Monday, November 9, 2015

Come To Papa

come see your papa...

so I'm gazing at Tracy's boobs on KEYT and they look rowdy and HUGE!! looks like they were ready to jump out of her blouse....come to Papa!!

well this war on Christmas thing is stupid...fabricated by FOX NEWS and the evangelicals, if you don't say Merry Christmas you're a commie...

but it is the Thanksgiving and Christmas season so say what you speech rules...

Starbuck's raised a ruckass among the touchy Christians with new seasonal cup of all I don't take coffee at Starbucks anyway but I may start just to support their right to free speech...but it's a plain red cup with no holiday what??

remember the old Santa statue on Santa Claus Lane..the Jew doctor owner had him removed around 2000 because Jews don't celebrate Christmas...they do Yom the Jews started the War on Christmas when they removed Santa...and that's when all hell broke longer do highway travelers have a friendly wave from a Jolly they have breweries to entice them to stop in Carp and get drunk instead of stopping for a date shake...

Cat Fight!!
ok so now I see something brewing in the nonprofit world..we got two dog nonprofits that are trying to increase penalties for dog abuse thanks to the crazy creepy Chinaman and clueless Judge Brian Hill
one is called Davey's Legacy and the other is called Davey's Voice ....two competing nonprofits! Davey's Voice is some Montecito ladies with wealthy husbands and Davey's Legacy is crazy Julia's (#69) who thinks Mexican immigrants are "invasive species" and who is ok with killing non-native animals!! and she had a fling with cocktail cruiser and political socialite Jose Armendariz!!

Julia is super-twisted, takes Wendy's money and operates out of Solvang or Santa Ynez where family members are killing each other due to various unresolved Oedipus complexes, gambling debts, or just plain old sibling rivalry

so I'd support the Davey's Voice nonprofit gals because they got Linda Evans from the "Big Valley" and the Steve McQueen western "Tom Horn"

Linda Evans!!

God..she's beautiful!

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