Sunday, November 29, 2015

'Til I Die

I'm a cork on the ocean Floating over the raging sea How deep is the ocean? How deep is the ocean? I lost my way Hey hey hey

now I don't hang out at the Douglas Family Preserve mainly due to the name attached and Mike's friendship with Wendy McCuckoo..too many strings I hear it's turned into a big dog park which means the chances of me stepping in it are huge..

however, I'm sure I could enjoy it if I don't think about these tings until I die...

as far as these parks and preserves go, the less manipulation the better...I know Jill's got some fancy ideas up her sleeves...native soils and native this and native can I tell her she's wasting her time? she's barking up the wrong tree?

still, I'd love to have sex with her somehow but I'm non-native so that will never happen..

ok, so leave the parks/preserves alone..if a tree falls, leave it...leave the trails alone..leave the flowers matters not one wit that a flower is native or non-native...all things have a life span, including flowers...they live they die and esp, if there's no rain they really die die die!!

even a casual hiker can see that nature provides survival of the fittest...fennel, castor, the eucalyptus trees are faring well during the drought..the native pines and oaks aren't doing so well...why? because I just told you why!

but being native means absolutely's a scam concocted by control-freaks and phony horticulturists like the dummies at the new Botanical Beer Garden..and the chemical companies who just love to spray poison weed-killer everywhere like a weed is gonna hurt you...unmanicured vegetation and grasses give these areas the rural feel people crave

you know, as I watched that lone Bald Eagle fly over me a few weeks ago, over the Carp Salt Marsh on that cold and windy day, I felt he was telling me something..he was saying with his huge wings and glorious flight that the Channel Islands also need to be left alone...they cut down tons of eucalyptus trees, a favorite nesting/perch for Bald Eagles and now the eagles head to Lake Casistas to nest in the big eucs up there...if a eucalyptus is good enough for a bald eagle, it's good enough for me

Lake Casitas is a fantastic and beautiful place..great for people and wild creatures..

just keep Jill away until she comes to her senses

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Anonymous said...

Jill will soon become head of Parks/Recreation. When can we start on the go-cart track?