffs...a protected no hotels or bordellos here.... but that's ok, I got a whore on 7th Avenue

a train goes by...I love trains....they stop on 8th Street sometimes

 I wasn't expecting to see the bulls run and so I didn't see any...what I did see was a whale off shore a bit.. it's a narwhale!!! gnarley!! feasting on arctic char...he breached looking like a big bull..shit I pull out my camera but too late...then he dove..I saw him a few more times but he was a master at stealth..



I hung out with a turkey vulture for awhile and we watched and waited....we saw the tail of the whale.... swooooosh.....then he disappeared...I guess he drowned

then the vulture laughed and flew off and I stood there, on the precipice, like Robinson Jeffers

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