Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Funny Face

I love you, funny face I need you

I headed out to Best Buy in Goleta but overshot and ended up at the Butterfly Preserve...whoa my God it's beautiful out here...there's a golf course across the street with an ocean view and wide open spaces...but there's also tons of development...condos and townhomes..attractive no doubt and still you don't get that couped- up feeling...you feel like a free-range chicken out here

and the old train station is very cool!

but I did have trouble navigating Highway 101 by Fairview..the road is horribly bumpy and Caltrans has got everything torn up because that's what they do..they use tax money to tear the road up and then work on it for a few years then do it all over again in a few more years... Caltrans will never leave..ever

so I get to Best Buy and purchase a Sony camera with a decent zoom ( if Bald Eagles are gonna be in my flight path, I need a better camera) and an extra computer...both dirt cheap...Dell computers suck and eMachines last about five years, then get all neurotic like a Chevy...

so I got an HP because of my feelings for Carly Fiorina...Funny Face, I love you!

the Sony camera is great but I didn't open it till I got home so I gotta head back out to the Butterfly Preserve..all those big green eucalyptus and monarchs and the nativists fretting about invasive eucs but there's nothing they can do about it..are they gonna suggest we clear cut the preserve because they don't like eucalyptus trees?? and now they are afraid of an invasiion of giant mosquitos!! in a drought!! mosquitos like water and all the creeks are dry

so I get home and fire up the HP and it's fab...I do some work transfering files and music then all of a sudden BAM the fuckin' power goes out...I look outside and see a bunch of Edison trucks going in circles but no power...I've heard of similar outrages in Santa Barbara...

what is goin' on with these private utility companies? it's not a stormy day so why was I without power for two hours? are these guys stoners?

it seems like every time I turn on a light, Southern California Edison extinguishes it

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