Sunday, July 26, 2009

Freddy and the Freeloaders...

the strange, creepy and lucrative world of non profits....

ever since the I exposed the Santa Barbara County Taxpayer Association strange and shady operations and politically incestuous relationship with the News-Press and volunteers exposed the mismanagement of the Botanical Gardens, non profits have been under scrutiny...and rightly so..some are good but some are bad or unnecessary..we got Heal the Bay, Heal the Ocean and Surfrider all collecting big bucks from the gullible public, but I'm not sure exactly what they all do that municipalities already do with my tax dollars!
here's some interesting figures of non-profits, ...these guys are raking in the money and they don't have to pay taxes! Churches don't pay and their charities don't pay..double dippers! There's more where this came from..this is the tip of the iceburg...why aren't these organizations taxed..what an obvious scam some of these wonder people are scrambling to start non profits! EASY MONEY and NO TAXES!! what irks me is these people ask for money from city councils, prey on emotions and the council falls for it...why give my tax money to Peoples' Self Help Housing when they are worth 50 million dollars!! What a rip!!!
salaries of the CEOs and organization assets
Santa BarbaraMuseum of Natural History..Karl Hutterer $133000
assets $70,000,000
santa barbara foundation Charles Slosser $172900
assets $248,000,000
Center for Biological Diversity Michael Finkelstein $74000
assets $3500000
Defenders of Wildlife Rodger Schlickeisen $268000
assets $22,000,000
Surfrider Jim Moriarty $170000
assets $4,569,360
Heal the Bay Mark Gold $ 150000
assets $3,300,000
National Disaster Search
Dog Foundation in Ojai
Debra Tosch $72000
assets $3,500,000
Catholic Charites LA/SB Rev. Monsignor Gregory A. Cox $28,080
assets $71,000,000
Nature Conservancy Steven J. McCormick President, CEO $427,465
net assets 47 BILLION!! ever since they've owned the Channel Islands, ecological disaster has occured! It's a Nature Con..

and here's a job from Craigslist:
Description: 501(c)3 or 4, start up Program Director for environmental green fuel consortium. Works with the Senior Managing Director to form, run, and operate day to day administrative and organizational functions. Special emphasis, expertise, and experience in member based political and/or environmental movements (, etc). Works with designers to create the website and content, online message and media, grass roots membership base and databank as well as fundraising campaigns and special outreach. Handles the daily requirements for legal and accountancy records. Works with the Senior Managing Director in the development of the organization with centers of influence and the planning of events. Candidate should be a self-starter; computer, internet, tech literate; politically and environmentally savvy; strong administrative skills; knowledge and experience in fundraising and online movements; able to task building a start up non-profit helping reach its mission and objectives. Resume should demonstrate experience in these areas and specifics are helpful.
Location: Santa Barbara
Compensation: $60,000 per year plus medical.
This is at a non-profit organization.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
churches and non profits need to start paying taxes!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Night at the Museum...

the Museum of Natural History is now the Mission Canyon Country Club???

let's see..the last time I was there was when Terry Tempest Williams spoke..a Mormon and environmentalist, she has written some good books..straight talking and no BS about the beauty of America so easily destroyed by ignorance and BS. The Museum is a beautiful place... it is also a non-profit and some questionable activities are taking place there...I know the times are tough, but raising money catering to booze hounds is pretty low and another lame-brain idea from the events manager, fat lady Meridith Moore..I wonder how much money these people make.....
Mission:To enlighten the public by developing and presenting fundamental knowledge of natural history research, so as to teach and inspire a lifelong passion and abiding respect for the natural world.
how does getting drunk enlighten anybody??..BOOZE PARTIES!!?? WTF is going on over there.. Who is pushing all this liquor? Recently they had a wine party at Ty Warner's Biltmore disguised as a star gazing event: next they are going to have a beer tasting event..and the kicker: HAPPY HOUR Fridays at 5 before Fiesta..TEQUILA TASTINGS!!
Highlights: Events- Bugs and Beer: Friday, July 24- Saturday, July 25- mailto:Fridays@5:%20Tequila

Friday, July 31
Friday, July 315:00-7:00 PM
Start Fiesta early with a special tequila-tasting party! Enjoy various tequila and learn the differences between Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo. Taste tantalizing tequila-infused hors d'oeuvres.
Advance Tickets: $25 (by July 28); at the door: $35Reservation required and space is limited.
To purchase tickets by phone call Nicole at 805-682-4711 ext. 110.
SAVE THE DATE for the next Fridays@5 on September 4.
NOTE: This is an adults-only event. Guests must be at least 21 years old. Please no children or pets. NO REFUNDS are made for cancellations or "no-shows".
This is preposterous! Tequila tasting at the Museum of Natural History..I know Indians like booze, but what has this got to do with history..the history of Fiesta alcoholics??
The events manager has got her head up her ass..and I think alot of this is pushed by Ty Warner who gave money to the Sea Center and now probably owns the Museum staff...pathetic
here's a little email exchange with the executive director:
to: What is the matter with you people?? festivals, beer and Tequila tastings..promoting alcohol for what? education? the children? drunk driving? alcholism...what does this have to do with the museum?
I'll be investigating this pathetic display by the Museum soon...
from: I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you the full scope of the Museum’s programs and the reasons for why we do what we do, if you are interested in civil conversation. Just let me know.
Karl L. Hutterer PhD
Executive Director
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
fuck the civility Karl..why are you promoting alcohol??
whatever happened to bake sales??

Monday, July 13, 2009

Seamy Valley...

simi...feel mi, touch mi, heal mi

I avoid Simi Valley like the's like a little town in the Twilight Zone...there's no organic flow soul, no breeze, no ocean, no nada...just oppressive heat and white people..very, very white people trying to keep outsiders out of their outsider would be a Mexican, a black, an Asian or other non-white...
I'm white, but I'm not that white..I grew up with racism but soon learned that the people promoting it were ignornant imbeciles, like my dad! How can you listen to Marvin Gaye or the Supremes or the Ojays or Jimi Hendrix and be a racist? Impossible!
So Simi has the Ronald Reagan Library and Santa Barbara has the Ronald Reagan Center where the Young Republicans hang out..Wendy McCaw owns that building and a bunch of others in SB..I'll be doing a very special walking tour of her properties soon..but back to the whites: the last neocon to appear at the Simi Valley RRL was Bill O' invitation only event. The next neocon to appear will be Sarah Palin, poster girl for conservative cuckoo. It also will be an invitation only event..she will preach to the choir because conservatives can't stand to be criticized..they want an image of squeaky clean American values and the only way to portray that to the sheepish followers is to control the censor, to lie, to cheat, to do anything to maintain the illusion of superiority...of course, they only fool themselves and the GOP has suffered with these Christian fanatics trying to appear normal. I think even Reagan would question his name being associated with all these losers!
The next speaker will probably be crazy sex maniac Dick Morris!
The younger neocons, following their parents foortsteps, have their own little controversy brewing with racist blogs being discovered on Facebook by the new chair of the Young Republicans, Audra Shay
but I'm not's easy to be stupid and the GOP has taken the easy way out...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the look of love...

cherchez la femme...

the French are not our enemy...a few years ago anal-brained Bill O'Reilly decided to use the FOX show his sugar daddy Rupert Murdoch gave him to trash the French..he called for a boycott because France didn't agree with the Bush invasion of Iraq..France was right, we were wrong and I was embarrassed to have O'Reilly as a fellow American..still least he helped publicize the inane neocons for what they really are..poop eaters! Even the News-Press, in a brief moment of clarity, realizes this in their editorial praise of the festival.. but they mananged to knock the city council and exult Harriet Miller, who according to NP, started the festival poodle parade and just celebrated her 90th birthday! If I see Harriet on Sunday (the worst mayor we've ever had, Orange County junk bond scandal and state water/desal under her watch), well, I'm gonna push her over the foot bridge into the creek bed...RIP honey!!
now, the French Festival is back again..this festival is such a treat...held in the beautiful old Oak Park neighborhood with the ill-conceived Cottage Hospital expansion looming close-by, the vibe is always fun..I start by darting around looking at the exhibits and then park it under the oaks center stage to catch some music...first off we have an opera singer accompanied by a guitar player..they run through a bunch of fun and lovely French and English songs...very casual and then they pass the the old coffee house days!

Next up we have an incredibly beautiful young woman named Jessica Fichot singing in French, English, Chinese... jubilantly, playing toy accordion and accompanied by a clarinet wiz , stand up bassist and drummer..fantastic..bought her CD right then and there! and look at she giving me the look of love or what!!
another French woman was playing with balloons, next to the massage exhibit tent and right next to my ear!! and nowhere to be seen was the much balleyhooed Statue of Liberty...maybe Sunday...
Mon Dieu, I love the French!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


scorched earth...

remember the Zaca fire? last year? the morons responsible for this mayhem got off scot-free: the ranch hands, the ranch, Rancho La Laguna and the jugheaded judge Zel Canter who let them off the hook...he claimed they weren't negligent..I beg to differ...
here's a summary:
2 workmen, ranch face charges in Zaca fire - The blaze was started by sparks from equipment. It has scorched almost 250,000 acres of forest.
SANTA BARBARA -- Two men and a cattle ranch were charged Friday with felony crimes for allegedly recklessly starting a fire that has burned 375 square miles of wilderness in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties and injured 44 firefighters.Jose Jesus Cabrera, 38, of Santa Ynez; Santiago Iniguez Cervantes, 46, of Santa Maria; and Rancho La Laguna LLC were charged with four felony counts each. The men could face up to nine years in state prison if convicted, according to the Santa Barbara County district attorney's office.Prosecutors charged that the men and company were careless with a flaming substance, which is a misdemeanor violation of health and safety codes, and that they failed to secure a "hot work" permit, which would be an infraction of county and state regulations.
the issue here is you and I are going to pay for the idiocy of these morons..the ash fallout polluted the water supply, so it will take extra filtering and chemicals, ie, treatment to produce safe drinking water..that's why my water rates went up! and the judge thinks the ranch is innocent! Should I send CAL OSHA to these remote ranches for a weekly safety check? YES..and the ranch should pay for it..ignorance is no excuse..these pendejos should not have been welding in the heat on the 4th of July unless there was fire suppression equipment nearby..all they had was jug of water in case a fire started! A JUG OF WATER...PENDEJOS!!!
Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Zel Canter rules that Workers’ Actions Did Not Constitute Recklessness.
where did you get your law degree, Canter? from a Cracker Jack box?? Fucking idiot! of course it was recklessness..and stupidity...the ranch should be held liable for improper safety training and should pay the city for the extra water treatment costs...why should I pay???
CANTER click to see something stupid!
this jackass judge should be disbarred for incompetence...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


unstable Republicans...

is it possible that the entire Republican party, so traumatized by bloggers and a black/white President, has gone psycho? Is it possible that the neo- conservative movement that Newt started has unleashed some hitherto unknown element from the GOP psyche? Sure, this is America, anything's possible.. look..there's Bush: invaded a country under false pretenses: FOXNEWS: duped Amercia into thinking Rupert Murdoch is a real American! All you need to do is look at the damage FOX has done to the USA using Murdoch's media billions to lie for neo- conservative causes..all the while using false patriotism to sell their product... schmucks!!
Dr. Laura: a hypocrite, liar and cheat for the Republicans! Mark Sanford, SC Governor: a pussy hound! Then there's gay freak Mark Foley, the congressman who sent filthy emails to underaged pages while serving on a board to protect children from predators!
David Vitter, the senator who was hanging out with hookers while preaching family values. Larry Craig, caught hitting on a cop in a men's room..what ever happened to romance??
John Ensign, the Las Vegas gambler and senator who was having an affair with a staffer..another Christian caught with his pants down! All the behavior is symptomatic of deeper issues..unresolved issues...issues that need analysis to correct this rightwing brain damage syndrome....but no..they won't go into therapy..too touchy- feely, too hippie new age.but I tell it's not! There are many counselors and therapists that thrive on your neurosis..I'm not talking about the pop faux-psychologists like Dr. Phil or Dr Laura, I'm talking about the real guys..who dig deep and make you take an honest look at yourself... but you have to want it! So, instead of pretending you are not crazy, take the steps to get to know yourself better, then you'll stop with the superficial things like frequent Tea Party gatherings..all that does is move the whack jobs into one place and puts their certified crazy on display...doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of barmy!
and it is not good to think America should be a place where we all think alike or the only role of government is a police state to protect the rich from the poor..these mental issues that the neocons keep trying to publicize only serve to stifle Sarah and all you oddball conservatives, you are starting to look like a secret society where political incest is producing some quirky characters....please remember... call the HELPLINE...the doctor is in!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sweaty Betty...

and Disney girls...

I used to be in a rock band and we had a song called "Sweaty Betty"..the music was way ahead of its time ie, pretty bad, so naturally the band had no future..I quit to seek my fame and fortune as a freaken folksinger/country singer and got kicked in the ass but had sooo much fun in the process..then I got a real job and was able to fund my hobby, music, while providing a valuable service to all the citizens of California and the world...See how life works for me?
Now, there's a group of sweaty Betties who are screaming for attention while on skates..they are called the "Mission City Brawlin' Betties"...and they plan to skate up some girl on girl action at Earl Warren Showgrounds on July 18...

what's better than a bunch of sweaty women dressed in tight suits, going around in circles, trying to take each other out, on skates?! I'll tell ya what's better..a bunch of sweaty near naked French Women dancing at the French Festival..July 11-12 at Oak Park...
mais oui!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

high society

Fun things to do on the 3rd of July...if you are mildly mental, like Culpepper the cat
if you do not attend these functions , you are not an're a commie!
FUNHOUSE#1: the Mixed Up Martial Arts Fight at the Earl Warren Showgrounds.. if you go brush up on your vocabulary: yo..yo...hey..I'm down wid dat..yo...yo..wuh..yo yo..wuf wuf yo yo..rrrr..arrrrg
FUNHOUSE #2: the Tea Party and Culpepper Society will hold a hoedown black people will be allowed..and only one token Mexican: Joe (Jose) Armendariz!
Santa Barbara Tea Party & Culpepper Society Presents
Independence Day EventsTwo Days of Celebrating America’s 232nd Birthday
Friday, July 3 @ 7 PMDe la Guerra Plaza
Wild West Show & Freedom Rally Starring Buffalo Bill and Friends
~ On stage at De la Guerra Plaza, Hollywood actor Peter Sherayko headlines 4th of July Kick-Off Event as Buffalo Bill. The show incorporates musical performances & retro Buffalo Bill acts and a non-partisan political rally. Appearances by "Calamity Jane," "Annie Oakley," Tax Pro Joe Armendariz, Ryan McNichols and others make the evening memorable...oh geez, camera hog/publicity hound Carp City Councilman Jose Armendariz will be there, why don't you learn to do some tricks or stand up comedy or something!
"This Tea-party bunch intends to hi-jack every one of our national holidays this year. They are going to use the Fourth of July to try and spread more of their hate. Main stream Americans have got to start exposing these people for what they really are. They are antagonists, instigators and hate-mongers. If we did not have a local, State and Federal tax system we would not have concrete side-walks, paved streets, city transportation, safe drinking water and sewer systems, fire departments, law enforcement, schools to educate our children, we would not have city, state or federal governments. With out these things we would be as bad off as the third world countries that we see on the news now and again. Nobody likes taxes but most people see the need for it and understand we have to do it".
and the biggest tax leech (3 trillion!!) is almost over... a majority of American troops are finally pulling out of Iraq, 4 years after bombing children and invading /occupying a sovereign country..what a waste that was...sticking our noses in their civil war and prolonging it...if Saddam was still dictator, gas prices would be $1.85/ gallon..Bush and his cheerleaders from the Tea Party Culpeppers invaded the wrong fucking cuntry..they should have hit Saudi Arabia..that's where the Bin Laden terrorists came from..but no, Bush was too busy holding hands with Sheik Yer Booty...
Gov Sanford gets herpes?
Look at what happened to the Bones girl!
Way too much information about Mark Sanford...this is too weird to have him reveal every love-lorn feeling and marital struggle. I don't care! Work it out behind closed doors--you don't get to prolong your narcissism this way. Just tell the people of your state if you neglected your duties or misused state monies. Why no details on that stuff??
WELL??? are you an American or a commie???