Friday, November 20, 2015

Midnight Rider

ain't gonna let 'em catch me...

so I'm reading the Montecito Journal and it's full of the usual white society crap then I see a big ad about Nipper's Night Club and pictures of all the stars who attend...the photos were by Priscilla the old chick who tried to get me thrown out of the Montecito County Club during a Brietbart luncheon I was covering! that chick's a bitch!! and Breitbart's dead!!

geez, we got pics of Nipper and Wendy..and failed SB council candidate John Thyne..get a designated driver JT!

then John Palminteri-the social butterfly with the big red nose who I hear is in talks to do a cooking show with Nipper on News-Press TV called "Someone's in the Kitchen With Nipper"; then we got Dennis Miller-total alpha retardo; there's Alan Thicke and Kenny Loggins and some others...unfortunately Alan Thicke lives in Carpinteria and his whole family is a douchebag...Loggins..I dunno.. maybe Kenny is transgender with all the face lifts and the pathetic Unity Shoppe telethons that give free stuff to poor Mexicans...Kenny, that' the government's job!!

but Kenny's music career was over after the Footloose junk... Messina was smart to make Kenny a star and then dump him...Kenny thinks he's Charlie Sheen with the goddesses!

if it wasn't for Wendy and Rupert's money, these folks would be doing TV insurance ads

so I see we had some commotion in Carp above Via Real on Ocean View...a beautiful area just a jog from Rancho Monte Alegre and the Young Ranch..a Spanish Land Grant...I lived on both ranches and they made me the man I am today...

but as I read the story about Kristofer Kump, I was mystified....ok drugs are always involved when people are on the lamb..but this guy lived in a a trailer which is not uncommon up here...he stole a work truck in Goleta, went home to his trailer, had drugs, rifles, military stuff, grenade launchers..grenade launchers?? ISIS in my own back yard??? para-military types on the ranches? then the cops cornered Kump and he killed himself...

then I realize it was not in Carp but rather closer to Summerland and the Jehovah Witness building- the closest thing to Noleta we got here- Ocean View not Ocean Oaks...the maint crew was blocking the road when I went to check it out

when I lived on the Carp ranches we had Playboy centerfolds, wild animals, farmers, musicians and some midnight mysteries..and festive dinners with the lady who invented Santa Claus Lane: June Young

it was a very romantic time!

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