Sunday, November 8, 2015

Keep on Chooglin'

If you can choose it, who can refuse it,
Y'all be chooglin' tonight

Keep on chooglin'..howdy howda

well, while Santa Maria is in the midst of a crime wave, killings, murders and such, I wonder why 4th Dist Supe Peter Adam isn't doing anything about it...instead of crying about naughty public art or complaining about his bromantic obsession with 1st dist supe Salud Carbajal, or trying to get special favors for his wino friends, why isn't Peter rounding up a posse and taking care of crime in Santa Maria?

call him: Santa Barbara County Supervisor Peter Adam. 511 E. Lakeside Pkwy, Suite 47 Santa Maria, CA 93455. (805) 346-8407.... ask Pete if he's BUY SEXUAL!!

and Andy Caldwell, Wendy's BFF guest opinion writer, is always dumping on Santa Barbara..the fact is Santa Barbara is a little paradise while Santa Maria is the dump..clean up your own back yard Andy!

speaking of crime, if your dad kills your mom and then kills himself, don't worry kids, you'll get a college fund set up for ya!

and winemakers are the next big time criminal element...I've been watching them very closely over the years as media lushes like the News-Press glorify them and their wines....I know something shady is behind those quicky pop-up vineyards all over the place...real wine makers don't do this...

and the boutique tasting rooms contribute to drunk driving...if you're gonna taste wine, charter a bus or something..then everyone can have a good time...

but the latest reports is some slacker freak embezzzled millions from Oreana Winery in SB 's Funk Zone which is wall to wall wineries now...the free market gone crazy drunk

and the Chumash band of fake Indians can serve alcohol on the gambling floor-these guys are like the Mafia when Al Capone would open soup kitchens while making money during the Prohibition...he'd give back to the neighborhoods, to the kids while killing his rivals during a spaghetti dinner back in the day..

that's what the Chumash are doing..making profts off dumb gamblers and giving some of the profits to schools and they look like the good guys..and the schools up in Solvang gladly accept the ill-gotten goods...

keep on chooglin'

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