Thursday, November 19, 2015

Time To Kill

And we've got time to kill, What a thrill, June and July. We've got all our love, Buckets of, The tears that we cried. Now we don't cry no more...

now the Punta Gorda Flop Houses have turned into a political farce with faux-outrage from Mayor Helene over the design of the little cutesy houses..I mean it is crazy the fuss some of these people are raising... what a bunch of crybabies..and the News-Press of course had a front page story

if you don't like the houses, then turn your gaze to the Harbor..the false argument that the houses are ugly or pose a health hazard being close to the freeway is easily refuted

the aesthetics issues are simply opinions...Mayor Schneider and Ernie Salomon are the two biggest critics of the houses but Ernie thinks the mayor is pouring it on too little too late...and Ernie lives to complain about the little he's old and almost in the grave ...maybe he hates the little houses because they remind him of a casket! hahaaha..pretty soon Ernie, pretty soon

but today I had some time to kill so I went to see the Punta Gorda houses first hand and up close...hey what a cool little neighborhood except there's too many Mexicans but still I fit in...I walked around the complex outside and the first thing I notice is there's very little freeway noise and these little house aren't so little..and I picked one out that I could live in and it's got great mountain views! I think they are rather charming, like the doll houses in Montecito...the Moody sisters....

as I headed home on the 101, I see Ty Warner's Country Club with brown greens....what an eyesore! why isn't the mayor or Ernie bitching about that???

it's obvious cranky Ernie's got a skinny little boner for Helene..

maybe they should get a room. these two...a room at the Punta Gorda apartments!!

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Anonymous said...

Too bad these bozos can't get a midnight tour of the trailer park as it used to be!