Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Down By the River

I shot my baby

now I don't know why people are upset with Carly Fiorina's looks.. I think she's hot...not at running HP but I bet in the sack..oh yeah..she could drag me over the rainbow!

Uncle Ben Carson thinks the Egyptian Pyramids were built by Joseph to house grain and says he has an anger problem that makes him act irrationally..he'd make a fine president!!

oh so now everybody in Santa Barbara is a heroin addict?? seems like life is just exchanging one addiction for another..but geez folks reality is not that bad..really!!


I raced into Santa Barbara to see anything resembling Veteran's Day and was shocked to see so many Asians down by the pearl Harbor...there's just so many illegals in town I don't have time to learn all these languages..keep it simple and learn to speak English, ok slit eyes??

and the new Islamic Santa Barbara Inn? definitely an invitation for a terrorist attack


then I went over to the Bird Refuge..this is now part of my exercise regime...I see the water level has dropped to the point where you can see the sludge...I see a donkey kicking around at the zoo in his little enclosure..and I see a drain pipe leading from the zoo into the swamp, er, Bird Refuge...

I'm thinking that when they clean out the zoo stalls all this goes into the refuge...that explains the sludge and stink..

now the Bird Refuge would make a radical skate park for the kids...and a go-cart course..all when the water disappears

then I looks off into the hills and see Ty Warner's Gay Golf Course (formerly the Montecito Country Club) looking parched...

if we can get rid of the illegals, the nativists, the McCaws and Ty Warner, the gays, the Jews and the Christians, things will return to normal...

but how to do it

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