Thursday, November 26, 2015


nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too

well that would be good..but as long as we have religions, organized to corral the most neurotic sheep among us, we will have killings to please God..any God that religions misinterpret..and preachers molesting children

I went to check out the King Tides and got a News-Press, which was overloaded with ads for Black Friday buying sprees...

then I get to Andy Caldwell's "Guest" rightwing Christian take on Thanksgiving...Andy, a wannabe preacher,  takes a babbling shot at John Lennon's "Imagine" as a faux-spirtitual favorite among progressives, atheists and secularists...ah yes Andy was probably one of the hillbilly sheeple who wanted to Burn The Beatles LPs in the 1960s after John's infamous Jesus/Beatles observation

well "Imagine" is a nice song and I'm sure some conservatives like it too..but Andy, being the best example of lunatic phony religious fanatics would gut the constitution and free speech..and free expression using the universal language: music

and the Paris killers hated music too...and if there were no religion (separate from spirituality) then we'd have more people seeking the truth, not more people trying to hide the truth from everybody...or killing in the name of religion

so no, today I bow my head to no one..except I will give thanks to the lady at Trader Joe's yesterday...tons of people at TJ's and ladies buying flowers...the gal behind me with a baby girl and a shopping cart asks me to watch her kid while she gets some more items.. I say sure- she will be protected..the kid is two years old or so with big wide-eyed wonder all over her cute face as she sat in the shopping was my duty to make sure nothing happened to her and for two or three minutes that's what I did...

for two minutes there was nothing and nobody in the world that was gonna hurt that baby girl because they'd have to pass through me the folks at Trader Joe's were pretty mellow so I didn't expect anything bad...the mom returned and took charge of her kid..she's a pretty woman in her 30s or 40s

and she trusted me with her little daughter for a moment in time....I was proud and humbled..

imagine that

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