Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Late For The Sky

The words had all been spoken / And somehow the feeling still wasn't right / And still we continued on through the night / Tracing our steps from the beginning


now if that little UCSB tart co-ed who got busted for bad checks and burglaries wanted a sugar daddy, why didn't she say so..all I ask is a dip in the pool now and then

now the last thing we need is the GOP conservatives fighting a war on terror...leave it to the French socialists and Russian commies..Obama will help them out..but leave the conservatives out of the picture because they can't even handle "Gotcha" questions..

now it's a fact that suspicious -looking Bobby Jindal dropped out of the presidential race...I expect Ted Cruz and Huckabee next due to their support of Kill the Gays Rally/preacher..there's really no difference between religious extremists...ISIS or Christian...they'll blow you up whether you're watching a concert or going to Planned Parenthood

now it's also a fact that Wendy invited Scott Walker to the Reagan Ranch Center...Scott Walker was running for President and compare public workers and unions to ISIS...but then Scott's, sugar daddies the Koch Bros cut him loose and he had to stand on his own two feet..and during the debated he looked like little he dropped out of the race and blamed Donald Trump..well at least he dint blame the unions!

city workers and SEIU are scary but I don't think they'd storm the Lobero and start shooting people during a Jackson Brown concert..
the pathetic GOP is using the Paris attacks to try and start a political didn't work too well when they invaded Iraq, so any future fighting needs to be well-planned ..and not a rush job by the chickenhawk GOP candidates..a bunch of simpletons....remember the Freedon Fries idiocy from the FOX News conservatives because France refused to follow us into the Iraq mistake...France was right and had we not invaded Iraq, Saddam would be keeping these religious nitwits in check...

so we got a pocket of drugged out religious crazies with no future trying to kill everyone...the good news is it doesn't take alot of brains to blow yourself up or shoot people..removing these miscreants from the cycle of life should be easy...

and they, the ISIS drugged out zombies, will help by blowing themselves up...

an irrational but effective solution to the problem

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Anonymous said...

Dead on observations!