Thursday, November 5, 2015

Goin' Mobile

let the policeman and the taxman miss me, I'm mobile

so Jason Dominguez is Wendy's new fey, upwardly mobile boy on the city council, replacing  termed-out dandy Dale Francisco who would rather read a book than listen to the public..well me too Dale, me too boy

but I was aghast to see Jason agreeing to a front page story in the News-Press...he could have said no...I would say no mainly because of Wendy child porn issues...and her hatred of I guess that Jason is ok with all that?? or maybe, being a lawyer or former prosecutor, he'll reopen the investigation to see exactly how thousands of child porn images got on Wendy's computer..(her company, her computer)

and I'm dismayed to see Jason is a non-profit founder which means all the nonprofits will continue coming to City Hall for a hand out, instead of a hand up..

and then, in the article he says he'll work with state lawmakers to make sure another Punta Gorda row house project doesn't get built..he thinks the row houses don't "fit in"..

I suppose he likes the old drug-riddled trailer park that was previously there

if we're gonna demand that houses be pretty, then I demand all Santa Barbara people be pretty, esp the News-Press people...Scott and Wendy and Nipper are not pretty..they are UGLY!! but there's no law against that, is there!


yet again we have some snobs complaining about the little houses on the highway in SB...oh no, they are mobile homes! only step-children and poor people live in mobile homes! not rich Wendy and her sycophants.

the row houses, as I've pointed out, aren't bad at all..they don't block anyone's views..and some folks are downsizing their living sitch
this Jason dude sounds like a moron.... already with his nose up Wendy's ass!! does he really think the folks in the Milpas District really care about the Punta Gorda row houses?
besides, if you're driving on the freeway, you're supposed to be watching the road, not gazing at the mountains...

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