Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Harbor Lights

my eyes must be betraying, but that lonesome jukebox playing, something about the harbor lights is calling

well it looks like westside girl Cathy Murillo beat Lucy..beat her real bad.... left her lying in a pool of blood outside Bo Henry's Saloon...wait that's not blood, that's Lucy's lipstick...Lucy's licking the sidewalk!

altho the results are not official, Randy Rowse won the Mesa and as long as Randy serves mai-tais at the Paradise Cafe, he'll win elections...

over on the eastside, Jason Dominguez won even though he's not a real Mexican like Jaqueline or Cruzito..Jason is a white-Mexican, like Dale Francisco... a guy who has assimilated into the English speaking culture of whites, therefore is not a threat...used to be learning different languages was an intellectual pursuit but nowadays it's a threat to the whites...

ok so the district election thing turned out to be a bust...all council deliberations will be at-large, for the benefit of the city and to suggest that dustrict elections will help certain parts of town any more than at large elections is can thank Barry Cappello, Wendy's Jew ex-lawyer, for wasting everyone's time and money...and too bad the City didn't have the balls to fight him on district elections..and yet, the council gave the city atty a big raise!!

and even though Lucy had the backing of two of the biggest conservative blowhards in the area, the Montecito Journal and the News-Press, she lost big if the results hold up..even the God-fearing boys at the nonprofit Milpas Community Association couldn't pray enough for her to win...well that's not what prayer is's not to get you things you covet or win football games...prayer is a conversation with the universe to voice your opinions about injustice...

the Montecito Journal /News-Press just loved Lucy..heaped praise on her, but she would never win this erection..the Texas pearl necklaces, the slutty thick eyeshadow, the jackboots...c'mon!!

people like Santa Barbara the way it is..the MJ and News-Press are simply negaholics

and the NJ/NP tried to demonize the unions and city workers, but we all know that unions are not really the big issue as Scott Walker taught us..nonprofits are...nonprofits take gov't money and make the CEOs and their pals rich...unions represent the gov't workers and the pro-labor candidates simply want a fair shake for the public workers...why should public workers be treated as poorly as private sector workers?

nonprofits should not get a dime of tax money because they don't work for it, they beg for it...and like Wendy didn't work for her fortune...

the homeless have more dignity than nonprofits which is why I give them a buck now and then

but remember this Lucy: all is fair in love, war and politics

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