Sunday, November 29, 2015


Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be, I wanna see you some day, oh My antediluvian baby...

well I look out at the Channel Islands and see some weird stuff...mirages, miracles, mermaids but this thing baffles me..a floating city moves, it's huge then it's gone and I don't know WTF it is!

ummm... a barge??

'Til I Die

I'm a cork on the ocean Floating over the raging sea How deep is the ocean? How deep is the ocean? I lost my way Hey hey hey

now I don't hang out at the Douglas Family Preserve mainly due to the name attached and Mike's friendship with Wendy McCuckoo..too many strings I hear it's turned into a big dog park which means the chances of me stepping in it are huge..

however, I'm sure I could enjoy it if I don't think about these tings until I die...

as far as these parks and preserves go, the less manipulation the better...I know Jill's got some fancy ideas up her sleeves...native soils and native this and native can I tell her she's wasting her time? she's barking up the wrong tree?

still, I'd love to have sex with her somehow but I'm non-native so that will never happen..

ok, so leave the parks/preserves alone..if a tree falls, leave it...leave the trails alone..leave the flowers matters not one wit that a flower is native or non-native...all things have a life span, including flowers...they live they die and esp, if there's no rain they really die die die!!

even a casual hiker can see that nature provides survival of the fittest...fennel, castor, the eucalyptus trees are faring well during the drought..the native pines and oaks aren't doing so well...why? because I just told you why!

but being native means absolutely's a scam concocted by control-freaks and phony horticulturists like the dummies at the new Botanical Beer Garden..and the chemical companies who just love to spray poison weed-killer everywhere like a weed is gonna hurt you...unmanicured vegetation and grasses give these areas the rural feel people crave

you know, as I watched that lone Bald Eagle fly over me a few weeks ago, over the Carp Salt Marsh on that cold and windy day, I felt he was telling me something..he was saying with his huge wings and glorious flight that the Channel Islands also need to be left alone...they cut down tons of eucalyptus trees, a favorite nesting/perch for Bald Eagles and now the eagles head to Lake Casistas to nest in the big eucs up there...if a eucalyptus is good enough for a bald eagle, it's good enough for me

Lake Casitas is a fantastic and beautiful place..great for people and wild creatures..

just keep Jill away until she comes to her senses

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Power To The People

power to the people, right on!

ok so we got a crazed old white guy in Colorado killing people in Planned Parenthood, Colorado Springs...killed two civilians and one cop and injured nine...he finally surrendered...

 he must be a Christian extremist so what should we do as a country...bomb the Vatican??

no ...umm...well..ok, no

but there is no difference among religious fanatics...Christian or Islamic..same result..dead people

these Chistians in America are worrisome esp some of the nuts running for president...want to stop abortions? killing people in Planned Parenthood won't do it...the recent doctored vids against PP didn't help much ...alot of these guys think God's Law is the only law they will kill to enforce it, whatever they think it is...and this isn't the first attack on Planned Parenthood...

but God's Law is not applicable to US law..the laws Americans make don't have to pass nay religious test because there is no established religion per the Constitution...NO ESTABLISHED you can practice any religion you want so long as it doesn't break the law...or interfere with my privacy rights

Roe vs Wade: A case in which the court held that a woman's right to an abortion fell within the right to privacy granted in the Fourteenth Amendment.

"We … acknowledge our awareness of the sensitive and emotional nature of the abortion controversy, of the vigorous opposing views, even among physicians, and of the deep and seemingly absolute convictions that the subject inspires." — Justice Blackmun (1973), majority opinion in Roe v. Wade

Jane Roe was an unmarried and pregnant Texas resident in 1970. Texas law made it a felony to abort a fetus unless "on medical advice for the purpose of saving the life of the mother." Roe filed suit against Wade, the district attorney of Dallas County, contesting the statue on the grounds that it violated the guarantee of personal liberty and the right to privacy implicitly guaranteed in the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments. In deciding for Roe, the Supreme Court invalidated any state laws that prohibited first trimester abortions

that's the law and gov't, rightwingers, Christians need to pay heed: don't stick your nose in a woman's business

esp important to keep religious wackos like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee out of the White House...

the Constitution is the law of the land..not the bible, not the Koran, not the WALMART ads in Black Friday's News-Press..

if you're an American, you should know this

Thursday, November 26, 2015


nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too

well that would be good..but as long as we have religions, organized to corral the most neurotic sheep among us, we will have killings to please God..any God that religions misinterpret..and preachers molesting children

I went to check out the King Tides and got a News-Press, which was overloaded with ads for Black Friday buying sprees...

then I get to Andy Caldwell's "Guest" rightwing Christian take on Thanksgiving...Andy, a wannabe preacher,  takes a babbling shot at John Lennon's "Imagine" as a faux-spirtitual favorite among progressives, atheists and secularists...ah yes Andy was probably one of the hillbilly sheeple who wanted to Burn The Beatles LPs in the 1960s after John's infamous Jesus/Beatles observation

well "Imagine" is a nice song and I'm sure some conservatives like it too..but Andy, being the best example of lunatic phony religious fanatics would gut the constitution and free speech..and free expression using the universal language: music

and the Paris killers hated music too...and if there were no religion (separate from spirituality) then we'd have more people seeking the truth, not more people trying to hide the truth from everybody...or killing in the name of religion

so no, today I bow my head to no one..except I will give thanks to the lady at Trader Joe's yesterday...tons of people at TJ's and ladies buying flowers...the gal behind me with a baby girl and a shopping cart asks me to watch her kid while she gets some more items.. I say sure- she will be protected..the kid is two years old or so with big wide-eyed wonder all over her cute face as she sat in the shopping was my duty to make sure nothing happened to her and for two or three minutes that's what I did...

for two minutes there was nothing and nobody in the world that was gonna hurt that baby girl because they'd have to pass through me the folks at Trader Joe's were pretty mellow so I didn't expect anything bad...the mom returned and took charge of her kid..she's a pretty woman in her 30s or 40s

and she trusted me with her little daughter for a moment in time....I was proud and humbled..

imagine that

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Funny Face

I love you, funny face I need you

I headed out to Best Buy in Goleta but overshot and ended up at the Butterfly Preserve...whoa my God it's beautiful out here...there's a golf course across the street with an ocean view and wide open spaces...but there's also tons of and townhomes..attractive no doubt and still you don't get that couped- up feel like a free-range chicken out here

and the old train station is very cool!

but I did have trouble navigating Highway 101 by Fairview..the road is horribly bumpy and Caltrans has got everything torn up because that's what they do..they use tax money to tear the road up and then work on it for a few years then do it all over again in a few more years... Caltrans will never leave..ever

so I get to Best Buy and purchase a Sony camera with a decent zoom ( if Bald Eagles are gonna be in my flight path, I need a better camera) and an extra computer...both dirt cheap...Dell computers suck and eMachines last about five years, then get all neurotic like a Chevy...

so I got an HP because of my feelings for Carly Fiorina...Funny Face, I love you!

the Sony camera is great but I didn't open it till I got home so I gotta head back out to the Butterfly Preserve..all those big green eucalyptus and monarchs and the nativists fretting about invasive eucs but there's nothing they can do about it..are they gonna suggest we clear cut the preserve because they don't like eucalyptus trees?? and now they are afraid of an invasiion of giant mosquitos!! in a drought!! mosquitos like water and all the creeks are dry

so I get home and fire up the HP and it's fab...I do some work transfering files and music then all of a sudden BAM the fuckin' power goes out...I look outside and see a bunch of Edison trucks going in circles but no power...I've heard of similar outrages in Santa Barbara...

what is goin' on with these private utility companies? it's not a stormy day so why was I without power for two hours? are these guys stoners?

it seems like every time I turn on a light, Southern California Edison extinguishes it

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

nothing's worrying me

now the only reason I watch FOX is the bimbos posing as reporters ...and FOX has lots of slutty bimbos..not as bad as the Bakersfield Bimbo Kevin McCarthy....ok so they're not really reporters..some are former beauty queens so how fitting that FOX News babe Gretchen Carlson dropped by the Reagan Ranch Center to give some pageant tips to the Young Miss American Foundation.. the YMAF is Wendy's non-profit as a matter of de facto...and of course Gretchen wrote a book she's promoting  (not a real book, a FOX  faux-book)

 and the only reason I watch CNN are the ladies...much smarter than the FOX bimbos but very very pretty like whatshername  here..mmmmmmmmm....ooooowwww...aaahhhh

CNN's Lily Luscious

but still, I was not invited to the luncheon starring Gretchen Carlson after all I've done for Wendy so I'm a little hurt...but these FOX NEWS pageant reporters make no more sense to me than ISIL

so I read the story and it appears that Gretchen was a fat kid, grew up to be Miss America in 1989, plays violin and was made fun of by William Goldman who wrote the screenplay for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance top three westerns are El Dorado, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and High Plains Drifter

Gretchen didn't like what Goldman said about her being "chunky"..sent her into a tailspin of self-doubt..but geez if you do a striptease in front of judges and millions of people you gotta expect some far as the news goes, Gretchen's got a screwy smile on her face and uses a cutesy-wootsy voice when she's doing a story that I find arousing and annoying at the same time...women are dogs and they should obey my commands...sit up, roll over, lick me and so on...

but why would Goldman be a judge at the Miss America pageant, I wondered...oh, he wrote a book about it called "Hype and Glory"

but then I remembered the Miss America gals walk out in bathing's a yeah now I get it

judge not lest ye be judged, right Gretchen

Friday, November 20, 2015

Midnight Rider

ain't gonna let 'em catch me...

so I'm reading the Montecito Journal and it's full of the usual white society crap then I see a big ad about Nipper's Night Club and pictures of all the stars who attend...the photos were by Priscilla the old chick who tried to get me thrown out of the Montecito County Club during a Brietbart luncheon I was covering! that chick's a bitch!! and Breitbart's dead!!

geez, we got pics of Nipper and Wendy..and failed SB council candidate John Thyne..get a designated driver JT!

then John Palminteri-the social butterfly with the big red nose who I hear is in talks to do a cooking show with Nipper on News-Press TV called "Someone's in the Kitchen With Nipper"; then we got Dennis Miller-total alpha retardo; there's Alan Thicke and Kenny Loggins and some others...unfortunately Alan Thicke lives in Carpinteria and his whole family is a douchebag...Loggins..I dunno.. maybe Kenny is transgender with all the face lifts and the pathetic Unity Shoppe telethons that give free stuff to poor Mexicans...Kenny, that' the government's job!!

but Kenny's music career was over after the Footloose junk... Messina was smart to make Kenny a star and then dump him...Kenny thinks he's Charlie Sheen with the goddesses!

if it wasn't for Wendy and Rupert's money, these folks would be doing TV insurance ads

so I see we had some commotion in Carp above Via Real on Ocean View...a beautiful area just a jog from Rancho Monte Alegre and the Young Ranch..a Spanish Land Grant...I lived on both ranches and they made me the man I am today...

but as I read the story about Kristofer Kump, I was mystified....ok drugs are always involved when people are on the lamb..but this guy lived in a a trailer which is not uncommon up here...he stole a work truck in Goleta, went home to his trailer, had drugs, rifles, military stuff, grenade launchers..grenade launchers?? ISIS in my own back yard??? para-military types on the ranches? then the cops cornered Kump and he killed himself...

then I realize it was not in Carp but rather closer to Summerland and the Jehovah Witness building- the closest thing to Noleta we got here- Ocean View not Ocean Oaks...the maint crew was blocking the road when I went to check it out

when I lived on the Carp ranches we had Playboy centerfolds, wild animals, farmers, musicians and some midnight mysteries..and festive dinners with the lady who invented Santa Claus Lane: June Young

it was a very romantic time!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Time To Kill

And we've got time to kill, What a thrill, June and July. We've got all our love, Buckets of, The tears that we cried. Now we don't cry no more...

now the Punta Gorda Flop Houses have turned into a political farce with faux-outrage from Mayor Helene over the design of the little cutesy houses..I mean it is crazy the fuss some of these people are raising... what a bunch of crybabies..and the News-Press of course had a front page story

if you don't like the houses, then turn your gaze to the Harbor..the false argument that the houses are ugly or pose a health hazard being close to the freeway is easily refuted

the aesthetics issues are simply opinions...Mayor Schneider and Ernie Salomon are the two biggest critics of the houses but Ernie thinks the mayor is pouring it on too little too late...and Ernie lives to complain about the little he's old and almost in the grave ...maybe he hates the little houses because they remind him of a casket! hahaaha..pretty soon Ernie, pretty soon

but today I had some time to kill so I went to see the Punta Gorda houses first hand and up close...hey what a cool little neighborhood except there's too many Mexicans but still I fit in...I walked around the complex outside and the first thing I notice is there's very little freeway noise and these little house aren't so little..and I picked one out that I could live in and it's got great mountain views! I think they are rather charming, like the doll houses in Montecito...the Moody sisters....

as I headed home on the 101, I see Ty Warner's Country Club with brown greens....what an eyesore! why isn't the mayor or Ernie bitching about that???

it's obvious cranky Ernie's got a skinny little boner for Helene..

maybe they should get a room. these two...a room at the Punta Gorda apartments!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Late For The Sky

The words had all been spoken / And somehow the feeling still wasn't right / And still we continued on through the night / Tracing our steps from the beginning


now if that little UCSB tart co-ed who got busted for bad checks and burglaries wanted a sugar daddy, why didn't she say so..all I ask is a dip in the pool now and then

now the last thing we need is the GOP conservatives fighting a war on terror...leave it to the French socialists and Russian commies..Obama will help them out..but leave the conservatives out of the picture because they can't even handle "Gotcha" questions..

now it's a fact that suspicious -looking Bobby Jindal dropped out of the presidential race...I expect Ted Cruz and Huckabee next due to their support of Kill the Gays Rally/preacher..there's really no difference between religious extremists...ISIS or Christian...they'll blow you up whether you're watching a concert or going to Planned Parenthood

now it's also a fact that Wendy invited Scott Walker to the Reagan Ranch Center...Scott Walker was running for President and compare public workers and unions to ISIS...but then Scott's, sugar daddies the Koch Bros cut him loose and he had to stand on his own two feet..and during the debated he looked like little he dropped out of the race and blamed Donald Trump..well at least he dint blame the unions!

city workers and SEIU are scary but I don't think they'd storm the Lobero and start shooting people during a Jackson Brown concert..
the pathetic GOP is using the Paris attacks to try and start a political didn't work too well when they invaded Iraq, so any future fighting needs to be well-planned ..and not a rush job by the chickenhawk GOP candidates..a bunch of simpletons....remember the Freedon Fries idiocy from the FOX News conservatives because France refused to follow us into the Iraq mistake...France was right and had we not invaded Iraq, Saddam would be keeping these religious nitwits in check...

so we got a pocket of drugged out religious crazies with no future trying to kill everyone...the good news is it doesn't take alot of brains to blow yourself up or shoot people..removing these miscreants from the cycle of life should be easy...

and they, the ISIS drugged out zombies, will help by blowing themselves up...

an irrational but effective solution to the problem

Monday, November 16, 2015

White Bird

must fly or he will die

November brings lots of birds to the Carp Salt Marsh...I've seen egrets, cranes, vultures, an osprey which looks like a Bald Eagle from a distance...

I've seen white-tailed kites, hawks and all types of shore birds but I've never seen a Bald Eagle...

today was cold and windy ...high surf and just gorgeous..sitting outside and I'm thinking about Paris...watching the ocean churn..the wind blowing the trees nearly to the ground...the blue skies bluer than I remember...I look up and see a big solitary bird way up there flying from the sea to the's a Bald Eagle and I grab my binocs, then the little camera and get a few shots....I guess he's on his way to Lake Casitas to nest in a favorite eucalyptus...maybe got tired of the Channel Islands and all the politics out there...

being that the Bald Eagle is a symbol of freedom, the moment I saw him I felt a chill...I was so excited to see a bald eagle near the marsh....I was spellbound... maybe he's on his way to France

un oiseau magnifique!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday!!

fanatiques religieux sont une peste sur l'humanité... Si Islamique ou Christian, ces gars-là lire dans trucs de doctrine religieuse qui n'est pas là et d'en tirer des conclusions erronées... ensuite agir sur eux... comme tuer des gens dans une salle de concert ou de bombardement cliniques en Amérique...

et il n'y a tout simples fous qui vont vous tirer vers le bas dans un cinéma Colorado...

jokers...dickheads... zombies...tous d'entre eux comme tuer parisiens lors d'un événement de musique dans une salle de concert Français historique... c'est juste quelque chose que vous ne faites pas sauf si vous êtes Hitler... que ce soit un prédicateur américain comme Kevin Swanson appelant à la mise à mort des homosexuels ; ou certains psychopathes islamiques Français morts ; ou Hitler qui tuent des Juifs...

il y a un défaut dans la tête... maintenant ça n'aide pas lorsque l'Amérique envoie des drones pour tuer des enfants afghans ou hôpitaux de bombes par erreur... n'est pas aidé du tout... mais cette tragédie Paris besoins particulièrement rigoureuse...

and this Paris tragedy needs special should be easy to track the ISIS perps, they are obviously drugged devrait être facile de suivre le PERP ISIS... ils sont manifestement drogués

and who supplies their guns and ammo...where have they nested and how to stop the 2015, this should be easy to do...that's why we send special ops to these places...step up the game and I believe France has the right to declare was against ISIL..and let the fight begin..

and the USA should help..I'd love to go over and help our friends the French people....I heard Coldplay and U2 cancelled concerts in France after the terror attack..I hope they reschedule

music will win...musique

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cheap Sunglasses

go get yourself some cheap sunglasses....oh yeah

so I saw the GOP prez debate on Fox Business Channel..moderators Maria and Neil and some dude from the Wall Street Journal were very polite...all of them owned by Rupert Murdoch of course...

the debate had three q's asked over and over again about taxes, immigration and war...Rand Paul believe it or not sounded the smartest among the candidates...Trump sounded dumb and Ted Cruz sounded dumber....but no real personal questions were asked...FOX soft-balled the conservatives..but if you prefer farm pigs to farm girls and you are running for president, I wanna know about it...and if you attend Christian rallies in Iowa calling for the killing of gays like Ted Cruz, Huckabee and Jindal did, I wanna know about it...there's this crazy southern preacher dude Kevin Swanson..I'll have more on him some other time but it's like attending a KKK rally!!! this is a weird pack of GOPers..they wannna start wars, they wanna send 15 million cute maids back to Mexico, and they wanna sell their books! GOD!

before the presidential election in 2016, my goal is to expose and dismantle and wipe off the face of the earth the fundamentalist Christian rightwingers

now, I have disposable income unlike everyone else in the GOP's America, so I went to Big 5 to get some running shoes, gloves and cheap's 9:30 am...they're closed..they don't open till 10:00 I go over to's 9:35 am..they're closed too...don't open till 10:00 am...geez even banks open at 9:00 am!

so I go back to Big's 9:45 am..15 minutes I gotta wait but then I see ROSS...I checked it out and they're open! they open at 8:30 am..and lotsa chicks I get some shoes, cheap sunglasses and some leather gloves perfect for driving on cold quality an issue? well I'll find out...see how long the goods last but initially they look fine...and I had to wait a bit in line with the ladies but that's cool...they smelled good...

mmmmm....the check-out gals smelled good too..ROSS Dress For Less!! I'm a fan now...

oh yeah...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Climb Every Mountain

ford ev'ry stream...

ok so after the nonprofit's Davey's Voice was listed as Non-Profit of the Week at Edhat, #69 posts a story of her and ART rescuing a coyote that had allegedly fallen into an old stone open water reservoir in Santa Ynez...(to remind folks she's an animal nonprofit that requires cash donations, too)

I read the story and looked at the pictures..the selective pictures..they show a coyote curled up sleeping at the bottom of the reservoir, probably getting some sun..then they show Julia going down with a Fire guy..then the coyote climbing up the reservoir sides...but no pics of the actual rescue...hmmmm

A coyote can jump an 8-foot fence. It is also very adept at climbing....and it can run up to 40 MPH

so it appears that the coyote was just snoozing and could easily navigate in and out of the reservoir..probably a favorite hangout..but then a freaking dog-walker comes along, called ART and they go about "rescuing" the coyote....I don't believe anything dog-walkers say..they're idiots!! look what they leave at trailheads...IDIOTS!!!

the reservoir is stone with plenty of rocks to grab onto (like in a rock climbing gym!)... mountain climbers know what I'm talkin' there's a few insets in the stone (alcoves) that the coyote probably uses to get in and out.....the alcoves are about half way down so the coyote jumps once, then twice to get to the bottom..then climbs back out without a hitch...

so this appears to be more BS from ART who used the Solvang fire crew to help her lift the coyote out..but that's what we don't see in the pictures....I hope the Solvang Fire Dept is privitized...otherwise tax money was wasted....

and while I'm at it: save the Santa Ynez Valley from the Firestones!

the coyote looked like it's done this before...looks like the old resevoir was a hangout for a rock ledge...Their dens are often found on rocky ledges, or steep or brush-covered slopes

so I think Julia just told everyone a great big fib...just had to tell everyone how she "rescued" the coyote....and I bet more dumb folks will send her money...

the coyote didn't need rescuing....that's why God gave him four legs

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Down By the River

I shot my baby

now I don't know why people are upset with Carly Fiorina's looks.. I think she's hot...not at running HP but I bet in the sack..oh yeah..she could drag me over the rainbow!

Uncle Ben Carson thinks the Egyptian Pyramids were built by Joseph to house grain and says he has an anger problem that makes him act irrationally..he'd make a fine president!!

oh so now everybody in Santa Barbara is a heroin addict?? seems like life is just exchanging one addiction for another..but geez folks reality is not that bad..really!!


I raced into Santa Barbara to see anything resembling Veteran's Day and was shocked to see so many Asians down by the pearl Harbor...there's just so many illegals in town I don't have time to learn all these languages..keep it simple and learn to speak English, ok slit eyes??

and the new Islamic Santa Barbara Inn? definitely an invitation for a terrorist attack


then I went over to the Bird Refuge..this is now part of my exercise regime...I see the water level has dropped to the point where you can see the sludge...I see a donkey kicking around at the zoo in his little enclosure..and I see a drain pipe leading from the zoo into the swamp, er, Bird Refuge...

I'm thinking that when they clean out the zoo stalls all this goes into the refuge...that explains the sludge and stink..

now the Bird Refuge would make a radical skate park for the kids...and a go-cart course..all when the water disappears

then I looks off into the hills and see Ty Warner's Gay Golf Course (formerly the Montecito Country Club) looking parched...

if we can get rid of the illegals, the nativists, the McCaws and Ty Warner, the gays, the Jews and the Christians, things will return to normal...

but how to do it

Monday, November 9, 2015

Come To Papa

come see your papa...

so I'm gazing at Tracy's boobs on KEYT and they look rowdy and HUGE!! looks like they were ready to jump out of her blouse....come to Papa!!

well this war on Christmas thing is stupid...fabricated by FOX NEWS and the evangelicals, if you don't say Merry Christmas you're a commie...

but it is the Thanksgiving and Christmas season so say what you speech rules...

Starbuck's raised a ruckass among the touchy Christians with new seasonal cup of all I don't take coffee at Starbucks anyway but I may start just to support their right to free speech...but it's a plain red cup with no holiday what??

remember the old Santa statue on Santa Claus Lane..the Jew doctor owner had him removed around 2000 because Jews don't celebrate Christmas...they do Yom the Jews started the War on Christmas when they removed Santa...and that's when all hell broke longer do highway travelers have a friendly wave from a Jolly they have breweries to entice them to stop in Carp and get drunk instead of stopping for a date shake...

Cat Fight!!
ok so now I see something brewing in the nonprofit world..we got two dog nonprofits that are trying to increase penalties for dog abuse thanks to the crazy creepy Chinaman and clueless Judge Brian Hill
one is called Davey's Legacy and the other is called Davey's Voice ....two competing nonprofits! Davey's Voice is some Montecito ladies with wealthy husbands and Davey's Legacy is crazy Julia's (#69) who thinks Mexican immigrants are "invasive species" and who is ok with killing non-native animals!! and she had a fling with cocktail cruiser and political socialite Jose Armendariz!!

Julia is super-twisted, takes Wendy's money and operates out of Solvang or Santa Ynez where family members are killing each other due to various unresolved Oedipus complexes, gambling debts, or just plain old sibling rivalry

so I'd support the Davey's Voice nonprofit gals because they got Linda Evans from the "Big Valley" and the Steve McQueen western "Tom Horn"

Linda Evans!!

God..she's beautiful!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Keep on Chooglin'

If you can choose it, who can refuse it,
Y'all be chooglin' tonight

Keep on chooglin'..howdy howda

well, while Santa Maria is in the midst of a crime wave, killings, murders and such, I wonder why 4th Dist Supe Peter Adam isn't doing anything about it...instead of crying about naughty public art or complaining about his bromantic obsession with 1st dist supe Salud Carbajal, or trying to get special favors for his wino friends, why isn't Peter rounding up a posse and taking care of crime in Santa Maria?

call him: Santa Barbara County Supervisor Peter Adam. 511 E. Lakeside Pkwy, Suite 47 Santa Maria, CA 93455. (805) 346-8407.... ask Pete if he's BUY SEXUAL!!

and Andy Caldwell, Wendy's BFF guest opinion writer, is always dumping on Santa Barbara..the fact is Santa Barbara is a little paradise while Santa Maria is the dump..clean up your own back yard Andy!

speaking of crime, if your dad kills your mom and then kills himself, don't worry kids, you'll get a college fund set up for ya!

and winemakers are the next big time criminal element...I've been watching them very closely over the years as media lushes like the News-Press glorify them and their wines....I know something shady is behind those quicky pop-up vineyards all over the place...real wine makers don't do this...

and the boutique tasting rooms contribute to drunk driving...if you're gonna taste wine, charter a bus or something..then everyone can have a good time...

but the latest reports is some slacker freak embezzzled millions from Oreana Winery in SB 's Funk Zone which is wall to wall wineries now...the free market gone crazy drunk

and the Chumash band of fake Indians can serve alcohol on the gambling floor-these guys are like the Mafia when Al Capone would open soup kitchens while making money during the Prohibition...he'd give back to the neighborhoods, to the kids while killing his rivals during a spaghetti dinner back in the day..

that's what the Chumash are doing..making profts off dumb gamblers and giving some of the profits to schools and they look like the good guys..and the schools up in Solvang gladly accept the ill-gotten goods...

keep on chooglin'

Friday, November 6, 2015

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Now I'm ready to close my eyes
Yes now I'm ready to close my mind
Now I'm ready to feel your hands
Lose my heart on the burning sand

so my deal is I like the Hound of the Baskervilles and WILD dogs like coyotes because they are not stupid like domestic dogs...pretty women with dogs I can deal with..

but the plump Dog Women I can't deal with... they don't want any dogs to die..ever...and if a dog gets hurt, it's on the front page of the News-Press...and the Dog Ladies always bark at the County Animal Control shelter if a dog gets a boo boo

ok so we know that Wendy is kids money to help kids in need or fight child porn but boy does she love dogs because they give her unconditional love unlike everyone else...

and here's a gal at the beach taking a picture of her dog!  is that sick or what

and after the Mesa nitwit tried to rat out the coyote, we've had domestic dogs biting everyone from cops to pet sitters..the latest one is some lady went over to feed someone else's dogs, and they attacked her... retarded pit bulls again... whenever I see people walking their pit bull, I say to them "my what a retarded looking dog you have there!"

people will rally around the dogs like they rally around drunk drivers...geez, I can't understand it....this dog worship...there's just too many dogs...but I have an idea-take all those dogs in all those shelters, the yippers and yappers, and barge them over to the Channel Islands...then let 'em off to run around...soon, the National Parks Service and Nature Conservancy will realize the dogs are nonnative and hire a private contractor to start killing them dogs....the NPS folks get awards for such killings!

Canine Training Grounds
10-4 to the K-9

Wendy P. McCaw Foundation Canine Training Grounds...apparently Wendy gives tons of cash to this dog nonprofit they named a canine training grounds after her!

Our Mission: Strengthening Disaster Response in America

Founded in 1996, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Ojai, California. Our mission is to strengthen disaster response in America by recruiting rescued dogs and partnering them with firefighters and other first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters.

ok, now I got no use for rescue dogs, police dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, cadaver dogs and the like..dogs are good for chasing tennis balls and fouling local beaches but that's it..they can't find buried bodies or sniff out scam...this glorification of dogs, the domesticed ones, is truly bizarre as my coyote friend will testify..the coyote surfs

these rescue dog schemes are scams..these nonprofits are run by old ladies who want to be around dogs because their life ain't too cool..they gave up, let themselves go, and took up with dogs!

that's why when I see a dog-lady coming, I run the other way

so I don't get fleas

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Goin' Mobile

let the policeman and the taxman miss me, I'm mobile

so Jason Dominguez is Wendy's new fey, upwardly mobile boy on the city council, replacing  termed-out dandy Dale Francisco who would rather read a book than listen to the public..well me too Dale, me too boy

but I was aghast to see Jason agreeing to a front page story in the News-Press...he could have said no...I would say no mainly because of Wendy child porn issues...and her hatred of I guess that Jason is ok with all that?? or maybe, being a lawyer or former prosecutor, he'll reopen the investigation to see exactly how thousands of child porn images got on Wendy's computer..(her company, her computer)

and I'm dismayed to see Jason is a non-profit founder which means all the nonprofits will continue coming to City Hall for a hand out, instead of a hand up..

and then, in the article he says he'll work with state lawmakers to make sure another Punta Gorda row house project doesn't get built..he thinks the row houses don't "fit in"..

I suppose he likes the old drug-riddled trailer park that was previously there

if we're gonna demand that houses be pretty, then I demand all Santa Barbara people be pretty, esp the News-Press people...Scott and Wendy and Nipper are not pretty..they are UGLY!! but there's no law against that, is there!


yet again we have some snobs complaining about the little houses on the highway in SB...oh no, they are mobile homes! only step-children and poor people live in mobile homes! not rich Wendy and her sycophants.

the row houses, as I've pointed out, aren't bad at all..they don't block anyone's views..and some folks are downsizing their living sitch
this Jason dude sounds like a moron.... already with his nose up Wendy's ass!! does he really think the folks in the Milpas District really care about the Punta Gorda row houses?
besides, if you're driving on the freeway, you're supposed to be watching the road, not gazing at the mountains...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Harbor Lights

my eyes must be betraying, but that lonesome jukebox playing, something about the harbor lights is calling

well it looks like westside girl Cathy Murillo beat Lucy..beat her real bad.... left her lying in a pool of blood outside Bo Henry's Saloon...wait that's not blood, that's Lucy's lipstick...Lucy's licking the sidewalk!

altho the results are not official, Randy Rowse won the Mesa and as long as Randy serves mai-tais at the Paradise Cafe, he'll win elections...

over on the eastside, Jason Dominguez won even though he's not a real Mexican like Jaqueline or Cruzito..Jason is a white-Mexican, like Dale Francisco... a guy who has assimilated into the English speaking culture of whites, therefore is not a threat...used to be learning different languages was an intellectual pursuit but nowadays it's a threat to the whites...

ok so the district election thing turned out to be a bust...all council deliberations will be at-large, for the benefit of the city and to suggest that dustrict elections will help certain parts of town any more than at large elections is can thank Barry Cappello, Wendy's Jew ex-lawyer, for wasting everyone's time and money...and too bad the City didn't have the balls to fight him on district elections..and yet, the council gave the city atty a big raise!!

and even though Lucy had the backing of two of the biggest conservative blowhards in the area, the Montecito Journal and the News-Press, she lost big if the results hold up..even the God-fearing boys at the nonprofit Milpas Community Association couldn't pray enough for her to win...well that's not what prayer is's not to get you things you covet or win football games...prayer is a conversation with the universe to voice your opinions about injustice...

the Montecito Journal /News-Press just loved Lucy..heaped praise on her, but she would never win this erection..the Texas pearl necklaces, the slutty thick eyeshadow, the jackboots...c'mon!!

people like Santa Barbara the way it is..the MJ and News-Press are simply negaholics

and the NJ/NP tried to demonize the unions and city workers, but we all know that unions are not really the big issue as Scott Walker taught us..nonprofits are...nonprofits take gov't money and make the CEOs and their pals rich...unions represent the gov't workers and the pro-labor candidates simply want a fair shake for the public workers...why should public workers be treated as poorly as private sector workers?

nonprofits should not get a dime of tax money because they don't work for it, they beg for it...and like Wendy didn't work for her fortune...

the homeless have more dignity than nonprofits which is why I give them a buck now and then

but remember this Lucy: all is fair in love, war and politics

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bermuda Triangle

guess you've heard about the Bermuda triangle There's something going on Nobody seems to know..


the political rivalry between 3rd district supe Doreen Farr and challenger Steve Pappas is well known...the  county third district covers every place from IV to Guadalupe to Santa Ynez....a Bermuda Triangle if you will

if you endeavor to live in these places, you may enter a world from which there is no return...I've been to all except Guadalupe simply because I'm afraid to go there...and I don't know where it is

the Santa Ynez Valley is home to people like the Firestones, the Chumash, the wineries, the McDonald's guy, Charlie's Angels, Nancy Crawford-Hall and Steve Pappas lives there too...I visited Ray Kroc's home one was huge and air-conditioned..giant kitchen, big theater...they could have filmed "The Shining" there..but it was unbearably hot outside....I knew I could never live in Santa Ynez Valley..but hey, that's just me

so the news that a 21 year old guy in Santa Ynez killed his mom and then himself was bad..then we learn it's Pappas's son and estranged wife who were killed...the kid was driving a Land Rover, shot himself then crashed into a big tree

how does one understand this? I don't because I'm not part of the family but I saw the kid on the news..a nice enough looking young guy, but stories of trouble with the's a real shame..

and didn't Doreen's adult kid go a little mental a few weeks ago??

we need to dispatch resources up to the valley to find out what's going on; set up a command post and monitor the private sector businesses, families and activities day to day...drugs in the valley...schools...etc

I want to know what's driving people crazy in the valley

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Little Green

there'll be icicles and birthday clothes and sometimes there'll be sorrow


ok Santa Barbara.. I need to prepare you for what's coming over the next few the Bird Refuge won't turn orange..well maybe it will but that's not what I need to warn you about...and last time I looked the Bird Refuge was bright green...the more non-native plants Jill pulls out, the weirder the water color could say life is like watercolor!

but here's what I'm warning you about- first, the more conservatives you allow to move to the valley, the more murder-suicides you will see

second, the will see many Mexicans in the days ahead, especially around City Hall which as we know is dangerously close to the News-Press building...

the City Of Santa Barbara is having an election, a district election and lots of Mexicans are running, not from a crime scene, but for office

westside Mexes, eastside Mexes...about the only place there ain't no Mexicans is up on the Mesa.. I was up there at La Mesa park last week and you know what I saw?? a bunch of moms with their babies ...I think I started Breastfeeding in the Park! they know the coyote won't harm them and they all just huddled together with baby carriages, boobs and babies having fun...AWESOME MOMS!!

but the elections could bring SB another Mexican, hopefully a Latina and the city council meetings will be filled with Poder folks instead of the crazy white guys you see at public comment...

since the News-Press doesn't really know if the Mexican gals are citizens because they are Mexican, they will refer to them as "illegals" as they do all Mexicans

News-Press Headline: "Illegals Elected to City Council"

but I wouldn't mind seeing Christina Cardosa and Jaqueline Inda on the council to replace Dale Francisco who is termed out and leaving to head the California Tea Party with Orly Taitz...

now, there should be no scenerio where Lucy wins the election....I've explained why in previous posts and I'm confident she will lose...

but, if she wins she'll probably make the council say a prayer before each meeting...

like that's gonna help them